Hi, I’m Father Donggook, showing off my muscles! [The Return of Superman / 2017.07.02]

Hi, I’m Father Donggook, showing off my muscles! [The Return of Superman / 2017.07.02]

Can you see the top? – Oh, my gosh. / – Look. There are 168 steps. Okay. You have to be careful. If you’re not careful, you can get hurt. Let’s follow them. Be careful. – Okay. / – Okay. These steps are steep, so I’ll hold you. You have to climb the low ones on your own. Look. If you lived here… If you eat down there, by the time you’re here, you’d be hungry again. You’d still have to climb some more. Goodness. It’ll be so hard to go up this high. – Right? / – Yes. My legs hurt. My body hurts. Mine, too. (Seola is leading the way.) Seola, hold my hand! Here. Here. (Come on, Sua.) Don’t let go. (They feel secure when they’re together.) Dad’s so slow. We’re like rabbits. It’s narrow. Yes. (It’s dizzying to look at.) Are you sweating? I’m sweating because I’m holding you. Wow, there’s a coffee shop here. It’s really picturesque. (His steps are getting heavy.) Guys! I’m going to buy us some drinks here. Get down now. The retro-style store looks welcoming. It’s filled with sentimental products. (There are old toys.) Wow, they have these, too. Hey, hold on. There’s poo candy. Look here. Poo? We’re eating poo. – Poo? / – Poo? How do we eat poo? They call it poo candy here, but we called it a ladle when I was young. I’ll make you a ladle. (They called it a ladle in Pohang.) (The sweet taste of a traditional snack.) It’s been over 30 years. – I can barely recall it. / – Dad. I want to eat it. – You can have some sugar. / – Okay. Just once. Sian wants to try. You do? Here. – I want to eat it. / – Here. (Licking) How’s the taste? It tastes like sugar. – How’s the taste? / – I want to eat it. Okay. Here. (Was sugar always this salty?) What does it taste like? (Something is suspicious.) Donggook’s hand is faster than your eyes. He switched his fingers while Sian was blinking. Stop. Are you cheating? – You didn’t give me any. / – Didn’t I give it to you? You didn’t give him anything. I gave it to him. Let me try again. Here you go. Open wide. Try it. It’s sugar. (He is fooled again.) What does it taste like? It doesn’t taste like anything. Okay. Here. Here. This is how you do it. What does it taste like? Sugar. You are right. It tastes like sugar. Here it comes. The smell reminds me of the past. – Look. / – Adjust the fire so that it doesn’t burn. To make this, I burned a lot of ladles. I found it very tasty when I was little. Mix it at the speed of light. (Mixing) Look at the color. Make big circles. Look at this. Let’s stop eating sugar off of the table. Scrap it out onto the table. Watch your hands. (It looks like…) – It looks like poop. / – That’s right. We are going to eat poop. Let’s make an airplane print. Sian, press down. – There you go. / – It’s hot. It’s done. (Sua tastes it first.) (It’s sweet.) It’s good, right? My mom used to scold me for eating junk food. I’m feeding it to my children. It’s okay to eat it once in memory of the past. (Let’s share the taste of the past.) This is the taste. It tasted like this. (Fidgeting) – What is it? / – I’m going to pee. – You’re going to pee? / – Dad. – Where is the toilet? / – There is no toilet here. (He guzzles down water.) Who wants water? Drink fast. Sian needs to pee. Who wants to drink next? Okay. Sian, hold on a second. (The entire family joins forces.) (Please hurry up.) I am going to do it for him. He can’t pee if you are watching. Sua, are you going to hold the bottle? He is peeing, Sua. – Is it refreshing? / – Yes. Really? – Don’t drink it. / – Okay. Don’t drink it. You will die. Let’s put this in your backpack. You have a portable toilet in your backpack. Seola and Sua, you saw the funicular earlier, right? Take it. I will walk with Sian. – It’s coming up. / – It’s coming up. It’s coming up. – Wait at the top. / – Okay. (They board the funicular.) Your sisters are going up. Your sisters are going up. – Sian. / – Bye! Bye. The funicular of Ibagu Street climbs the 168 stairs in an instant. I’m behind you. You can do this. – I can do this. / – You can do this. That’s right. – Hold tight. / – I will hold tight. (His dad holds his hand tight.) Sian looks tired. – Sian. / – Sian, you can do this. You are brave. Good. You are healthy. I am healthy. I can do this. You are almost done. You reached the top. Hurrah. Hurrah, Sian. Can you see the sea? That’s the house. Sian’s house. Look at the house. We came from there. We came up this high. Where are they this time? (Amazing) My goodness. (Lean muscles) (He shows off his back muscles.) (I am the dad of five children, Donggook.) This is how you enjoy this jacuzzi. Lie down like you’re a company president. You get a massage. Lie down. Lie down in the most comfortable position. (He is free from all ideas and thoughts.) Don’t think about the chocolate you hid at home or what your sisters are doing. – Me, too. / – Okay. Come here. Sit next to me. (Crowded) (He shows his discomfort with his facial expression.) Even though there is space, you prefer sitting with me. Lean on me. Lean on me. (It’s a familiar sight.) (Suckling puppies) You always stick to your sisters. – What? / – I’m hungry. You’re hungry? He keeps saying he is hungry. We need to be careful since it’s hot. – See if it’s hot. / – Dad. Dad, give me a bite. – It’s not hot at all. / – Then hold it and eat it. Hold it. (He takes a big bite.) Bite down. (Blowing) (He cools down the fish cake before eating.) Is it good? What should you do if it’s good? (Thumbs up) You should say something. Is it that good? Give me a bite. Should I take a small bite or a big bite? – A small bite. / – A small bite? (His mischievous side comes out.) What will Donggook do? (He opens his mouth wide.) (He eats the fish cake like a monkfish.) (Donggook is doing that again.) Don’t finish it. (Sian’s fish cake was taken away.) I will give you a new one. I wanted to give you a new one. (It’s hard to survive as Donggook’s son.) I finished it to give you a new one. Dad finished it. Did I finish it? Take another one. Take another one. That solves the problem. You can have them, okay? This one has two fish cakes. – This one has two fish cakes. / – See? You gave me a small fish cake. I gave you two fish cakes. You are too nice. Would you give me a bite? (Donggook wants another bite.) Dad, stop eating. Dad. – You are giving me a small piece. / – Sian. (Sian is adjusting to Donggook.) Give him the tiniest bite. He is now giving me the tiniest bite. (I won’t be fooled again.) Isn’t that wine? I think it’s wine. Your face is red. Give it to me. Your face is red. I think it’s wine. It’s wine. You got the wrong drink. – Let me see. / – It’s not wine. It’s not wine. You didn’t turn red. It’s wine. It’s wine. Try it. Here. (What is this taste?) It tastes like grape. You are right. It’s grape juice. I got a sip, okay? This is refreshing. This is refreshing. Whose feet did your feet turn into? – Grandma’s feet. / – They turned into Grandma’s feet. They turned into Grandma and Grandpa’s feet. Let me give you two-to-eight hair. (Sian sports two-to-eight hair.) (It looks nice.) Dad, you and I look the same. Let’s give you Beckham’s hair this time. (Sian copies Beckham.) I won’t do it. I am sorry. You will continue to go to saunas with me, right? – It’s a whale. / – Yes, it’s a whale. (It’s a whale of his imagination.) All right, Sian. Let’s go, Superman. Let’s go. (Is Sian a flying whale?)

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  1. Oh my goodness the twins are looking more and more like their older sisters every day! That are both so cute!! Sian as well!!

  2. this man is always making his kids cry. and the parents always never orders enough food. just like the other dad of triplets eating 7 orders of dumplings while the triplets still say they're hungry and every time they order another stack the dad just eats them all. it's very different from moms because mothers will not eat just so the kids can eat.

  3. i still remember when my brother want to pee and my dad ask him to pee inside the bottle but he couldn't fit the bottle HAHAHAH im being a good little sister want to help but he instead mad at me because i want to touch his " bird " hahahaha

  4. Wonder how he might feel watching this video with that kind of backsound while the camera is focusing on his abs 😂

  5. 11:16 is the cutest part😂 father and son bonding lol😁 and anyway I have more things to say look at 8:00 when the man was looking at them its so funny😂😂😂

  6. Seungjae: "I need to pee"
    Jiyong: *runs all over town

    Sian: "I need to pee"
    Dad : "Drink fast, he needs to pee in a bottle"

    Honestly 🤣🤣🤣💀

  7. Am I the only one who is amazed that he made honeycomb (the yellow bit inside a crunchy bar) in that small thing ??!

  8. Can some one help me??

    I know he has 5 children but why do we usually see the twins and Sian? Where is the older twin sisters at?

  9. I love this family! They are all so beautiful inside and out! I’m excited to see how they are when they are older 😊

  10. Dad are dad they are just come with amazing 😉 idea like he drink whole water to make Sian pee in bottle 😂😂😂

  11. I watched Donggook's episode in 2 days 1 night and there was like a good 15 seconds dedicated to donggok because they were shocked in seeing his abs 😂😍

  12. Okay, I'm just in the train going to work and smiling alone like a crazy girl in front of everybody at this pranking dad… His face when he was going to prank again Sian… I'm 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂… I can't… 😂😂😂😂

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