Help Me! I Can’t Shut My Mouth! – Bizarre ER – BBC Three

Help Me! I Can’t Shut My Mouth! – Bizarre ER – BBC Three

First, we’re heading to Northampton General,
where slack-jawed student, Holly Thompson has arrived at A&E, completely unable to close
her gaping gob. As Holly can’t really talk right now, probably
best we tell you how she got here. Holly was at college, enjoying a particularly
riveting lesson of government and politics. Uninspired by the political ponderings, Holly
opened wide for a yawn. Her massive mouth manoeuvre caused her jaw
to dislocate, leaving her unable to close her cake-hole. Literally speechless, Holly frantically nudged
her classmate. Try as she might, she couldn’t help Holly
shut her mouth, and the pair had no choice but to interrupt the lesson. After a quick visit to the school nurse, who
also failed to help our heroine. It was decided that Holly and her jangling
jaw should head to A&E. My names Ejiro, I’m one of the doctors. Obviously I can see your mouth’s stopping
open. Has this happened to you before? No, I… Sorry? So it has happened before? Yeah like- kind of. Ok. Holly’s floppy chops might look funny, but
they’re no laughing matter. It can be quite serious, because you can’t
eat, you can’t really drink, and you get dehydrated. But, again it’s quite painful as well. Fortunately, Dr. Ejiro has a plan that draws
on the latest, cutting-edge technology. She’s going to stuff Holly’s mouth with small
splints, that look a bit like lolly sticks. It might seem bizarre, but there’s method
in the madness. I don’t want it to hurt. By keeping Holly’s mouth wedged open with
wood, the jaw muscles will get tired, unlock, and allow the doctor to click her laughing
gear back into place. Feels fine? Feels funny? Yeah. It usually does. Actually, I can get one more in. That’s a jaw-dropping 26 little lolly sticks
holding Holly’s mouth open. All Holly has to do now, is wait for the wooden
sticks to work their magic. Time to see if jamming Holly full of lolly’s
has done the job. There’s only two rules for this, one is that
you relax and two is that you don’t bite me. That’s it. As Dr. Ejiro manoeuvres the mouth, there’s
a chance Holly’s nashers will clamp down hard on her hand. The doctor’s digits are safe, and Holly’s
jaw is back where it should be. Was it painful? No. It just aches a bit. It will do, because it’s been out of joint
for a little while. I would avoid yawning too wide, anything like
that because it’s a bit unstable at the moment. Now that Holly can close her cake-hole, it’s
time to head home and she’s even got a souvenir of splints for the mantle. Honestly, the things people will do to get
out of double politics.

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  1. All lies. She saw tiny weiner the firdt time in her life and tried to laugh bit got stuck with a "o my gosh"

  2. I've had dreams like these where I couldent close my jaw so I closed so hard bone and teeth and blood would spew everywhere and then I'd wake up and experience it all the next night

  3. This happened to me when I was younger and because of it I had to get a jaw joint replacement about five years ago today. The joint became defective so three weeks ago they took the joint out and put in a clay spacer. I no longer have any bone where my left jaw joint would be. It sucks because I lost all my teeth and have to wear dentures all because when I was younger my jaw popped out of place. Tmj is pure agony in its most raw essence. I’ve already had 4 surgery’s because of my tmj and I still have atleast three more surgery’s to go through and I’m currently on a donner list to receive a new jaw joint and bone.

  4. The narrator was more annoying than funny. The joints that connect the jaw mandible to the skull are called TMJ's (Temporal Mandibular Joints). There's no other joint in the human body that are like the TMJ's. All the other joints function essentially like hinges. But the TMJ is more like a slide than a hinge. That's why you can move your lower jaw forward and side to side as well as down. So while being very dynamic and useful, its instability can be very problematic when things go wrong. TMJ Dysfunction for example is when things go very wrong and is notoriously difficult to treat. It's often caused by malocclusion from injury, hereditary hypoplasia or reckless dental practices like unnecessary extractions and braces.

  5. A guy whom I've known had a wife whom was incapable of shutting her trap. He cured her after breaking her jaw with his fist, after seeing that slapping her doesn't help much. Now she rarely talks, being too afraid of getting sucker punched again. So there exists a cure. And it really works. But still, that was a case where that woman also produced sounds while her mouth was open, unlike this case. In this special case, I think an uppercut from Butterbean could help. Like I always say: " girls, too much deepthroating isn't good". I hope this one learned her lesson.

  6. If she couldn’t shut her because she talks too much then u could just put a gag in her mouth and lock it in place

  7. So I know everyone was talking about the narrator roasting holly but seriously, did you hear the cracking from the jaw. Sounds extremely painful

  8. That's a jaw dropping 26 lolli sticks in hollies mouth 🤣🤣🤣
    The narrators literally roasting her
    And at the end she blames her for dislocating her jaw just to get out of lesson 🤣

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