GAIN Muscle FASTER for SUMMER | 2018

GAIN Muscle FASTER for SUMMER | 2018

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  1. Hey Chris I’m a pretty big guy and about 2 months ago I’ve been working out doing on Monday 110 ken patera squats ten times each leg an 8 minute wall sit and Tuesday is bench press with dumbbells I do 11 then 12 up to 25 with 20 pound weights but I’m still little… the Wednesday it’s 5 sets of 50 pull ups but I use a thing for my feet as a spot then Thursday is ten sets of 25 reps of shoulder presses and shrugs with 50 pound weights then Friday is bench pressing I use a 35 pound bar I do suicide grips and do 100 5 times and add 2.5 pounds each time then Saturday is a 12 mile run and Sunday is rest and we start all over again on Monday!

  2. Chris Im so happy I found you out. After two months of watching your videos and training, I increased my grip time from 10 secs (I know its terrible) to more than 90 seconds and I also increased my pullup sets from 4 to 10. Thank you for everything, my next step is muscle ups. Stay strong 💪

  3. I‘ve wondered, what do you eat, and do you recommend protein skakes? Because I get very unclear skin from that.

  4. ayo guys drop down a link of the diet I need to gain muscle while doing this type of exercise, thx

  5. Just when I thought my 30 day program couldn't get any harder I find this haha no excuses let's gooooo

  6. Hey Chris , I've got a question , let's say I'm not able to do 60 australian pull ups at once , can I adjust the rep range ?

  7. Does pushups affect growth?I am near 14 years old and i do pushups and i need to know if pushups affect heigh growth.Please answer chris

  8. Hey guys, I’m “doing” (at least trying) the 30-day program and I’m deeply curious someone actually do all the reps and series to the 100%? During all the 30-day program I couldn’t complete more than 2 days to the full

  9. Chris plz do a kids workout for age 13-16 it would help many people btw I’m 15 and I follow all ur workouts but some are too difficult so can u make a kids workout thank you Chris ur a great inspiration to many people plz reply if u see this comment
    Btw everyone like this comment so everyone can see this video

  10. "That's how you build muscle with calisthenics!" Yeah…. and how does a beginner build muscle with calisthenics? I can't do any of those…

  11. Just wondering, will jogging help my leg gains? I live in a really hilly area. I’m kinda skinny down there and I wanna build my calves and thighs as well. Thanks 😊

  12. to be honest I just want to have enough muscle to throw my girl around. flip her around in all types of ways

  13. How many reps can I start w/ if I’m new to this?!? Also is this the whole workout or do you repeat the series?!?

  14. I thought with more reps you got definition instead of gaining muscle, no idea it would have both results. Definitely going to try it out.

  15. Dear Chris firstly i want to thank you for these terrific videos. Then i want to use these musics in my presentations in the school if it is ok! Where can i find & download them?

  16. Workout:
    3-4 sets

    60 x Australian pull ups
    50 x push ups
    40 x jumping squats
    30 x dips
    20 x pull ups
    10 x toes to bar
    05 x handstand push ups

  17. Ok I have to ask a couple of questions….normally people say heavy enough weight to fail at around 6-10 reps….then in this video its opposite….I am down for this don't get me wrong as its nice to see numbers but just want to confirm. My 2nd question is those push ups…I have been doing chest to floor and if I done them like that I would probably double my number which would allow me to reach 50, is that ok when doing max reps or should I stick to chest to floor?

  18. Honestly I am big fan of Chris, but first of all push ups, they are not doing full range of motion, then squats looks silly , his partner is doing 1/10 of squat.

  19. I love you very much. I like and love your videos. I am never tired watching your video. I can go for all day all long.

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