Hip Labral Tear Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hip Labral Tear Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. Today I’m gonna
show you some stretches and exercises for a Hip Labral Tear. These 2 helped me out with
mine, so I hope they can help you out with yours. Let’s get started. So the first exercises
are gonna be a 4-way hip standing up, so you’re just gonna, uh, and then, get over the dogs
and. Maybe we need to clear the set. Clear the set. So now that we have the pups out
of the way, we have some room so I won’t be kicking anyone.Make sure you hold on to something
sturdy, a sturdy chair, a counter top, just for some extra balance if you need it. And
use a light resistive band to start off with. So the knot is gonna be where the resistive
band is going and you’re gonna move it in the opposite direction. So just starting off,
you want to keep your toes forward the whole time and you’re just gonna pull a little bit
across your body. Make sure you’re controlling that band. Don’t let the band kind of pop
back. You want to make that a nice slow controlled movement the whole time. Just nice across
your body pull, but not to pain. Just getting that stretch and strengthening in there. Just
start off with 10, work your way up to 20 – 25. If that becomes easy, then you can get
a stronger resistive band. Now you’re just gonna start turning directions. So now the
band is behind me and so I’m gonna kick forward. Some thing, try and keep that leg as straight
as you can. Sometimes with this one, people want to bend their knee a little bit, but
keep it straight. Keep the toes forward, and pull. You don’t have to kick up super high,
you just have to control that movement and control the band. So again just start off
with 10 – 15, and work your way up to 20 – 25 and then add resistance if you need it. I’m
just gonna switch feet now, but normally you’d just keep on turning around. So this time
you’re kicking away, but still keeping that foot forward. And going out, and slowly coming
back in. That 10 – 15 and working your way up. And then the last one with the band standing
here is then kicking back. Again, you want to try and keep that knee locked out and straight.
Sometimes people want to bend that way, but it’s keeping the leg straight, keeping the
toes forward and just pulling back. And again, it doesn’t have to be a big kick, you don’t
want to lean forward, you want to keep your upper body nice and straight. So the next
one is gonna be a balancing exercise. So again using the chair, a sturdy counter top because
when you’re first doing these, you might be very off balance. So start off by just holding
on with both hands. Stand on one foot, looking forward, trying to get that balance. If that
becomes easy after 30 seconds to a minute, then you can just hold on with one hand. Same
thing, looking straight forward, keeping that balance. Again if it becomes easy, then maybe
just going down to a finger, and then eventually try and hold on with nothing at all. The hip
is a big area of balance in our body, so doing balancing exercises is really good to help
strengthen those smaller hip muscles. So a lot of time you’re gonna feel it in that area
right there. Now you’re gonna go in to some bigger movements getting the bigger muscles.
So the next one’s just gonna be a squat. Put your feet about shoulder width apart, keep
your toes facing forward, keep your weight even on your feet. You don’t want your heels
coming up, and you don’t want your toes coming up, you want to keep them fairly flat. Keep
your back straight, and stick your bottom back. And then your chest is gonna come forward
just a little bit. So it’s kind of down like this, and then back up. So again, you can
watch, I’m sticking my bottom back so my knees don’t come in front of my toes. Now if you
feel off balance or if this is really hard, make sure you put a chair behind you so if
you have to sit down, there’s something there for you. Coming down, or you can just hold
on right here for a little bit of balance. Squatting down and coming back up. Then you’re
gonna go into the lunge movement. So again, feet about shoulder width apart to start off
with. Put one foot in front, one foot in back, keep the toes forward. A lot of times people
want to turn that back foot back, but then it’s changing the muscles you’re working.
It’s still where you want to keep the knee behind the toes, so you’re not coming forward
like that when you go down, you want to keep that knee kind of behind those toes. And then
come back up. I like to start off bending the knee, some people like to keep that back
leg straight when you go down. That makes it a little bit harder. So you probably want
to start off using that knee as a target going down. If you don’t feel like you can go all
the way down, that’s fine. You can place a little block or a pillow or something to give
you a little target so you don’t have to go down quite as far. And then go ahead and switch
sides, and then do some on the other side as well. So the last exercise, you’re gonna
take a band again. And you can either tie it around at your thighs, or you can bring
it all the way down to your ankles. To start off, I usually have people tie it around their
thighs. It doesn’t have to be super tight, just enough to give you a little bit of resistance.
And then you’re just gonna do a sideways squat. Again keeping those toes forward, squat down,
see how I get some resistance here, and then come back up. You can keep going in one direction,
go about 5 squats one way, and then squat down and come back up. But same technique
where those knees are staying behind your toes. So those were your stretches and exercises
for a hip labral tear. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section. If you’d
like to check out some other videos, go to AskDoctorJo.com Don’t forget to like us. And
remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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  1. Thank you DR. Jo for posting this video. I have a labral tear, trochanteric bursitis and FAI on both hips and was recently diagnosed & I am slowly learning how to stretch and begin exercising again and it's not easy! I'm also an identical twin and believe or not my sister is also suffering from the same thing!
    All of these issues exacerbate my sacroiliac issues would love to learn from you how I can stabilize them.
    You rock, thank you!

  2. Thank you for making this video. As you may remember I have a tear in my right hip and now I think in my left. You say to start with a light band and work up to 20-25 reps and then get a heavier band. How much resistance should a person have for these muscles before it's too much? My understanding is light weight always for small muscles, which I'm guessing is the case here, and heavy weight for large muscles. Also do we need to do this for the rest of our lives? All my therapy exercises are turning into a full time job 🙂

  3. Dar Doc Jo,

    the back of my knee hurts after much running, it hurts whenever i try to reach my toes while keeping leg straight. this hinders my pre run stretching, do you have an exercise that can fix this?

    thanks! love your videos.

  4. Thanks for this information Jo. I was diagnosed with a hip bursitis and Labral tear this summer and had a guided cortisone injection in UK but live in Lagos where no therapy available. How often should I be doing these exercises? I will need to fly home to see a specialist but will follow these stretches and strengthening exercises in the interim. I was born with talipes (club feet), had surgery at 18months and wear orthotics but my gait really is a major factor.

  5. This is clear and helpful. What would be the movement to avoid in the case of labral tears (which are often bilateral I understand).

  6. Can these exercises be started a couple of days after the injury occurred or should I wait a while? I'm not in bad pain, kind of a dull ache. Just a little tear or something on the inside of my hip socket from doing step-overs too aggressively.

  7. Can't wait to give these a try. I do alot of bodybuilding, powerlifting and long distance running and my doc suspects I've torn both labrums. Hips ache pretty much all day long. I am in law enforcement so I want to avoid surgery at all costs!

    You said these helped your labral tear. Was yours pretty painful?

  8. I tore my hip labrum may 2016. In having surgery finally February 10, 2017. I'm wondering how your surgery went and any friendly advice. I have a cam defect Thanks

  9. Hmm, I haven't been diagnosed with Labral tear. However I've had one for my other leg which I've had surgery for. For other leg tt's mostly a sharpish pain feeling in front of hip, sometimes it feels locked in the morning until it 'pops' open. Also it's Hip illiopsas (i think that's the muscle) is rather weak, to hold leg up for instance.
    I wonder should I do these exercises or your Snapping hip exercises?

  10. Do you think labral tear can cure with stretching? I have been concerned labral tear since may 2016, but I just get physical therapy treatment which is stretching stuff for the last 3 months but I still feel some pain also it's looks getting stronger. what do you think? I'm sorry English is my 4th language I'm not good in English but if you understand what I mean I would like you to give me some advice please. Thanks!

  11. HI doc. Jo, i have been diagnosed (X-ray) with cam type hip impingement but im facing lateral pelvic imbalance as well (right hip is higher than the left), although the pain is not severe, is it curable without undergoing a surgery. the pain is in upper portion of the groin (Back side of the hip)…thank you and will appreciate your advice.

  12. Hello Dr Jo. I got an MRI done on my hip the doctor didnt really see a tear but thinks it maybe fibrocartilaginous Inpingement could these exercises help with this problem plus getting a foam roller

  13. Very helpful video, Dr. Jo! So happy I stumbled upon your channel! Quick question, though: With these exercises even the "affected" side of the hip gets a turn? or just the uninjured one? I hope thay makes sense. I was thinking these exercises are meant to strengthen the uninjured side to prevent a tear. :'(

  14. I had labral tear surgery 4 years ago. I have full range of movement. I do have pain in the joint area but recent MRI is normal. My doctor suggested physical therapy to strengthen those muscles. Your video is very helpful. Can you suggest more exercise /information videos for me? I admit that after surgery my doctor gave me physical therapy exercises and he said I should do these everyday for the rest of my life…..but I have not followed his advise. Thanks for your helpful video.

  15. I watched this video without sound so forgive me if it was mentioned, but I was wondering how often (how many times a week) and for how long (how many months) should these exercises be done?
    Thank you.

  16. Hi doc! What can I do with Pubic bone symphysis weekend and right left tear due to pregnancy complications: 2 years later.

  17. Hi there and thank you for making this video! If I do these exercises and take it easy , will it be normal to still be in a little bit of pain after? Should I take Motrin before or after I do these? About when should the pain subside ( 2 weeks to a month after doing these?) thanks again!

  18. Hi Doc. Your video is great and the hip feels better after. I'm 44 and have a labral tear My hip hurts when i sit in a chair or drive a car. i have little to no pain when i walk or run.. What is the best sitting position for driving? Should seat be high or low? What is best seated position? Thank you

  19. I have access to a pool, which exercises are good for the hip labral tear in a pool? Love the video thanks I am going to start to do the exercises. Do you recommend them everyday or 3 times a week?

  20. My doctor said I have a hip labrum tear and I can't walk more than 2 blocks without feeling excruciating pain. But it may also be meralgia parasthetica. Got a cortisone shot in my hip yesterday. Said it takes 2 days to kick in. I really hope it works because not be able to walk really affecting my quality of life.

  21. I have a labral issue in my right hip from snowboarding 3 years ago and I feel my whole body is pulling to the left due to compensation. Waiting to get a second opinion from an orthopedic, MRI showed a fraying not a tear. Until then should exercise only the hip that has the issue or both. I feel when I use my left (good side) it's giving me an awkward stretch in my lower back. Thanks

  22. Hi Doc. love your videos, wanted to ask you if you think inversion therapy can help with a labral tear of the hip? I bought one last week and have been using it and it seems to be helping but I just wanted to ask you about it and don't want to make things worse.

  23. Hi Dr. Jo, can you tell me the name of the surgery for the hip labral tear.Thank You for this video. I love that you seem so kind. God bless You!

  24. Hi Dr. This video is really helpful. I have problem in my hip joint .and also back pain for 3years. But the hip joint pain is not as long as my back. I feel my hip makes sound and after some survey I guess it may be labrom tear. Could you help me more?

  25. I m 25 years old and I work in the operating theatre and I'm afraid that Dr says me you need total hip replacement . Because in my surfing I found one one ways to loose pain in hip is that

  26. This is the first video I’ve watched of yours. Really great. Just enough detail and to the point.

    I’m several months out from hip labral tear surgery. About how long should I do these exercises before moving to more complex/weight bearing exercises?

  27. Dr. Jo, What happens if these exercises cause pain in the hip? It's been three months since I injured my hip (apparently there is a minor tear, but ortho and radiologist were unsure). Minor soreness otherwise. Sitting, squatting, deadlifting, running… aggravate my hip/glute area.

  28. Dr Jo, what would be an ideal object to attach the theraband to for the adduction, flexion, abduction, and extension exercises? Thanks

  29. So I have a major issue with these exercises. I have an anterior labral hip tear and gluteal tendonosis. It hurts around my greater trochanter like hell. I have gluteal tendonosis from overuse injury from a year ago. I have tried resting the area but still have horrible pain after I do mostly extension and abduction movements. Any suggestions? I am a PTA so I'm actually doing all the things I need to do but don't understand why it doesn't stop hurting there. And there is no bursitis either which is odd

  30. I'm utterly fed up. I've been in pain for nearly 3 years and still don't know what's wrong with me. I've been to a Dr, but they said it was 'most likely' hip bursitis, and would disappear. Sometimes I feel like swan diving off a building. Anyone have any ideas? It started when I stomped on a tyre iron with my left foot to change a tyre, keeping my right side braced. For two months afterwards when I woke up my foot was utterly numb. Also, about a week after, my right butt cheek (at the bottom) felt as if I was burning alive. It got worse: I had a stinging pain in different parts of my spine, and severe stinging ( like 1000 bees) in my coccyx. This has subsided, but for over 1 1/2 years I mostly get (permanent, unless I'm lying flat on my face, which is the only thing that seems to ease it) pain in the entire side of my right butt (slightly more in the gluteus medius) and I can't really tell, sometimes it feels like the hip, but mostly the ischial tuberosity, just hurts like hell and NEVER let's up. It does also hurt with mid to high muscle ache in my hamstring. I just want to End everything sometimes my pain is every waking moment. The Dr I went to proved useless so I hope someone might have a clue what's going on with my body. I'm so damn tired of living like this.

  31. How many times a day can I actually perform this routine?
    Also, I am able to do these(with some pain while rotating the leg in right and left direction), so can the pain go away with this and can any kind of surgery be avoided? It's been 4 days now after the injury(if it is relevant). By the way, thanks for making this video.

  32. A practitioner recommended your stretches for my suspected tear / hip impingement. When I conduct the first stretch the pain is bearable but quite bad. Should I skip it?

  33. Thank u for dis video. I don't know wht exactly my problem is. Whenever I try to do full split I am feeling a severe pain in adductor muscle. So wht can I do for dis. Plz help me. Thank u

  34. Hi Doc, I’m scheduled to undergo MRI 2 weeks from now, the Doctor who checked me said that it might be a labral tear. Is it possible for you to check my x-ray films and EMG and provide a second opinion? Would really appreciate it.

  35. Hi when I do these exercises I don't really feel it the leg moving but the other leg that's on the floor. Just checking is it the leg with the problem that you put the resistance band on?

  36. Dr Joe, thank you for this wonderful video. I was recently diagnosed with a labral tear and I want to see if PT would help my symptoms and perhaps postpone surgery. If I may ask, what influenced your decision to have surgery?

  37. Hi Dr Jo, I am such a fan! I have to be careful what I do, as I had a parathyroid adenoma and have very severe osteoporosis discovered after an atramatic hip stress fracture, about 4 years ago. In the fall my good hip began hurting, and I began limping, the pain did not get continually worse, but did not improve either.After 8 weeks of icing, heating, Advil without relief i discussed this with my doctor. I was afraid to do too much stretching until I was sure my hip was intact. I used celebrix for 3 weeks without significant relief, then had a MRI and my hip was intact, but bursitis was seen. Then I discovered your site. Within 3 weeks my limp was gone. The people at my work were amazed at how the hip healed with your exercises. That was so amazing, now I tell all my friends with pains to look you up!
    I have a question about my husband, he was in a MVA, and has been having pain for several months, he describes it as severe butt cheek pain, that is only relived when he is laying down. He had physical therapy, and an injection, without relief, then had a MRI and a torn labrum was discovered,. Initially they wanted to repair it with arthroscopic surgery, but then they felt that a better choice for him may be a hip replacement. The thoughts were he may loose feeling in his leg due to nerve damage, the repair may not be successful, he is 58 yrs old , they also felt that a an arthroscopy may lead to hip replacement within short time. Is this a common consideration? I was very surprised at the jump from arthroscopic surgery to a hip replacement. Do you feel this will require a much longer recovery time? He sees the surgeon in April.
    Thanks for all the help you provide to so many people!

  38. Currently have a torn labrum in both my hips and it appears at this point to be bone on bone in both my hips. This happened do to a misshaped ball joint on my hip virtually ripping apart the labrum while playing hockey goalie. Brutal position on your body. For the most part it doesn’t hurt 24-7 but i get sudden strange clicking noises in both hips if I move incorrectly. Currently still playing hockey as for I am young and will miss out out on a lot of my hockey stint. Was wondering if anyone had this same problem with misshapen ball joints, how brutal was the recovery and did it have a hinderance on your athletic game once you returned.

  39. Thanks for this- all of the exercises are comfortable with the exception of the side squat – at the lowest point I get the hip pain in the groin (not excruciating- just there)- should i still do it?

  40. Great videos – thank you. I had an MRI after pain started following re-starting a walking program too fast, I think. I've been in pain for a week in any position in that C-curve and the MRI shows an anterior labral tear. My PCP sent me to PT and I will try that and your stretches when they don't hurt. Do you think I should see an orthopedic surgeon too to get more info on the injury – they also found arthritis and I don't know if the tear is mild moderate severe or if the arthritis is. Thanks!

  41. Thanks you for the suggested exercises for the torn hip labrum. Do you have any thoughts / recommendations as to which yoga poses to avoid?

  42. Thank you soooo much for posting this video! My labral tear has been KILLING ME and these exercises have helped so much!

  43. I just got diagnosed with a labral tear was curious if I can still play soccer? Yes I'm in alot of pain…had my MRI on July 9th where they injected the dye to see the tear and when they injected the dye it hurt alot and aggravated my hip and I've been in pain since then.. I play soccer every Sunday and our finale game would be in Sept…I likely wont be able to see an orthopedic surgeon probably for 1 year anything you can suggest?

  44. Hello I was wondering if all of these exercises as well as the exercises for the hip bursitis are okay to do with both injuries or if some of them should be avoided?

  45. I want to make sure I am doing these correctly. I have the labral tears only on my right side. Should I do the same number of exercises on both sides or more on the side the tears are (I have 3 on the right side. One is labal but the other two are on the glutes on the back of the hip. Thank you. ps. as a Tai Chi teacher of many years the sits you do are a Don Yu however we do it without a chair and with the arms and hands and spine also doing there part: I have NEVER had any kind of back problem.

  46. Hey Doctor Jo! What type of doctor would I see to determine if I have a Labral Tear? CT Scan? I am constantly trying to "Click" my hip back in, for the past 10 years.

  47. Been having pain on my right side since being in a boot for broken bone in my left foot, doctor didn't provide a lift, soon as i got out of that boot all hell broke loose in my right leg and despite PT, has been that way for a year (we suspect SI joint dysfunction , i have FAI in both hips). Recently going to a chiropractor to see if i could make gains, he suggested MRI for POSSIBLE labral tear. i have very very limited ROM, adductors so tight they pull on the SI joint and most exercises (or even not exercising) make my muscles rigid, that is my biggest complaint is even with foam rolling and trigger point therapy with PT, it'll go right back to muscle guarding…quads will tighten really bad and hip flexor all the way down into adductors are so tight that i cannot even get close to a figure 4 with my leg. Could a labral tear make all this possible? No one can tell me why my muscles are so tense and guarded 🙁

  48. Hi Dr. Jo,
    I have a large labrum tear in my left hip, and have been told I need surgery. I’m in constant pain whether I’m active or at rest. I didn’t think to ask the surgeon; but with a large tear, should I be doing these exercises? If not these exercises, what could I do to strengthen my body for surgery recovery? Thanks 🙏🏻
    BTW, I love 💗 your videos! 😊

  49. Hey doc,
    I get a popping sound from my right hip whenever I sit down or try to do squats and if I do squats after an hour I feel pain in my knee ,it's been more than 8 months , what should I do? Help.. thanks.

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