Garden of Life Sport Organic Plant-based Protein Review

Garden of Life Sport Organic Plant-based Protein Review

Hey what’s going on guys thanks for
checking in and watching this Vegan Protein Powder Review on Garden of Life
Sport Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder. This is the Vanilla one pound 12 ounces,
so it’s a pretty solid tub – you’re getting 19 servings which each serving
is 30 grams of protein. You may already know this but that’s kind of a lot –
especially if you’re including in a smoothie that has spinach and other
sources of protein – your body can only absorb so much, so maybe you’re only
using one scoop that’s 15 grams in which case you’d be getting 38 servings which
is a good bang for your buck. I got this on Amazon for I think it was like 36 or 37
dollars – prices will fluctuate but usually it’s pretty consistent in that
ballpark estimate. So, it’s pretty affordable compared to other Sport
Proteins. And, what makes it Sport is that it has a high concentration of
amino acids, so it’s got five point five grams of branched-chain amino acids
which are ideal if you’re looking to build muscle mass or accelerate recovery
if you’re a runner or cyclist or a triathlete or something like that.
It also has two billion CFU of probiotic which can also aid in recovery
and it also has Garden of Life’s Organic Muscle Recovery Blend which is all
organic ingredients by the way apple, tart cherry, turmeric,
blueberry, and goji berry. As for the protein blend itself you have pea
protein, sprouted navy bean, sprouted lentil bean, sprouted garbanzo bean,
and cranberry seed. So a lot of raw ingredients in there too – it’s not 100% raw
but pretty close. One thing to point out it is grain free so if you are on the
Paleo diet or you’re just trying to cut out so many grain sources of protein or
just grain in general this is a good product for you there.
The Sport Organic Plant-Based Protein also has less than one gram of sugar per 30 gram protein serving, so two full
scoops you’re getting less than one gram of sugar. So, if you are a ketogenic diet
or just trying to cut out sugar in general this is a great product for that.
It’ll help you stay in ketosis while giving you a good solid protein
supplement especially if you’re an athlete. Aside from that it tastes really
good, it’s really smooth, it’s not overly sweet – it does have Stevia in it but it’s pretty mellow compared to a lot of other
products that use Stevia. I like to put it in my smoothies, my oatmeal, you name
it… I’ll even just put it in a bowl just stir in some almond milk maybe a little
peanut butter and have that for dessert. So, it’s it’s a great product from Garden of
Life – I highly recommend it, it’s one of my go-tos. Check it out – let me know what you think – leave a comment question below… I’d be happy to hear what you have to

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  1. U can never get too much protein especially if its plant based .. If anything 30g is not enough if your building muscle buts its still really good amount

  2. I'm new to all this protein stuff and in a need of advice.I have visited "Garden of life" official page and I have read what the have to say about different proteins.They say that the organic protein is good for muscle building while the sport protein is good gor recovery.I'm skinny and I need something for muscle building and something to increasse weight.I'm a soldier and that's why I'm also obligated to do a lot of cardio.I'm also vegan.Considering all this,what is your advice?

  3. I tried this the other day with just almond milk and it was so good! It’s by far my favorite protein powder. Going to stock up on it later today 🙂

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