HIGH PROTEIN VEGAN MEAL PREP » + printable guide

HIGH PROTEIN VEGAN MEAL PREP » + printable guide

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  1. If you enjoyed the video, be sure to give it a thumbs up! It would make this birthday girl extra happy 😉

  2. Awesome videos!! I always enjoy watching and love that they are preddy much under 10 minutes makes it’s so convenient to watch!!

  3. Hey Sadia, its told to have high protein diet in pregnancy and at the same time it has to be freshly cooked, can you suggest me on these lines, how i should manage my protein intake. M in my 3rd trimister

  4. I use instant pot for everything, nearly. I'm guilty of not soaking cause I figure it will highly alter cooking time and domt want mush

  5. Hi, I tried to access the soaking increases absorption article, however, there was an error message stating "some elements on this site did not load. Please refresh your page and try again". I closed out of my browser, restarted my phone and tried again to no success.

  6. Hi Sadiya! Im am a definitely a huge fan of you. I would like to get a bit of your thoughts on what plant can best help counter lung cancer. Thank you so much!

  7. Madame SADIA Rocks truly truly i have spinal cord abnormality and watching your PUL is giving me a PASS on my health lifestyle . Thank you for sharing your knowledge :):)

  8. Could you do a couple high protein lower carb meals. I am always looking for diabetic meals that will fill my husband and I up.

  9. hello, I love you're video they are really inspiring for me, do you know what I can use to replace tahini because I'm allergic ?

  10. I get a massive headache when i eat certain grains like oates lentils and white bean. I want to go vegetarian but with these issues my option at good sources of proteins are limited

  11. Dear Sadia
    I enjoy your videos so much! your style is so refreshing! 🙂 I would be so thankful if you consider making a video about snacks or something to help fight that 4 pm crash. Thank you.

  12. Your videos and the content of your information is truly superb. I am not vegan nor vegetarian but I would like to reduce my consumption of animal products and start adding vegan recipes to our diet in the hopes that we would eventually be eating a mostly, if not completely, vegan diet. I’ve been checking out other channels but I kept coming across a lot of highly processed, sugar laden foods that I don’t want to eat nor buy. I truly truly appreciate your time and effort to educate and provide truly healthy wholesome recipes. I am converting my family of 4 slowly without telling them, and your recipes are my tools. Thank you again, God bless!

  13. Yummy! Cant wait to make these, esp the soba! Its gonna b a life changer – can tell already! For which i owe u, thank u so much!! 😇 🐆 🏠 💞 ☕ 🍜

  14. Hey Sadia….
    I just lv this thing about u, that u r so much at ease with urself….
    Peaceful, happy and content….
    Ur videos make me feel better…
    Thanks a lot..

  15. These gorgeous, helpful, comprehensive videos, take so much time, research and planning! THANK YOU for bringing them to us! So so helpful. Even if you thought you knew a lot about vegan protein, here's even more!

  16. Hi Satia, I really love your video and I trust your knowledge very much. So I have a question to ask you. I eared that if you don’t soak oats in water before eating, it contains some “anti nutrients” that prevent to absorb other nutrients. Is it true? And if it is, is it true also for the other cereals? Thank you very much for your answer and for your video, always so informative and interesting! 🙏✨

  17. Can you share some more dinner ideas please? I’m working towards vegan and struggling at dinner! Loving your content by the way! x

  18. I happened upon your site looking for recipes and I'm obsessed! We aren't vegan but my husband and I are looking for healthier food choices and I am open to your recipes, they look delicious! I love your calming and beautiful spirit. Thanks for all the information, recipes and encouragement.

  19. Hi Sadia,

    I was thinking really hard what to prep for our ski trip. It's gonna be a long bus ride (14 hours) and this time I don't want to just pack sandwiches. I really love your channel and I came here now with a purpose to gain some inspiration. 🙂 Do you have any specific ideas for long trips? Many many thanks, and sending a lot of love 🙂

  20. Found it and it's terrific . You have made my transition so easy from veggie to vegan .The ideas are amazing .Must get a processor and do like the glass storage dishes .Where can one buy these ? Oh hey happy birthday have just seen below ..Your enthusiasm is amazing . Thanks so much *

  21. Your site is new to me. I discovered it as I continue to explore vegan options. I like the variety that you provide in your recipes and how quickly and smoothly you share the information in your videos while referring us to your blog for more details and recipes. I'm really enjoying your site. Thank you for sharing!

  22. I am so thankful for your videos/blog. My son is sensitive to dairy and eggs. Since he is breastfed I've had to cut those things out of my diet. Your recipes and wealth of knowledge has helped me get creative with foods, specifically for breakfast. I'm almost always having a vegan breakfast.
    Your banana oatmeal CHANGED my world. I highly disliked oatmeal made without cow's milk. I add a banana to my almond milk/oatmeal while cooking and it is fabulous! I've been eating oatmeal for breakfast every day for 2 weeks now!

  23. Hello Sadia, thank you for your inspiring videos! I have been looking for a tempeh recipe which actually tastes good for a long time and was happy to find one here. However, I checked the ingredients of the Kikkoman Teriyaki Sauce and it seems to contain sulfur dioxide, which is listed as a toxic preservative, as well as almost 8 spoons of sugar, which exceeds the daily dose of 6 spoons (recommended by the American Heart Association). Do you recommend any alternative sauces? Keep up the great work! Sabina

  24. Please do more videos like these!!! Makes learning for this busy beginner much easier!
    Thank you for what you do!!

  25. I enjoy your videos. I cook for my daughter and son in law because they have so little time. I am retired and miss cooking at the restaurant I worked at. So she loves premade meals done for them.

  26. Hi Sadia. I wanted to let you know that your videos have inspired me to live a healthier lifestyle and helped improve my nutrition overall. What you are doing here is amazing!! 😊. Thanks a lot for your super creative videos and constructive tips and advice.If possible, i would like to request for a video on iron rich foods for vegans and tips to boost iron absorption. Keep creating and good luck!! Love from the beautiful island of Mauritius. Hope you come visit some day!! P.s. Happy birthday 🎂🎊🎈🎁

  27. Hi sadia 💕 I love your recipes, you’re giving us so many ideas!! I was wondering if you ever heard about spirulina powder or chlorella powder? These are tiny alga that are packed with nutrients (protein, iron, vitamin etc…)! I use them a lot as a vegan, they give me soooo much energy!! I usually put them in a smoothie with some fruits. But I was wondering if you have some recipes ideas for that. It will be fantastic to have some food videos with spirulina chlorella and maca in it ! If you never heard of that, you’ll fell in love 😍

    Have a great day ☀️☀️

    And by the way, you always look so beautiful ❤️

  28. I love love love your vegan tofu chorizo recipe!!!! Even my boyfriend who is not that much of a tofu-lover likes it! I tried Tempeh just once before and didn´t like it. But I will give it a try again using your prep tips 🙂

  29. Just what I needed! Thank you for this digestible information! You all are flipping A mazing over there at Pick Up Limes! ❤️🙏🏼😍😁love, Kathy

  30. very informative! I have heard from some trainers that only animal sources of protein contain certain amino acids that plants do not. But according to your blog, grains and lentils combined should give us all the 9 essential amino acids. Is this right? I am still a lactovegetarian (although I eat vegan mostly as Indian food is mostly vegan) but would like to know all my options 🙂 Thanks

  31. I wonder if I should soak the oat b4 I make overnight oat breakfast?? ( sorry, totally new to vegan life)

  32. Informative and inspiring as always 🙂 <3

    Anyone who knows where I can buy glass containers similar til Sadia's?

  33. But do these meals have all the essential amino acids? I remember reading that you had to combine various plant proteins in order to get all the amino acids.

  34. Omg, STOP WITH THE COCONUT OIL “health” FAD. It’s just another gimmicky diet fad, latest “superfood.” You are a nutritionist, YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER!!! Unless you’re using it lightly for coconut flavoring and if your cholesterol isn’t high, then ok. But it does nothing else beneficial for you, and it’s high in saturated fat. USE olive or canola oil, cold pressed if possible. STOP PROMOTING THIS IDIOTIC NEW AGE GIMMICK AS IF IT IS A “SUPERFOOD.”
    And try using an appropriately sized pan.

  35. It seems that Youtube algorithms are now reading my mind. I'd been thinking in the past few days that I should search on google about vegan proteins, in order to review this topic since I hadn't read anything about it for years and suddently I get this video as a recommendation from Youtube. Cool, isn't it? 😀

  36. My husband and I went plant base three weeks ago and found your station and I just want to say you are and amazing. We are just loving your recipes. We don’t miss meat or dairy at all and we feel better thank you for your videos you’re just an awesome young lady❤️

  37. I greatly appreciate your wealth of knowledge and artistry! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us. Your work is changing my life.

  38. Trying to get a 1g to 10 calorie ratio in a meal for optimal high protein since we do weight lifting and higher level exercise. Wanting to try vegan. Avoiding soy as a Male while it is okay for my wife. What's a good suggestion? Wanting about 20g of protein in a meal while maintaining the ratio

  39. Oh my god, Sadia , I cant even begin to thank you for all the content you created for us! I found you not so long ago, and today reading the Grocery Lists and the whole pdf on healthy habits, I almost had tears in my eyes because i think its moving that you give so much and in such quality. Thank you! 🙂

  40. Hi Sadia, this is SHRUTHI from India, I am new subscriber, I love your videos, little difficult to understand your English accent though still managing, you looks like indian tell me about your ancestors, I am suffering from alopecia areata since 3 years, can you tell me some Indian diet plan to get rid of it, I was very much addicted to non vegetarian food by seeing your videos gradually turning to vegetarian, thank you so much for inspiring me

  41. Your videos are so helpful I'm trying to do an elimination diet because of my allergies right now and i think I'm allergic to soy and dairy. I know my body doesn't like to digest meats and i know you chose to be vegan for other reasons but all of this is just my body being very angry at me. I have to go see an allergist but your videos are so helpful to me. So just thank you thank you thank you.

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