Guided Meditation for RAISING Your VIBRATION and CLEARING Negative Energy (Life Changing!)

Guided Meditation for RAISING Your VIBRATION and CLEARING Negative Energy (Life Changing!)

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  2. IT'S SO WONDERFUL.. this video really works, right away I felt my vibration rise AND KEEP RISING.. the top of my head even got hot with my hands.. love finding this video…

  3. Omg it worked I feel so empowered this morning nothing seemed to help ! I was feeling the blues so bad and everything is back to normal !! Tysmmm definitely coming back to this if I ever feel down again !

  4. The elevator got me above earth. My guide just left me up there. It was a male figure, looking like a piccolo almost. He was tall and slim. I knew my way to the sun and upon realizing that, I started crying a bit. Just felt a first wave of tears down my face. Couldn't reach the sun though. I was stuck above earth. But up there it was quiet and I imagined the sun to be the light. I confirmed that the heavyness was gone and i felt "lighter". Know I'm back and feeling much more calm. Think I'll try this one again 🙂

  5. How do you make this work? Am I just bad at meditating? How would I imagine an elevator? I don’t know how to make my mind do that. Someone help me out? I want to be able to meditate and raise my vibration.

  6. Loved this! I did feel lighter and realized just how weighed down I have been with negativity. My guide looked like Richard Attenborough for some reason lol, maybe because he has a kind face and I had a narcissist father. I will defo do this again tomorrow

  7. So uplifting! I had tears in my eyes when I saw my guide in the elevator who was a lovely Indian man. I feel cleansed and ready to start 2019!

  8. One of my attachments wouldn’t go, it’s located where my heart is, I felt it physically, I’ll do this meditation a few times and see if I can shift it. My guide is my higher self, it’s me, looks like me but really tall and all in beautiful shades of grey that shimmers. It feels like me, but outside of me….hard to explain. When I couldn’t get rid of my attachment, the higher me hugged me and told me with thoughts that it was ok and these things take time.

  9. Just want to say thank you for having this video to help. I can never meditate it seems and this helped so much. Brought me back to my correct state thank you.

  10. How many times should someone do this meditation . I'm being guided to cleanse /balance chakras , transmut negative energies and work on ying/yang energies . Did work on balancing chakras , now going to do this meditation ;).

  11. I went in feeling really good and then felt more exhausted and grumpy bc i was feeling worse and now my vibration is higher but i feel worse? Can you explain?

  12. Just curious, but does anybody else have nightmares when listening to certain meditations? It sometimes happens to me, but don't understand why.

  13. this is my first time doing a guided meditation for raising your vibration and i kid you not right when the elevator started going down i felt like i was vibrating like CRAZY all the way to the bottom. i'm shook

  14. This is really powerful, thanks a lot for sharing. Also, anyone reading this I hope whatever you are struggling with/ trying to find/ want finds it way to you soon. Peace.

  15. Thank you so much for this meditation. I woke up feeling like a wreck, I knew too much had been going on past few weeks and my body and mind felt tired from all the emotions I went through. After this meditation I feel reborn, fresh, lighter. Even my muscles are relaxed and indeed I'am in a totally different vibration level, higher. Just wow! It feels soo good!

  16. She’s moving too fast for me. I couldn’t get a chance to do anything she said bc I’m tryna pay attention to her say to do the next thing..

  17. Ty for this meditation, I just allowed myself to open up and accept being cleansed. Beautiful and light, bless you Jessica😍🙏👏

  18. I didn’t realise that the guided meditation had stopped so I was still in position and nearly feel asleep

  19. This was a beautiful meditation. I actually cried. When I saw and felt that white light, the pure love emanating from it was so powerful, beautiful and overwhelming, I just started crying. I’ve been meditating for 4 months and never felt anything like that. I am so grateful I found your channel. Thank you.❤️🌺

  20. I do meditations in all forms but this is the most powerful one, hands down. I was blocked, full of negative energies, and unhappy. As I was one with that magical light, I had tears falling down and meeting with my original frequencies made me cry out of happiness. This is the first time something like that happens to me! Thank you so much 🙏🏻

  21. When I opened up my eyes, I seen little speckles of white orbs. White energy. This was a beautiful experience

  22. I so needed this. I went from angry and feeling down to uplifted, calm and positive. I was able to let go of negative thoughts and detach from others negative comments. It came at the perfect moment, thank you

  23. Wowsers, that didn't even feel like 20 mins, this really helped me, my heart feels so much lighter and i feel lighter in general, thank you so much, I will be using this more often

  24. Like in the half of doing this I just felt unconnected from my body. It actually really freaked me out, I tried to move my legs at first (I lied on the floor on my black with knees like… you know, up? I don't really know how to tell this) and it was really hard, they felt like connected… magnetically? I don't know. But even though it was hard I've done that. Than I tried to open my eyes. My eyelids started like trembling? Idk really, i don't have this much vocabulary xD so yeah, for quite a while I couldn't open them, I've been just looking up like "into my skull". Finally I just collected all my energy and sit up forcefully. Also trough all the meditation after imagining that guide I think my hands were shaking, but I'm not sure if it wasn't just a feeling.
    Is it normal? I mean should it be that way or am I doing something wrong? It was pretty scary and I'm not sure if I should try again. I've never done meditation before, so maybe I need just practice?
    It's just… I felt like trapped and i don't know if it's safe for me. And after I had this weird feeling of being unconnected, like my mind still was in that state…
    What should I do?

  25. This was really great. Opened my eyes to the light reflecting on my ceiling and I felt so much peace from it. Hair on my body is sticking up. The elevator took me outer space. It felt amazing feeling the energy flow

  26. I did this meditation while doing my spiritual bath. I feel so much better. The only thing is towards the end, that I was interrupted by my son having a bad dream and shouting in his sleep.

  27. I was having a really hard day, I was feeling very lonely and emotional and I had done a mini reading with my angels where they reminded me to remember my life mission and why I'm here. when I was up in that elevator with them I felt so soothed by their presence and I truly felt the purifying energy. Thank you so much! This was one of the best meditations I've had in a while

  28. My guide was a Black and Tan wiener dog… anyone else have a hard time picturing a human? His little paw pressed the up button. 🙂

  29. I did this between 3am and 4am…..i feel asleep and it caused me to have sleeping paralysis. The type of sleeping paralysis i couldn't wake up from but kept waking up in my bed and when i wokup, i was only waking up within another dream….. i finally wokup and it was 4:05am…..can someone tell me why?

  30. This meditation was amazing. Im a beginner at this and I had the best experience ever. Whatever bad energy i was holding onto is gone I literally feel lighter. Then after the meditation was over i looked at the time and it said 711. So i looked up the meaning of the number which told me spiritual awakening or enlightenment. As i scrolled down the date of the post was my birthday. Im in awe!

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