Hip Arthritis Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hip Arthritis Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo and spider
dog Kali. We’re pretty tired from a long hard night’s work. Today we’re going
to show some stretches and exercises for hip arthritis. So spider dog Kali is off taking a nap from saving all those people last night.
We’re going to lie down too, to start off with some pelvic tips. So with your legs
propped up, you’re just going to start off with that pelvic tilt where you want
your hips to actually move. That pelvis needs to go down. And what you want to do
is tighten up those core muscles and push down almost like if someone had
their hands underneath your back you’re trying to squish their hands into the
ground. So just pushing down that way. If you can’t actually see movement, you’re
probably not doing it quite right. But just hold that pelvic tilt down for
about three to five seconds, and then relax. And just start off with about 10
of those just getting those hips kind of loosened up and moving just a little bit.
After you do 10 of those, then you’re going to go up into a bridge. So just
nice and slow, you want to kind of go one segment at a time but make it as smooth
as possible. So coming up until you’re pretty flat, and then same thing coming
down nice and slow and control.Just kind of moving one segment of your back at a
time. Just to get those hips moving, the back moving, and those glutes moving a
little bit. So same thing just start off with about 10 of these you can work your
way up to 20 – 25, but just start off with about 10 in the beginning and see how it
feels. After you get those hips loosened up a
little bit, then we’re going to go into some strengthening exercises in the hips
and legs area. So bring the leg you want to work straight out. You want to try to
keep your legs straight the whole time. So if you pull up your toes, that helps
kind of lock out that mean keep it straight. The other one should be bent because you
want to use it as a target because you don’t want to kick up much higher then about the angle of the other side
of the leg. So just nice slow controlled come up to about where it is, and then
slowly come back down. If you don’t have to put it all the way down and relax it,
try and keep those muscles kind of engage the whole time, but if you have to
take a break in between that’s fine. Again just start off with 10 of these
and kind of see how it feels. Then you’re going to turn over to your
side with that leg on the ground, and you’re going to work the inner thigh
muscles now. So you can put your leg the other leg behind you or you can put it
in the front. I think it’s a little bit easier behind
me, but some people prefer in the front. Still keeping that leg nice and straight,
still pulling your toes up, and then just bring your leg up just a little bit off
the ground. It doesn’t have to be a big kick for this one because you’re not
going to be able to get it super high without kind of rolling over and doing it
like that. So just again start off with about 10 of them. Keep the leg nice and
straight and then relax. So normally just keep on rolling around
but just to be able to look at you and show you what I’m doing, now
you’re going to do the top part of your legs, so normally you keep on rolling
and use the same leg. So this time the bottom leg you can kind of just fold it
underneath you, but you want to be in pretty much a straight line with your
hips. So not bent forward nice and straight. Still keeping that leg straight,
keep those toes pulled up, and almost lead with your heel for this one and
just go slightly behind you. Almost like you’re kicking out towards the angle
behind you, really kind of engage those glute muscles back there. So same thing,
it doesn’t have to be super high, but you just want to get that nice smooth
controlled motion keeping that leg nice and straight, and again doing about 10 of
those. And then the last one is to roll over onto your stomach. So this time, still keeping it nice and
straight, it’s probably not going to go super high
with this one either but really kind of engage those those glute muscles in the
back, and just slightly kick your leg up and back down. Don’t kick it high cause then you’re going to
want to turn your whole body. So it’s just up and down. Trying to keep that leg
as straight as you can and doing about 10 of those. So after your 4 leg straight
leg raise, you’re going to go into a plank position.
So on your elbows come down. If you want to do a modified on your knees that fine
you can do that, but try to squeeze your glute muscles so your stomach’s not
sagging your butt’s not popping up. Kind of in a straight line. If you feel like
you can do a whole plank, that’s fine as well, just make sure you use a good
technique. Really kind of squeezing those glute muscles and then try and get into
a straight line. So not up, not down, but kind of straight through there. Just
start off with 20 to 30 seconds, and then kind of work your way up from there. And
then the last one is going to be on all fours in that quadruped position. And
you’re just going to do a opposite arm opposite leg kick-out, which is some
people call the bird dog. So go slow, try and control it, not going fast, but just
kick one leg out, one arm goes out come back in, and alternate sides. Try and
keep your back fairly straight. You’re probably gonna move just a little bit,
but not where you’re leaning to one side. Imagine that there’s something on your
back, and you’re trying to keep it there without falling off. So there were your stretches and
exercises for hip arthritis. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments
section. If you’d like check out some other videos go to AskDoctorJo.com And
remember be safe (spider Kali’s looking out for you), have
fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

16 Replies to “Hip Arthritis Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo”

  1. Thank you. I just found out two weeks ago that I have hip arthritis. I've been going to physical therapy, but your videos have helped too.

  2. I have old over weight female pt she have pelvic arthritisa and OP she take injection for inflammation and Vitamin D for Osteoporosis.
    can I do this exercises for her ??

  3. Dr. Jo, you're in the know! I really like how you demonstrate how NOT to do things. Your attitude always makes me think "hey, why not? might as well drop and do a few stretches right now!" I love how you motivate me👍🏽

  4. dr jo, in joint pains, specifically the hip, do you suggest a cold or hot compress? or when to use hot or cold compress… thanks!

  5. Yes very much appreciate your kindness and thoughts on how to do it right ! Great for my hips and lower back and shoulders. Strengthening experience with methods and controlled techniques.

  6. My glutes are so weak and I guess piriformis is so tight and painful , that I can't do any of those without sharp pain in the glute pain in the si joint area. The pain is the same when I stretch the area. I am not sure if by doing the stretches or exercises that I may be hurting my self. Not sure what to do and I can't get any good answers from the doctors Every doctor says that it is all part of arthritis and they never give answers of how to relieve it.

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