Guess My Age: 3 Women’s Ages SHOCK the Studio Audience | Rachael Ray Show

Guess My Age: 3 Women’s Ages SHOCK the Studio Audience | Rachael Ray Show

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  2. no way in hell u thought pat was 40 im dam 40 i guessed 53 but still trying to act young man them some big tits oh god

  3. I just turned 40 and everyone thinks I’m 27 on a bad day 22 on a good one lol Not bad for a white girl.

  4. 18? No way, she looked 30 to me. I'm black and we are the only color that don't crack
    Yes we don't crack.
    My profile , I was 33 when I took it

  5. Vinegar. Water. Mint leaves. On face. Leave on for 7 days. In a glass jar. You can dunk your face in a bucket of ice. Right before u leave the house. Amazing tight pores beautiful youth look.

  6. The first person surprised me, but the other two looked their ages or a few years younger. The lady from the audience who said she thought the Asian lady was 18 is definitely part of the show.😂😂

  7. It's genetics really. You can eat all healthy and work out as much as you like, you will get the wrinkles and you will age regardless.
    I am 38 just like that woman, I look about 32. I would say she looked 28 but not 18.
    I am not saying that it is not important to eat healthily and exercise but it's not enough.
    If you have a baby face (like myself), you do not have to do anything, people will always think you are much younger.

  8. I have read that the Asians esp Black people have a thicker layer of fat under their skin. That is why they have less wrinkles. I think it is also something to do with their diet.
    I am Chinese. I look very young till 60 and so are my classmates. Then suddenly everything changes, it is definitely to do with our hormones, we all suddenly aged rapidly. Mostly sagging skin and drooping eyelids. I can see some classmates look much younger and more energetic than others because they exercise.

  9. Americans that eat junk food every day, smoke, dont give themselves their time to remove stress, and don't wash their face tend to age like shit

  10. It's incredible how women like to look younger…I'm here with 20 years old and people thinking that I look 16 and I hate it 😭😭😭

  11. I guessed that the first woman was about 65-67. I guessed that the second woman was about 33-35. And I guessed that the last woman was about 60.
    Maybe if I was younger, I would have guessed them to be younger. But I'm 56, and as I've gotten older, I seem to have gotten better at guessing people's ages, even people who look really good for their age.

  12. Folks, you don't have to dunk your face in ice cold water. You can simply keep a spray bottle of water in the fridge.

  13. Im asian, my age is 39 many people say im 22,25 thats why many young guy in love with me haha, im inborn or natural no diet,no clinic i think its hormones. Actually i have boyfriend egyptian is 29 yrs old.

  14. I am 26 but most of ppl misconfuse me they think i.m 17 or 18. My secret is movement i walk everyday. Dont eat breakfast only cup of coffee, at lunch and dinner i eat everything. Another secret is mental health, you have to be always relaxed and in a good mood keep away from stress and anger. Thats it folks

  15. I guessed correctly on the second woman, exactly 38, weird
    mainly because I took into account that she was Asian, but there is no way she was 18 or even early twenties like that lady said
    especially looking at her body shape and full upper thighs/hips, 18 year olds just don't look like that
    I think because there is little dairy in asian cultures
    she also has a type of maturity in her look that you don't find in young people in their twenties

  16. Not shocked at all by any of these. Black women age so beautifully. We white bitches start looking rough as soon as we graduate high school, but black women hit like 80 and still look 35. That melanin contains some kind of magic!

  17. Seriously women? It's the modern age and you still have men driving you to want to look younger. Do you see any men running around desperate to look younger? They wear their fine lines without fear. Time for women to evolve, this is shameful

  18. Lol I guessed their age older 😂I am sorry but nothing they do makes them look young. No smoothie, no weight lifting, or olive oil. It is all their genes + luck.

    But I do believe reverse: alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes will age you if you do access.

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