Hamstring Strain Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hamstring Strain Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo, and today I’m
gonna show you some stretches and exercises for a hamstring strain. Let’s get started. The first exercises will be lying down on your stomach. Getting into the prone position,
you want to be nice and relaxed up top cause you don’t want don’t want to strain your back.
If you don’t have back issues, try not to get them. You’re just gonna keep you leg nice
and straight, and then lift it just a little bit off the ground. Now try not to lift your
hip up, too. You’re just lifting that leg up keeping the hips flat on the ground. Coming
up it doesn’t have to be super high. Try and keep your leg as straight as you can. It might
not get all the way straight, but that will help if you don’t lift it too high. So just
coming up off the ground and coming back down. Nice and slow. Just start off with about 10
and then work your way up from there. Then the next one, still on your stomach, is a
hamstring curl. So this time the top part of your leg stays on the ground and you just
bend your knee and pull your heel back towards your bottom. Again going nice and slow and
controlled. If it’s easy without any weights, you can add an ankle weight. If you can get
to 20 or 25 without getting tired. But I would just start off with 10 and see how that feels.
The next one you’re gonna roll over onto your back and bring your knees up. This is just
gonna be a simple bridge and that’s gonna work those hamstrings in the back. So again,
you want to go nice and controlled go slow so you’re working the muscles and you’re not
using momentum. So you’re just gonna bring your bottom up off the ground until you get
in a straight line here. And then slowly come back down. So just start off with 10. If that
becomes easy, if you can get to 20-25 and it’s really easy, then you can just go to
1. So lift your leg up and then slowly come back down. So just start off with 10 and then
work your way up from there. Alright, now we’re gonna stand up. The next one is gonna
be a stretch. There’s a lot of ways to stretch your hamstring, I’m just gonna show you one.
If you’d like to check out some more, I have a video just for hamstring stretches, so you
can check that out after this video. But with this one, you’re just gonna prop the heel
up in front of you of the side you want to stretch. The important part is, is to keep
your hips forward and keep your back straight. So you’re just gonna bend at your hips. Going
forward this way down towards your foot. Now try not to turn cause then you’re not gonna
get that hamstring, and try not to curl your back cause then you’re not gonna stretch that
hamstring very much. But hips forward, back straight, and just come down. You don’t really
have to touch your toes. I think some people want to try and go like that, but then you’re
gonna curl your back a little bit. And you’re gonna get more of a stretch if you stay like
this. Hold it for about 30 seconds, come back up, do 3 of them. I always suggest stretching
both sides even if you don’t have a problem on the other side, just to keep everything
nice and loose. The last exercise is gonna be a lunge. You don’t have to go all the way
down in the lunge, but it really works your hamstrings. So sometimes you can put a block
or something underneath to give you a target so you don’t have to go all the way down.
The side you want to exercise is gonna be in the front. Try and keep your toes facing
forward. Sometimes people turn the back one out, but really try and keep it forward. And
keep your knee behind your toes when you come down. So you can do a simple one of bending
your knee, your back knee, and come up. Now some people like to stretch that leg out cause
they want that back leg to be straight. When you’re just trying to get some strengthening
back in the hamstrings, you can bend your knee and come down. And slowly come back up.
But make sure that you’re going slow, not going fast and using momentum. Just nice and
slow coming down, and nice and slow coming back up. Those were your stretches and exercises
for a hamstring strain. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section. If you’d
like to check out some other videos, like the other hamstring stretches, go to AskDoctorJo.com
Don’t forget to like us and subscribe. And remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope you
feel better soon.

19 Replies to “Hamstring Strain Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo”

  1. i had acl surgery 23th april 2016. I used cpm machine to bend my knee. now i can bend 90 degree. i want to bend without machine. i will be very happy if you give me very easy tips for bending knee. and i want to know

    it past 2 month of my surgery but when every i sneeze it pains like electron come to my knee area. i am worry is this big problem or normal ?

    sorry my english is not so good. plz reply. i am waiting

    rayan gupta

  2. my left thigh vastus lateralis not properly shape ,, plz same exercises recommend me for improve my vastus lateralis ,,,

  3. thanks for another greater video Dr.Jo! I have a question about foot arches and im not sure if you already have a video on this. is it mechanically benefical to have high arches? and in what situations should a person get orthodics? my mom has been complaining about pain in her knees and hips and someone said something about the kinetic chain and that orthotics would help but at the same time they are so expensive. what are your thoughts on this? – thanks

  4. Hi Dr Jo! I have mild hamstring pain(on the right side) when I walk. Should I try the hamstring stretches that you have demonstrated in another video or will stretching make it worse? Is it better to just rest and apply ice to the affected area?

  5. Hi Dr Jo how long after a hamstring strain do I need to wait before trying these stretches and exercises? Is it possible to "over do it" with these exercises and ultimately slow the recovery process?

  6. hi, i have a grade 1 hamstring pull so, how long do i have to practice these exercise to cure my Hamstrings

  7. Hi Dr.Jo I mildly pulled my hamstrings like 6 days ago. How long until I can stretch? It feels like my legs are aching to be stretched.

  8. I got injured to my hamstring during running two days ago,can I do these stretching now ?
    I have a 800mts competition in 40 days ,is it possible for me to get back ?

  9. Great videos and advice!

    I heard felt two "pops" on one movement playing hockey (I'm a goalie) last night, finished the game pain-free but tentative. I stretched at the end of the ice time, felt the same pops, so backed off, iced it, went to bed.

    I'm recovering from a bulged disc in my lower back and I know this is all connected. My gym rehab is a lot of glute bridges, cardio (no rowing machine anymore) dead bugs, planks of various types, thoracic cage stretches over the big ball, foam roller everywhere.

    I'm icing the hammy and I notice my range of motion on that side is a bit limited and just feels "tight" so I'm tentative. Taking standard Alleve dose and I'm not in pain, just "tight" and tentative.

    Thoughts on next steps and can I go ahead and skate? I've pulled groins and strained hip flexors before but this is new…

  10. My left arm and leg got stiffen after a stroke 3yrs back.drugs cannot help.can u suggest some exercise to reduce the SPASAM?

  11. Hi dr.joe i have a problem when i stretch or try to. The area between my hamstrings and calves hurt what can i do at home also does this problem stunt growth

  12. Omg, thank you. I’ve been in extreme pain for this past week and has been getting worse. But I just did all of those except for the lunges. And it made my thigh feel so much better.

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