HOME REMEDY FOR SHOULDER PAIN II कंधे के दर्द का घरेलू उपचार II

HOME REMEDY FOR SHOULDER PAIN II कंधे के दर्द का घरेलू उपचार II

Welcome to Health care at home Nazim Saukiji has mailed us She has written that her mother has shoulder problem from last 2 years Problem has risen so much that she cant even comb her hair nor can she bath She suffers from so much pain that she starts screaming sometimes Nazimji feeling very sorry to hear that I will surely tell you the solution on it so that your mother gets fit again First remedy I will tell you Take 4 walnut add 2 tsp of fenugreek seeds powder and 1/2 tsp carom seeds grind them and make powder of it Have this powder with water early in the morning empty stomach Add a pinch of turmeric powder to cows milk boil it and give it to your mother after food This will give her relief from pain Now as you said she cant comb her hair so much of pain she has Take 50gms of rock salt add 50 gms of carom seeds tie it in a cloth make it like a bag and pat on her shoulder This will give her relief on superficial level rest fenugreek seeds will help her heal within internal parts To make her feel completely fit what you have to do is Take 4 lady fingers cut each of them in 4 pieces soak them upside down in a glass of water overnight In the morning take out lady fingers and give that glass of water to your mother This will start her hand movements within 15-20 days she will get a lot of relief by this One more thing you have to do with this that I am going to tell you Take 60gms of wheat soak it in water overnight it will become soft the next day filter it and grind that wheat Now add 30gms of poppy seeds & 30gms corriander seeds and grind it well Boil this powder in 250gms of cow milk let it become thick then cool it In the morning give this milk to drink after 1/2 an hour of that walnut powder this will make her feel relaxed One more step through which joint pain and shoulder pain gets relief that is chenopodium vegetable give her 30 ml of chenopodium juice In the morning on empty stomach and in the evening This will give her lot of relief in shoulder pain drink luke warm water only she shouldnt drink cold or normal water Drink 3 litre water everyday I will tell you an oil you can make it at home as well Massage with that oil will also relax her Take 100ml of mustard seed oil, 50 gms of carom seeds and 50 gms garlic let it cook on low flame till garlic and carom seeds get over fried Filter the oil from it and massage her shoulder with light hands Massage will also release her pain Mix 2 tsp ashwagandha powder with the turmeric milk as I told you previously And if your mother is not suffering from diabetes add 1-2 tsp of honey in it Let her drink this milk she will feel completely relaxed She will feel better the movement which she is unable to do that also she can perform better If you have ayurvedic shop near by then get that ashwagandha powder and try this for her shoulder pain You can get ashwagandha boil it in milk wash it then dry it and make its powder you can make it at home as well You can use this powder One more way is take 100gms of jaggery put little ghee in a pan add this jaggery then add 3-4 tsp of ashwagandha powder and have it in the morning empty stomach Her immune system will get strong in it and she will not feel that pain any more Ashwagandha works very nicely If ashwagandha is available then only you can try this orelse you can go with other remedies Other remedies will also work within 15-20 days your mother will be alright Let me tell you what food shall she eat Give her gram flour roti without salt with pure ghee Rest our wishes are to keep you healthy & fit and keep meeting us To meet us just subscribe our channel ask your friends and relatives also to do the same Keep away from doctors and be healthy Thank you

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  1. sir mere shoulders me b dard rahti ha aur week b bht hain shoulders meanx skin bht kam ha shoulders me plx tell me

  2. sir plz vitamin e k bary main kuch benifts batain or kis tara face par or hairs par lagana ha plz wo b bata dain.i shall b very thank ful to u.i m from pak

  3. Sir do we have to consume 60gms wheat, 30gms dhaniya, 30gms poppy seeds powder all at once or, we need to store this and consume in small quantities.
    Please do suggest how much quantity should we take.

  4. hi Dr im suffering from lower shoulder pain back of heart its really very pain full and it casuse gases and pain in heart from last 1 year plz advise me

  5. Dr. I have shoulder pain on my left since last 1 month. Should i use this remedy. remember my pain is not sever, its minor. But its irritating.

  6. hi
    my dr. dignos my problm he says There is most likely nerve compression occurring in your lower cervical spine where the nerves that supply the arms originate from. The best option would be to find a corrective chiropractor that can analyze your spine and nervous system, identify the specific problems, and correct them accordingly. Make sure you find a chiropractor with the skills necessary to reshape the structure of the spine, restore normal biomechanics, and stimulate the nervous system to promote healing and normal function….any advice what can i do or medicn

  7. Because of brain cancer n chemotherapy my aunt is suffering from frozen shoulder pain(as side effects of chemo).will the above treatment is useful.plz reply.Thank u Dr.

  8. hello, sir mera right shoulder utar jata ha mujhy is ki exercise btayen or mery left shoulder ma b bohat pain hota pls mujhy is dard se chutkara hasil krna ha.pls mujhy kuch medicine b btaye jis se mujhy jaldi aram ajaye..thanks

  9. I have a student who Is learning javelin throw.but she has some pain on her shoulder joint.so plz suggest me some exercise to relieve from this pain

  10. Namaste dr. mere husband ke shoulder me bhaut pain he , MRI krwai thi nus dbi he dusra guess bhaut bnti he short breathing or weak ness aa gyi he medicine nukshan krti he please app upay batiye

  11. hello doctor is this applicable only to the joint pain in the shoulder also so that tendonitis problem in the Shoulders

  12. hello sir . my mom is suffering from frozen shoulder from 6-8 months . i saw this video . u said wallnut ,meethi ajvan mixture . how much it should be consumed half spoon or one spoon ? n with normal water or luke water ?

  13. Namaste, meri ma ko frozen shoulder hai and wo diabetes hai. toh yeh sab tarika kya thik rahega? please mujhe bataye. wo bohot suffer kr rhi hai.

  14. sir meh 23 saal ka huh..mere right shoulder blade main pain ho raha hain sir pi6le 1 month se…iske saath gardan me vi ho raha hai sir …iss video me jo aap ne bataya oh follow karu ??

  15. sir mare right shoulder mai subcaplries tendan mai miner tear tha mri report ke according..sir one year ho gaya but pain abhi bhi h sone mai or kam karne mai badi taklif hoti hai..mujhe konsa upay karna chahiye…pls reply karenge to bada ahsan hoga

  16. sir,mere rite shoulder mee bahud pain horaye 2 saal se or mere sone time Mae bahud problems hotye so plz information.I am 27 years old.

  17. hello Sir I have a stiff shoulder on the left side and I took one steroid injection for the shoulder joint. I was able to lift my hand but again the pain is back which is unbearable and not able to wear my clothes properly.

  18. I am a B.P. (High) and Breast Cancer patient. can use this wallnut , methidana churan?
    Frozen shoulder ke liye kya Ye quantity ek din m hi leni h?. Pl. Answer.

  19. I have arthritis give me some tips.my pain Starts from neck and comes towards my hands and my fingers getting num.

  20. sir mere bhai 27 year k hai un k hath shake hore bht doctors k pass Gaye per kuch asar nhi hore 2 year se hora koi dekh k toh bht zyada shake hote plz jaldi reply kare plz sir

  21. Nice Video. Dr. My father is a heart pateint he's having pain between his left shoulder and left forearm from 2 months. I've been to Cardiologist and Orthopedist but no result.please help. My father age is 48

  22. Nice information sir. but sir papa ko high BP, dibetes ki problem hai nd abhi garmi ka season hai so Yeh sab garam nahi karega

  23. Mere name indrajit me 23shalakahu merekanda bar bar nikeljatihe nikelne kibada apane apa 4ba5dinme Shahi hojatihe ashaqu hotahe

  24. sir mera shoulder 2 -3 month me bahar nikal aata hai eske liye hame kya karna pade ki mera shoulder bahar na nikale aur pahle jaisa ho jaye and uske bajah se gardan me bhi thora thora pain hone laga hai .

  25. Sir!I have frozen shoulder at primary stage, in left hand ,having cervical spondylitis affect on right side since 25 years. Akhrot methi in which proportion to take. pl.guide. I am interested in ayurveda. Now I treat with allopathic. I am 62.retired from bank.

  26. Sir,,, I got accident in 2008 and I got multiple fracture everything got healed up except my shoulder pain still it's severe pain tat tym Dr told it will repair by itself but still I have severe pain in my shoulder please recommend me what to do and what will the problem.

  27. सर अपने 4अकरोट 2 चमच मैथी आधा चमच अजवायन ये कितनी खुराक है, शुगर व BP वाले ले सकते है

  28. Good afternoon sir. First of all thank u for talking so nicely. Sir myself 64 yrs old rheumatoid arthritis patient. I also suffer from acute acidity. For the last 9 months I m suffering from left shoulder pain. Sir can I take the any of the remedies which u have shown in your this video because I suffer from acute acidity. Please sir reply. At present I m suffering from arthritis pain. Thanks a lot sir

  29. Mujebhi shoulder pain 1 months she hai.ayurvedic medicine lerahihu.lekin kam nahi huva hai.ashwagandha powder ka upchaar jarur karungi.thank u for your sangessions

  30. Are these remedies useful even when the shoulder pain is due to Calcification in the shoulder joint?
    Is the calcification also a result of excessive gas (vaat) in the body?
    Please reply.

  31. Sirrr plss help me.. I have alsoo shoulder pain of my right hand.. And it's due to bowling.. How an i get cure from this plss sir help me..

  32. Are these remedies effective in case of Full Thickness midsubstance tear of Supraspinatus tendon (10 mm retraction) ? Please suggest. Thank you!!

  33. Dr. Please help me. I am looking for home and fast recovery for cold and sinus. I am so tired of taking some antibiotic.

  34. meri ma ko left hand or shoulder pain bhot hai hath b ni uth ta h unka bhot preshn rhti h rat bhr ni so pati.. or unko sugae b hai.. so ye remedi me unko sugest kru? pls sir reply fast

  35. Thank you. Haldi wala doodh aur Gud wala halwa kitne din khana hai aur hum continue kar sakte hai kya, plz reply Sir

  36. I discovered your video on Seans shoulder fixer – there's plenty more useful videos there that will help you

  37. I have spent quite a while investigating shoulder pain treatment and found a fantastic website at Seans shoulder fixer (check it out on google)

  38. Sir mey IBS ki patient hu Vitiligo vi hai avi frozen sholder hua. Mey dudh nehi pisakti hu. So what can i do? Age 56 weight 50kg.Please kuch to elaj batadijie.

  39. Sir .mere papa Tb patient hai but 3month hogaya medicine continue kar rahe hai .tb medicine 2month continue kar ne bad Thik hogaye the but abhi left side hand arm left side led ..pain ho raha hai ..aaab hum kya Karen sir .pls give me some tips and solution

  40. i am taking remedies suggested by u. i am a diabetic person. pl tell me treatment for bicep tendonitis.

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