Get Rid Of Stretch Marks In 30 Days/ Stretch Marks Removal *Simple Beauty Secrets*

Get Rid Of Stretch Marks In 30 Days/ Stretch Marks Removal *Simple Beauty Secrets*

HI guys welcome to my channel Simple Beauty Secrets. Today I am going to tell you the remedy to remove stretch marks in 30 days. so lets get started. First add aloe vera in a steel pan. you have to use fresh aloe vera as other products have food colour and preservatives. you have to use a steel pan. then you have add coconut oil and boil it. Boil Aloe Vera for thirty minutes. till its burnt. Friends, because of weight gain and during pregnancy ones get stretch marks. but stretch marks don’t have any permanent solution. even with the laser they reappear after sometime. but this remedy will help you a lot. Now you can see Aloe Vera is burnt and is turned black. now stain and put it in a container. you can use this oil for one to two months. apply it on stretch marks. apply it on your skin for 8 to 10 hours. Apart from this this oil is very beneficial for hair growth & wounds. So friends do try this remedy , Subscribe My channel. but for now bye bye. Like and Share this video.Click above & Watch my other Videos.

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  1. omg this home remedy is really helpful!! i tried it nd my skin got much better!! thanku so much for sharing! i did this for one week and i can see big difference!!

  2. Will it really work for both hair growth and stretch marks?cause i have both hair fall and stretch marks and i want 1 solution for both

  3. Good video!
    Stretch can be very bothersome to some people. Stretch marks are a type of scar. So, there is no way to completely get rid of stretch marks. We can only improve the appearance and make it less visible with various creams and treatments (such as chemical peels, microneedling, radiofrequency device, Co2 laser etc). We must set realistic expectations when seeking treatment for stretch marks.

    I had stretch marks since I was about 13. I ordered one large leaf on internet. It arrived fast so was really fresh when delivered. I cut the green bit away, wrapped the `gel part` into a foil and put it in the fridge. After the shower I would cut off the thinnest layer possible and massage it directly into clean dry skin. Was using it for about a week and the results are amazing! Stretch marks vanished and my skin is super soft. Wish I had before and after pics. Unfortunately I had tried many methods which didn't work so was being sceptical.

  5. Sana may magreply po dito sa comment ko pano po matanggal ang stretch mark?aloevera lng po ba ang sangkap at paano po gagawin?kasi may kamot po ako sa likod ng tuhod ko,sa malapit sa kilikili at sa binti plsssss help me pooooo

  6. Is it okay if I use this right now that I am over weight or should I wait to lose all my weight? Will my stretch Marks become worst if I do it now?

  7. I've been using this mixture for almost 2 months now and i'm amazed that it actually worked. There are no visible stretch marks on my body. Thumbs up, girl! You rock!
    Love from NIGERIA 🇳🇬

  8. >>>>>>>>Frustrated because there is no definite review of this procedure. Who has used it on old stretch marks and have they gone away??????<<<<<<<<<

  9. Pregnancy’s Beautiful Stretch Marks

    Read More:

  10. Can v use double boiler method because m not convinced with putting aloe and oil directly on gas, it will destroy all the nutrients

  11. Get rid of those sagging skin, stretch marks with help of laser treatment done by dermatique which provides the best treatment in removing this stretch marks by using mesotherapy dermarollers these help in generating fine lines on the skin by closing the pores contact dermatique.

  12. Stretch marks are mostly observed in the people who have skin lagging that is caused at the time of pregnancy or weight change. The worst part of this stretch marks is that it can lead to embarrassing situations but now you got no worry we are here to help you. Dermatique offers you the best solution by treating them with procedures like laser Treatment.

  13. This definitely works. After 1 day I already see results. I have still a long way to go but It is really effective. (mine are still red/purple=

  14. Started today will update the result 😁weekly on the appearance..I have white stretch Marks
    Here we go
    Week 1-slight changes in the color
    Week 2-sign of fading in its color

  15. Its been only few months of my stretch marks and I m using this remedy since last 2 weeks but earlier they were of baby pink colour and now they had turned brown. I'm really confused that what is really happening. Pls reply

  16. Hello… Thanks for the video.

    By boiling the aloe wouldn’t that remove its vitamins or its natural power?
    I was just wondering because I know that when you boil vegetables they lose its vitamins if boiled for long. Even if you boil the aloe on low heat since the aloe gel from the plant is so delicate wouldn’t it lose its strength?

    Can you instead mix in everything without boiling? If so, would it still mix well since the aloe gel is sticky and thick?

    I hope you can respond as soon as possible. I would really appreciate your advice.
    Thank you so much.

  17. قطع الوفيرا +ماء جوز لهند خليهم علـّۓ. نار حتى يغلو وكبيهم في قرعة ورشي علـّۓ. اماكن لخطوط 🐸🇩🇿

  18. How can humans land on the moon, photograph black holes and send satellites across the solar system, but not get rid of Stretch Marks…

  19. I was just wondering if this could be used in hair because coconut oil softens hair wild aloe treat your hair

    U should make a video trying it in your hair for growth

  20. I just bought the Aloe Vera and coconut oil today. I did the steps to making it and applied it to the areas on my body that have stretch marks. I will do this everyday and will update in a month to share my results 😁.

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