HD Massage Full Body Stretch How To | Body Work Masters Austin Gregory Gorey LMT

HD Massage Full Body Stretch How To | Body Work Masters Austin Gregory Gorey LMT

Life wisdom. Psychetruth Massage. Hi everybody this is Gregory Gorey from BodyWorkMasters.com and today we’re going to be doing some leg
stretching on common tight areas. So we’re going to stretch the psoas. We’re going to stretch the quadriceps, the pecs, and we’re also going to do some mobilization for the thoracic spine and sacroiliac joints. So the first thing we’re going to do is
start to mobilize the the sacroiliac joints. That’s just a light little tractioning. This will also put a traction through the rest of the spine so you get a
little decompression of the spine. And normally during the massage I would do this for about forty five seconds and from there take the foot into the knee. We’re going to do little twist. We will
secure right here and she’s actually quite limber. If she was restricted I might have her push into my hand here going back but she has plenty of motion And the same thing over here. This is kind of trigger-esque. It’s just a little light rocking to soothe the nervous system and same thing again. The leg comes onto the knee. Then you’re securing the other side and coming and twisting. So we just mobilized the lower thoracic spine on a fixed upper spine. Now we’re going to do the opposite. We’re going to stretch the upper on the lower. So I’m gonna put my hand here and just twist it. Good. Coming to the other side, hand comes underneath the scapula and twisting. She just had little adjustments. Don’t be surprised if you get a little snap or crackle, but we aren’t trying to do that. It just happens sometimes when you start getting the mobilization. So if you could turn on your side for a moment please, actually the other way, and we’re going to stretch out another
real common area to be tight and facilitated. That’s the pecs. So what I’d like you to do is to put your hand behind your back, here and right there. Perfect. So now what i’m going to have you
do is gently, twenty percent of your effort. bring your elbow towards your nose contract perfect. For the count of eight relax and a deeper stretch. And do that again. This shouldn’t hurt.
Let me know if it does. And relax. When you stimulate the muscle beforehand, it stimulates the muscle spindles and you’re able to get a deeper stretch. And one more time and relax. Now normally I would do this on both sides, but because of camera angles that’s not going to be really effective. Let me have you turn onto your stomach
for just a moment. So the next thing we’re going to do is stretch out the quadriceps. So how we’re going to do that is I am going to come to the first motion barrier here. We’re going to have you push into my hand. Try to straighten out your leg. Perfect! Like that motion. Now let me have you push and relax and deeper and begin, five, and relax. And you don’t have to push that hard.
It’s about a twenty percent contraction of your strength. Now we’re all the way down to the glutes. So let me have you do that one more time and relax. This is a real good stretch for people with tight quadriceps. Doing the same thing again and you’re going to push into my hand here and relax. Push into my hand and relax. Good. There we go. Now we’re going to stretch the psoas muscle. From this position you can come put the foot in your armpit to secure it. Hand underneath the knee. I’m going to put my hand on her sacrum because I don’t want her to go way into back hyper extension. So I’m going to keep it there so it’s secure and I’m just going to stretch it to that motion barrier. This is a nice little psoas stretch. The hip flexors tend to be tend to be tight on most of us because we’re a very flexion dominant society. And relax. And the same thing over here. We’re gonna try not to block the camera. Remember that you need to stop when you start to feel motion into the hand. Otherwise you can put too much strain on the low back. and relax. So we’ve been in this video releasing and stretching some of the
common tight areas, the quadriceps, hip flexors, pecks, we mobilized the thoracic spine, and now we’re going to get into a couple of little neck stretches. First one that you’re going to do is the levator. How we’re going to do that is we’re turning the head slightly. Putting my hand underneath on the shoulder and stabilizing, bringing
the head up. When you get to that first motion barrier I’m going to have you gently push back onto the table and relax. A little stretch and one more time push and relax and stretch good. Same thing here. I’m gonna have you gently push back onto the table. And relax. A little deeper stretch and pushing back and relax. From there we’re going to stretch out the upper trapezius. I’m gonna have you gently push your shoulder up into my hand. Relax and a little stretch and one more time and relax and stretch. Doing the same thing to this other side. Let me have you push up into my hand. Relax and one more time and relax. Good. Well I hope you enjoyed the video. Please don’t forget to like and subscribe and check us out at BodyWorkMasters.com. See you next time!

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  1. …where's the glute massage vid? I followed a link from my email here, and have this instead. I'd like to give my gf a massage, but I doubt she's limber enough to do any of these.

  2. yeah I think it got pulled because of prude tattle telling assfaced yuppies, The video was up a few days ago though, great information, too bad attractive healthy women are so demonized on youtube. Probably would have been ok if she weighed 400 pounds.

  3. I dont know, i guess its a little obvious she's never had a massage and is a little uncomfortable and un relaxed so it makes it annoying to watch, for me personally.

  4. 4:33 I have always wondered this: When time or camera angles don't allow a message therapist or other therapy worker from working both sides, does the model/volunteer get the other therapy after the video is over with, you know, to stay balanced and all?

  5. Why is everyone talking about the model when Gregory is actually doing some solid work. Grogory thanks for showing people that there are still therapist trying to make a difference instead of juts making money. Great videos.

  6. Actually Cero, I didn't use any lotion during this massage. I also didn't make any money from it. If you would like to post some non "lame ass techniques" in a video response feel free (I am open to learning more about bodywork). Other wise… Troll away 😉

  7. I appreciate these very helpful videos. They are great reminders from what we learned in school, and for me they visually help lock it in. Thanks Greg and keep up the great WORK.

  8. The reason people think you are a troll is because you come across as one. But really you aren't trying to be a troll, you just ARE a troll by nature. Think about that…

  9. Hello master great video!! as i am sport massage therapy student, and still learning  i would like see more videos of MET(Musclecle energy thecnique) and STR(Soft tissue release). thanks

  10. Just the other day I was wondering what it would look like if someone tried to rip the head off of Scarlett Johansson's corpse and then 7:45 happened. Thanks Body Work Masters!

  11. Good instructions.  I've been looking for some good stretching technique that I can still keep my client draped.  Some of what you did is good. 

  12. I'm a massage therapist. Great techniques. Although it would be nice if the therapists on Youtube would use a variety of bodies for demos. Most of my clients are over age 45 and vary in weight and mobility. Not that many women who look like this one go to get a massage (certainly not in my area).


  14. ¡Sigo insistiendo que la modelo esta buenísima! ¡Aunque el terapeuta no nos dejo seguir disfrutándola  con su calzoncito del bikini puesto  y ahora le colocó un short negro,que por cierto se le ve bastante bien pues contrasta con su piel blanca!

  15. Hey..greg. if possible can you include in your videos Why your are working on that specific muscle all possible reasons plz

  16. Its very dangerous to be teaching twist releasing techniques in a video. Are you a chiropractor as well? What if the person has an underlying problem and their back goes out with that knee across the body twist? All these techniques are doing is stretching the connective tissue on a girl who already has hyper mobile joints. You are not doing her any favours and if you look into the latest science on the type of stretching you are doing you would know it does nothing positive for the body anyway so pretty much a waste of time and money for the paying patient.

  17. What contraindications are there for the Iliopsoas stretches when working on a person who has had hip replacements? I really appreciate your videos and professionalism.

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  19. I like your videos more than athena , I mean she has some good ones , but she talks about politics and her personal views , and that’s a let down at least to me

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