Golfer’s Elbow Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Golfer’s Elbow Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody it’s Ddoctor Jo, and today I’m going to show you some stretches and exercises for medial epicondylitis. Say what? You might know it better as golfer’s elbow. Let’s get started. So with golfers elbow, you end up irritating those muscles that connect on the inside of the elbow here, and those muscles come all the way down into your wrist. Those are your wrist flexor muscles, so when you’re doing a lot of golfing and that rotation kind of movement, it ends up irritating that inside that elbow. So doing a lot of wrist stretches and exercises helps with the elbow as well. So that’s why there’s the connection there. So you might go why am I going down here when it hurts up here. So let’s just start off with some simple range of motion at the wrist. Make a fist with your hand. If you want to rest it on something you can. You can just kind of hold it up. If it’s a little sore you can prop it up on your knee if you want to. I’m just going to hold mine in the air so you can kind of see what I’m doing. But with your fist, just go down as far as you comfortably can and then up as far as you comfortably can. Now when you come down, you’re activating those muscles, so it might be a little bit sore. Don’t feel like you have to crank it down there. This is really just to kind of get those muscles warmed up, get them loosening up, when you go back that’s going to stretch them out a little bit so just coming back and forth that way. Just do about ten, you don’t have to a whole lot, just kind of getting everything moving. Then after that you’re going to turn your hand over with your thumb up on top, and you’re going to do a radial and devial, huh? Radial and ulnar deviation, and so you’re just going to go up and down. Sometimes my mouth talks faster than my brain. So just same thing, do about ten just kind of getting everything loosened up, doesn’t have to be super big movements. Just kind of getting everything nice and warm in there, and then after about 10 of those, then you’re going to do a supination pronation. And if you can, keep your elbow bent kind of in one spot, so it’s not turning the whole arm over, you’re trying to get that rotation up to the elbow not up into the shoulder area. So I like to keep my elbow kind of close to my side, and then just opening up this way and turning back over. Again this might be a little bit uncomfortable, especially if that medial condyle is irritated, so just go to where you’re comfortable don’t feel like you have to the crank on it and push really hard. Just kind of getting that movement this is to get everything warmed up. After you do about 10 of those, then you’re going to go into stretching out those muscles. So put your arms straight out, and to stretch it out you’re going to bring it up this way. So if you keep your finger straight, that’s going to be a bigger stretch. If you make a fist, it’s going to be a less of a stretch, but try and keep that elbow as straight as you can. So this is just going to be stretching a little bit, you’re gonna hold that stretch for about 30 seconds, or if you want the stretch a lot, then put your fingers up. And again holding that for about 30 seconds. If you have a wall cubicle or something next to you close by, you can actually put your hand on the wall and stretch it out that way. So that’s a little bit more comfortable then you have to bring your other arm around. But do that 30 seconds three times, get it nice and stretched out. Then if you have something handy like hammer, right beside you, then you’re going to use a hammer, but you don’t have to use a hammer, the reason for the hammer is because it’s top-heavy. So this time it’s going to give you a little bit more of a stretch with the movement. So you’re going to go back into that supination pronation movement, but this time you have the hammer, so you see when i turn it out, the heavy part of the hammer gives that extra little stretch in there, and then coming back this way same thing that goes into pronation giving that extra stretch. So it doesn’t have to be a hammer, if you have you know, there are weighted sticks, therapy sticks that do this as well, but i like the hammer because then you don’t have to get anything extra you can usually find one in your house somewhere. And so same thing just a smooth motion back and forth, you don’t necessarily have to hold unless you want to like a 3-5 second hold, but I kind of like going back and forth to make it an exercise versus just a stretch, so it makes it kind of a combination movement. So just start off with about 10 of those, and then work your way up it feels good you don’t have any problems. Then you’re going to go into some more strengthening, but now you’re going to use a resistive band. So you don’t have to use a resistance band. If you don’t have one you can use a small little weight or a soup can, vegetable can, but you’re going to do a bicep curl or a flexion movement at your elbow. So if you have the band make sure you’re stepping on it nice and tight so it doesn’t pop back up and hit you, but make sure you’re doing a full motion, so your arm is completely straight, and then you’re bending at your elbow and coming all the way up. The important part for this one is the going back down, so make sure it’s nice and smooth that you’re not just dropping it back down that you’re controlling that movement the whole time. So all the way up and then slowly all the way back down. So again just start off with 10 of these, if that becomes easy work your way up to 20 to 25, and then if that’s still easy then you can go up to a heavier resistant band. So there you have it, those are your stretches and exercises for medial epicondylitis or that golfer’s elbow. If you have any questions leave in the comments section. If you’d like check out some other videos go to And remember, be safe have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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  1. hey doc, i have been having pain in my biceps muscle and forearms. now i don't know if i have a golfers elbow but the pain area you mentioned is the same. Need your help asap, i am unable to lift weights can't even do a single pull up where as i could you 10 rep smoothly. i don;t have pain in the elbow but near the join on the inner side.


  2. Doctor Jo, can inflammation of the elbow have an affect on the nerves and blood flow to the fingers? I've got peripheral neuropathy in my hands (and feet) and elbow pain on both sides. The hands are mostly the ring and little finger. ( I'm seeing a new neurologist who doesn't want to operate on my neck) :{) Thanks. Just looking for an opinion. Won't hold you to anything. ;{)

  3. You are awesome…. Love this video!
    3 questions:  
    Do I wear my brace while I do these exercises?
    I have a ganglion cyst in the affected wrist – does this impact my situation? ( waaaay to much tennis!) 
    How frequently should I be doing these exercises? 
    Best, Monica

  4. Hey Dr. Jo. Thanks for the video. I though I had golfer's elbow, but the discomfort actually runs from the medial epiconyle to proximal, up the upper arm a few inches and not down into the forearm. Any suggestions? Thanks so much. Karl

  5. Dear Doctor,
    About 6 months ago,I got pain in the joint of my elbow when I did pull up exercise.Dr. told me not to exercise and to take rest for 2 months.He also prescribed me some medicines.I followed and took rest for 2 months.But,it didn't work perfectly.So,I started exercise again.I always feel a little bit pain in my elbow.When I do pull up,push up or dumbbell exercises,I I feel more pain.Please suggest me.What should I do…

  6. My wrist cracks a little when doing the ulnar deviation movement in step 2, is that normal? (I also experience wrist weakness and pain at some angle)

  7. Thanks a lot for the video! I have developed a medial epicondyle from climbing, and although I'm pain free in my everyday life, it aches a couple of days post climbing. I really want to fix this proactively, how long do you think I should be doing exercises like these for? I naturally want to get back to climbing asap, but don't want to risk having to spend a many months to a year off just to fix this. Thanks Doctor Jo!

  8. Hi Doctor. Thank you for all your videos. Quick question: Is it normal to have pain while doing some of the exercises? I get a lot of pain with the bicep curl exercise. Should I work through the pain and complete that exercise? And would you recommend compression, massage or icing? Thank you!

  9. Hi, I will give this a try, actually I suffer from golfers and tennis elbow on both arms at this point. And I don't really know if the exercises to help curing 1 condition, could be harmful for the other condition…. really want to get back to painless movements. Kind of s##&s to have both injuries at the same time on both arms… 😞 for 5 months.thx for the very clear video.

  10. hello doc. im in a big trouble … started working out when i was 14 ( 18 years before ) by time i started to go really heavy weight until i hurt my both elbows … now ive did shock wave … prp… laser therapy … cortisone shots … phiysical therapy … name it !!! with no progess ( i rest alot until my training program is ina real mess ) do you think theres a solution for me ?? thanks

  11. Thanks doc, liked and subscribed 🙂
    I have chronic Tennis elbow in both hands due to weightlifting at gym. It's been 5months now but the thing is i don't feel the pain in normal activities but only when tryin to pull heavy(ex Pullups or a heavy shoulder press). I just have some tightness and tingling at the elbow from months now. Will just doing these exercises daily heal it completely??
    Please suggest an approach to heal it completely so i can get back to the GYM. It's been 5 months now 🙁

  12. I regularly play squash and have developed symptoms of golf elbow. Is there a different sets of exercises for squash players. Thanks

  13. i have golfers elbow and ive done this like 6 times now its gone so much better since, i rested it for a day since my forearms and wrists were kind of sore but then the golfers elbow pain came back worse than before, but it goes when i do the exercises so do i have to keep doing this for the rest of my life? can you give me a simple plan to follow? Thank you very much!

  14. Is it still fine to do dumbbell chest exercises? I sometimes feel a sharp pain on the elbow when I go a bit heavy but most of the time its fine.

  15. DoctorJo Many thanks for this very useful & informative video.It has relieved my elbow pains. Keep up the good work !!!

  16. Great video. The last exercise with the theraband was the most painful one for me. Is it best to work through the pain and do fewer reps, or skip this one entirely?

  17. Hi
    I thought 💭 the doctor was pulling my leg when he said you have Golfers Elbow..
    Thanks for sharing your Pysio tips.
    Cheers Tony.👍🇦🇺

  18. Dr Jo, one of the exercises most PTs say to avoid is the old fashioned standing barbell upright row due to internal rotation grinding at the components of the shoulder – but if I do not really feel discomfort, does this mean it may be fine for me to do?

  19. Hi, I'm feeling pain inside the elbow when doing pushups.Should I stop doing it?What can I do to treat those pain cuz it's bothering me when doing push ups? Hope to get your advice on it.

  20. You're so awesome!! i am going to try all of this. I tend to overdo it with corrective exercises, which defeats the purpose, so I love it that you start easy/gentle and work your way up! I am a massage therapist, so repetitive stress injuries are…STRESSFUL!! I can't really rest it, so it's great to have proactive options for healing, and then I can share with my clients! Thank you!

  21. Hello! Thank you for a nice video.
    I'm a musician (jazz double bass player) and have been struggling with a medial epicondyle for over 14 months now. I have been feeling pain and aching around my wrist while doing these kinds of exercises. Do you think i should continue doing them or find some other way of relieving my pains/make it better?
    All the best

  22. Thank you! I have been experiencing pain on the inside of my right elbow for about a month now. Just following the instructions in this video for the first time i already feel a difference! I will do this daily.

  23. i had this pain due to playing tennis.after one week it s gone but when i did these exercise specially the strech the pain came back.Can you pls tell wether to do these even if it pains a little

  24. I read that stretches can aggravate the injury in the first 2 wks of a treatment programme, is this true?

  25. Ok that’s good to know.
    My physio gave me some quite intense stretching exercises to do but I’ve heard people now believe stretching doesn’t help G.elbow. and only strengthening works. Now I’ve just read that you should massage only for first 2 wks, slightly confused:). Thanks for your video

  26. Also one more thing if I may.
    Is it ok to start the gentle strengthening exercises straight away or should I wait till no pain at all in elbow?
    It just always feels tender at the moment so I seem to be caught in a cycle and can’t get to that point?
    Stopped using my right arm for certain things but find that I can’t really rest my elbow!
    Thanks so much

  27. Hi Doc. Firstly, thanks a ton for the content. I just want your advice regarding this. I've been to a orthopedic doctor who has identified my problem as golfers elbow. The strange part is I'm only experiencing pain while doing chest, tricep and shoulder exercises. So mainly push movements. When I do rowing movements or pullups or bicep curls it's not paining at all. Is this normal, or is it an incorrect diagnosis? Thanks!

  28. been doing these for a month now and they are helping a lot! thanks
    Someone also recommended using elastic bands around the fingers and opening fingers to help with G Elbow- would you agree with this too?

  29. Arm supination was crazy difficult first couple reps. Never realized I couldn’t turn my arm without pain before. I just thought it was making a fist that hurt. Thanks for these!

  30. These exercises have been working great and now I don’t get any pain doing most of the things that were causing pain 2 months ago. Thanks

    There is however one thing that still hurts which is ( I’m a musician) when I pick down on guitar strings with thumb. I do this a lot as part of my acoustic blues style. Are there any thumb strengthening exercises you can recommend ?
    Happy to make a donation btw for all this advice!

  31. I have tendonitis in my wrists as a result of repetitive typing. I have managed it through hand exercises and upper body yoga. Several months ago I noticed a bump on my right elbow. I talked to my GP and he dismissed it as fatty tissue. I did some research online and realized it was golfers elbow. Because I am right-handed, it's only on my right elbow. I use my mouse a lot. I came across this video and have been performing the exercise daily and I have gotten very good results. The size of the tissue has definitely decreased. It's not back to the normal sized but it's getting there. Thanks you so much for posting this video.

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