Get Abs in 2 WEEKS | Abs Workout Challenge

Get Abs in 2 WEEKS | Abs Workout Challenge

Hey everyone Today’s ab workout is just 10 minutes but it’s gonna be intense your abs will love you and hate you at the same time But it’s gonna be worth it So this workout one is part of my 2 weeks shredding program to help you get closer to that defined abs and the schedule is over here. Guys this program is all free So don’t forget to smash that like button, subscribe and also turn on notification alright If you want to join in on this challenge do not forget to leave a comment down below with your progress Or use my hashtag on Instagram Or even create a YouTube video like these girls have so that we can support one another and let’s get started All exercise today are 30 seconds each and comes in the superset. So we’re doing two exercises Back to back and we have a ten seconds break. Let’s get started The first exercise is leg raise clap Lower down your legs slowly and lift them back up then crunch up and clap your hands Make sure your back is flat on the ground when you lower your legs down as you don’t wanna injure your back No rest time here guys, we are going straight into reverse crunch. Lift hips off the ground using your core muscles Make sure you’re engaging your core here We have a 10 seconds break and the next exercise is spider-man plank. Bring one leg to the side touching the elbow Now get ready to jump into a cross body climber. Bring your knees in as close to the opposite elbow as possible and tighten up your core guys Next up we have russian twist. Do it slow and controlled and my abs were burning so badly at this point We’re going to jump into in & out straight away I’m really killing you guys here but breathe in as you extend your legs and breathe out as you bring your legs in and squeeze your abs Rest up and we have plank with hip dips. This exercise is really great for the obliques And now we’re moving into plank Jack’s straightaway Make sure you keep your core engaged and let’s smash this you can do this Time for another quick rest and we have the hundreds bring your legs off the ground You can have your knees bent or straight then stop pumping your legs up and down. This is super hard So if you need to take a little break it is totally okay Get ready for crunches next squeeze those ABS guys, we’re more than halfway through you can do this Rest up and rest up and we have up and down plank. Make sure your toys tight and engage in your butt is not poking up or drooping down Now get ready into a plank position again make sure your core is tight and your glutes are engaged and tucked in Well, we have a little break and heel touches is next Touch your heel with your hands and this is really great for the obliques, too Straight away we have bicycle punch. I know I’m really pushing you guys here, but we are almost done with the workout guys. Keep going Rest up and we have reverse crunch with leg extension next again, make sure you’re using core muscles to lift your hips up Now get ready for straight leg crunch do a couple of crunch pulses and you can do Bent-knee crunch if you prefer that instead And the last exercise we have today is up-and-down plank, let’s finish this guy’s you can do this That’s the workout I hope you have enjoyed this Please smash that thumbs up button and subscribe and turn on notifications so that you don’t miss out on my new videos And I’ll see you soon. Bye!

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  1. Start recording it today!
    Day 1🦄: ✅
    Day 2🦄: ✅
    Day 3🦄: ✅
    Day 4🦄: ✅
    Day 5🦄:
    Day 6🦄
    Day 7🦄:
    Day 8🦄:
    Day 9🦄:
    Day 10🦄:
    Day 11🦄:
    Day 12🦄:
    Day 13🦄:
    Day 14🦄:

  2. I’m gonna do this daily, along with other exercises, for my birthday in exactly a month.

    Thursday: Day1
    It really hurt but I finished!!!! I feel refreshed and happy after doing it.

    Friday: Day2

  3. Oh my gosh I tried this challenge and seen great results frfr I thought my body couldn’t transform cuz I had a lot of belly fat bahaha but wow! Y’all watch it this stuff works!!! ITS REAL!!

  4. Oh my gosh I tried this challenge and seen great results frfr I thought my body couldn’t transform cuz I had a lot of belly fat bahaha but wow! Y’all watch it this stuff works!!! ITS REAL!!

  5. Oh my gosh I tried this challenge and seen great results frfr I thought my body couldn’t transform cuz I had a lot of belly fat bahaha but wow! Y’all watch it this stuff works!!! ITS REAL!!

  6. I start doing this challenge.. I feel my body shaking when im doing this.. hahaha.. i need to lose 10kg.. in one month.. 😞

  7. Okay so im in the third day of this challenge i was doing OMAD at the first day of it for the first still eating one meal only
    Day 1>58kg . workout pushed me but still i finshed it successfully even tho i couldn't do those leg crunchs well
    Day 2>57.50 im in muscle pain i worked out for abs but my butt is way worse than that i cant even sit without pain but i felt great after the exercise and made those moves better
    Day 3>57.05 having nice sweet muscle aches my arm is getting better even tho i couldn't see anything related to my belly is 68 cm recently

  8. started nov 7th 3:33 pm

    week one –
    day one: very tired, kinda disappointed with how I did today but tomorrow is a new day!

  9. I'm gonna do the workout 💪👊 and update you guys:

    Day1: Omgg it was hard BUT I did it!! But the only thing that messes me up are the ups and downs 😂 😒 bit what are we here for?? THAT burn.and I also did the slim thighs challenge and I'm just gonna use the lose weight in 30 days app and… Yeah that's it✅
    Day 2: still didn't get easier, btw I did my workout in the morning when I just woke up. Then I went to the salon to cut my bangs but it was closed so I went back home, THEN I realised I didn't do the app workout then I did it and went back to the salon to cut them "they were HORRIBLE" just kidding.✅
    Day 3:

  10. Okay sooo I’m on day 5, so far there’s no noticeable difference and I’m finding it a hell of a lot easier than day one lmaooo. I’ll keep it updated down in these replies 🙂

  11. so whenever i work out that involves my wrists, my wrists are in so much pain – maybe cuz theyre already weak as it is? is there a solution for this or do i just keep going? 😭😭

  12. started this on Nov. 5 and i will tell u my results everyday !!✨
    day 1. kinda hard but i did all of it!! still no abs 🙁
    day 2. IT WAS SO PAINFULL but hey no pain no gain (still no visible results )
    day 3. it was also really painful today i think my stomach got a bit smaller so that’s good 🙂

  13. going to do this challenge, doubt i’ll loose anything but here we go

    starting date: november 7th, 2019
    end date: november 21, 2019

    i’ll give y’all an update soon

    day 1: it was an alright workout, i found the exercises quite easy (maybe because i’m used to them) but i felt pretty good

  14. Yesterday was Day 1 for me. It was harder than I thought, you really feel the burn in your abs. For me I also felt the burn in my back muscles. Day 2: It was still hard, felt the burn and still had to stop a few times but finished! And the burning in my back muscles wasn’t has bad today. Update for Day 3 tomorrow **

  15. ok. here we go. going to be sharing progress!
    day 1: check | a lot of soreness and i skipped the last plank bc when i tried doing it i collapsed! 😔

  16. Like this comment if you want detailed results everyday! I promise to update everything (or as much as possible) because I’ve been seeing that many people have been saying they’ll do the workout but not updating so please like this comment to give me a heads up that people actually want to see the results! Results are in the comment section below 🙂

  17. I started this yesterday and here's my progress! 💪

    Day 1: it was hard, because it's been a really long time since I worked out.

    Day 2: This was also very difficult because my muscles were still sore from yesterday, but I already lost half an inch on my waist!

  18. Okok I'm redoing this because I was really inconsistent and the last time I did this was a week ago!
    Day 1- Nov 7: Today was a little tough, I had to take a three-second break in between some of the workouts but I liked getting back into the grove of working out. I gained more than 10 pounds because of the way I've been eating, and my stomach has changed along with that so I'm trying to improve my diet as well as my figure without limiting myself to the foods I like! But instead of having my fav fast food every day, I'm trying to opt for once a week?
    Day 2-Nov 8: Whoops I accidentally put Oct. above for yesterday. I had a really hard time tonight getting up and wanting to workout. I laid in bed for two hours just contemplating working out or not and using the excuse of "being on my period" as not doing it. But this time I really want to be consistent so I have to push myself to do this every day for at least two weeks. Once I see results I like I'll try for every other day! When I woke up this morning I had a bit of bloating, but not as much?? I didn't really see a difference today, but I'm trying to eat healthier and I'll see if I can go out on jogs? I took fewer breaks than yesterday!

  19. 0:47
    I am 13 yrs old 160cm 54kg
    I want to have abssss!!
    Day one :✔️ it's painnnn and very tired but we must keep it on!!!! Let's begin to day two!!
    🌞I just woke up, my tummy are not pain, i think i should work harder!!
    Day two✔️: my abs is very pain when i am laughing hahaha, i think still haven't have result let begin to day three!
    Day three:

  20. START: 7NOV
    END : 21 NOV

    i am going for a trip on the 22nd,, and I want to take lots of pictures of me skinnier then before. so remind me to update !!!!!

    (i did the 3mins workout + saane vanders kendall jenner leg workout from 5NOV, and before doing the leg workout, the jeans i love love love was too freaking tight for me. now only doing the both workout for 2 days, the jeans fit me so perfectly!! so if you are looking to slim your legs down, those two workouts are recommended!)


  21. Its been my 10th day of 30 days challenge.
    But which one is better in the context of results… 30 days or this 2 weeks one?

  22. I usually worked out 3 times a day with 30 mins sessions… Did a bit with some progress… Then nothing… Started this workout yesterday and starting to see some definition! Will keep updated!

  23. okay lesgo i have a cute outfit for skl picnic in exactly two weeks so i gotta do this
    waist 32 inches
    day 1: done ✅ honestly the first video was harder for me than this ? i rlly wanna lose two inches so i gotta do this

  24. I'll do this every day for 2 weeks and come back here every day to tell my progress. Like this so I'll remember to come back!

    DAY 1: I did this one today and OMG IT BURNS!!!! Obviously not any progress yet.

  25. So. I'm doing this + gabriella whiteds intense ab workout (no diet)

    🖤 Day 01 🖤

    Let's just say: i'm pretty much dead lmao. It was so hard but i got through it. It feels good. I'm proud of myself. Tried my best with planks but my ankels are too injured + i eat before this. bad idea… bad idea xD

    🖤 Day 02 🖤

    Didn't complete the whole workout by Chloe because my body gave up by th every last exercise. I can feel that i trained yesterday…

    🖤 Day 03 🖤

    🖤 Day 04 🖤

    🖤 Day 05 🖤

    🖤 Day 06 🖤

    🖤 Day 07 🖤

    🖤 Day 08 🖤

    🖤 Day 09 🖤

    🖤 Day 10 🖤

    🖤 Day 11 🖤

    🖤 Day 12 🖤

    🖤 Day 13 🖤

    🖤 Day 14 🖤

  26. Watched this video when it first came out finally had the motivation to complete it👏🏾👏🏾 gonna do for 2 weeks

    Day 1:✅

  27. hi i has double to fat bit sometime worth tummy over years as well!so i need help me down tummy right now…can you reply please:-)

  28. Just finished the exercise and… I wasn't gonna track it in the comments but I decided to afterwards.. Here we go!

    Day 1: I'm DyInG!!!! My weaknesses are my arms and legs so I barely could do some exercises properly. My stomach areas feel nothing.. My legs however… lol send help

  29. Heyy y’all, I just started this challenge Nov, 8 and created a YouTube channel. So, if y’all want before and after results💪 on my channel like this comment and subscribe😌. All the support is welcomed, Thanks. ❤️🤞

  30. I weighed 166 lbs on Day 1 (Nov 4) and I’m only 4 days in the workout and I already lost 7 lbs! (I’m now 159 lbs)

    And from this day forward I will update you with my weight everyday!

    Day 1: 166 lbs
    Day 2: (Didn’t keep track)
    Day 3: (Didn’t keep track)
    Day 4: 159 lbs

  31. I do this and in the first day afyer i woke up ive got a glimps of the 11 lines and my shoulder become an ocean wides and thats the part that i hate . Its became so wide

  32. Guys its my day 4 OMG i can see the abs definition alreadyy but i still have a long long way to go wish me luck!♡♡ we can do this

  33. Started today. Also recorded it. So I’ll be documenting my progress and hopefully have the guts to post it when I complete it… Wish me luck!
    Day 1: Done. Recorded progress.
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:

  34. I have been doing this workout for the past 3 weeks yet i see no result. I have seen girls make YouTube videos on how they got their abs after doing this workout but it never worked on me. What should i do????

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