Home Workout for Men – Build Lean Muscle at Home

Home Workout for Men – Build Lean Muscle at Home

bjbj [Music]>>RYAN: Hey what’s up guys this
is Ryan from TheWorkoutCorner.com and today we’re going to go over a workout that you
can do at home with just a pair of dumbbells. The purpose of this workout is to help you
develop and build your upper body mass as well as raising your metabolism to burn fat.
Now this workout is based on a lot of gymnastics conditioning principles from the workouts
that I use to do when I was a gymnast. So you don’t have to be a gymnast to do this
stuff I mean it’s very simple. There’s one exercise that’s a little bit harder but they’re
progressive steps that you can take if you can’t jump right into it. I’m going to do
a basic overview of some of the exercises in this workout program. If you’re interested
in building your upper body mass and burning off some fat at home and want to try this
program you can download it absolutely free. Just click the link below and that will take
you to where you can download and get started on that today. So the first exercise that
we’re going to start off with is a little tough they’re handstand pushups. And these
are great for building and developing overall upper body mass that hit your shoulders, your
triceps, your chest, your core. I mean everything is going to kind of swell up with this shoulders
being the primary focus point. Dive bomb pushups or dive bomber pushups, I think they’re also
called Hindu pushups. It’s kind of a whole bunch of different names but these are great
upper body pushups as well. So we’re going to jump right into these after your handstand
pushups. At this point you’re already going to be tired and we’re just getting started.
Next we’re going to attack the arms. We’ve got bicep curls and dips two good staple exercises
that you can do at home to help beef up your arms. Now we have single arm dumbbell rolls
and because we don’t have heavy, heavy weight, I’m assuming we don’t have heavy weight at
home with your dumbbells, it’s important that you get a good long stretch in and that’s
why we’re doing a single arm instead of double arms so you can really lean your body over
and get a good deep stretch on the lats and squeeze it the whole time to give it a full
workout and kind help you move towards that V tapered back. Okay then we have dumbbells
squats. And believe it or not squats are very important for developing overall body mass.
They’re kind of the key that unlocks your body into muscle building modes. So make sure
you do these do them with correct form. Okay now we’re going to jump into some ad exercises
and these are straight out of gymnastic training. They’re great, great exercises for helping
you work your abs. So with abs sets what we want to do here is either using dumbbells
or with your hands right on the floor lift yourself off the floor by squeezing your abs
and your legs and your overall lower body to lift your heels off the floor. And lift
them as high as you can, even if they’re not very high, as long as they’re off the floor
that’s enough to where you’re going to feel the workout and you only got to hold them
for five seconds. Then we have V sets and these are great because they also are full
ab workouts, so it’s not just hitting just your lower upper abs it’s the whole thing.
And with these it’s important that you keep your body nice and tight. So keep your legs
straight, keep your arms straight, don’t be flannelling all over the place. That will
help you really work your abs and just your overall core. Thank you for watching I hope
you found that helpful. If you’re interested in trying that program out again you can download
it for free the links below. If you enjoyed the video go ahead and click the Like button.
And if you have any questions just post those in the comment section below. If you have
not subscribed already what are you doing, click the subscribe button, go ahead and get
on there that way you can be notified when new workouts come out, because I’m doing a
whole bunch of different ones. And so you may not need a whole workout but there’s some
other ones coming out that I know you’re going to like. So subscribe and in the meantime
I’ll talk to you later. [Music] home workout for mass build muscle at home 2012 TheWorkoutCorner.com
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100 Replies to “Home Workout for Men – Build Lean Muscle at Home”

  1. Im Kinda Skinny 15 Year Old Weight 55 Would This Be a Good Workout for me to gain Muscle??? And Does Can the Dumbbells Be Like Not Heavy??? Meaning by that any Kg

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  3. i started this workout yesterday and i dont think that this will build muscle. the only 2 hard workouts re the handstand pushups and dive bomb pushups the rest was so easy. so can i like increase reps??

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  11. Stellar clip. My school friend's muscles developed immediately like he has been on steroids. lol! The guy gained 32 pounds of lean body mass. I've constantly fought to build lean muscle mass. My friend made use of the Muscle Building Bible (search it)

  12. Quick question. Do you only do one full set after completing all these exercises or do you rest lets say 30 seconds after completing all these exercises then do another set or two?

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  15. Great videos dude " I am trying to build biceps and finding it hard for some reason they just. Don't grow like rest of my body " I do curls and pull ups " any suggestions ? Thanks

  16. hey, great workout tips. i did all the exercises except the headstand push ups. it's way above my league!

  17. Yes, it's a myth that you need to lift heavy weight to build mass. People didn't lift weights as we know them today until the 50's.

    Kettelbells/logs/bars will do just fine……Don't believe me? Put a 45 pound bar on your shoulders and do deep lounges across a football field.

  18. Post doing the Hindu push ups, I get severe pain in my right arm. Whilst all the muscle pains have gone this pain continues to remain. What could be the problem & how do I get rid of it? Please advice.

  19. great video
    don't see too many guys narrating with their shirt on 
    then cuts to the workout program.
    like your videos

  20. Did you actually gain all your mass with exercises like this? No weightlifting? because your chest and arms don't look like they've been trained with bodyweight. I'd expect that it would have given you more of a Bruce Lee kind of look.

  21. Thank you for doing these video's. I have checked out some other channels and there a lot guys that seems they want to do is look at me. Then fall short on helpful lessons. Thanks

  22. First,get to the point of being able to do 60 bench dips with perfect form in a minute,then get to the point where you can do 30 one arm bench dips with both arms individually,Get a 200-225 lbs boxing heavy bag,do bench dips with that on your thighs,if you can do 50 reps in a row with that,you got big ass triceps,chest and shoulders.After that,if you can,do the weighted bench dips with one arm again,and progress.Do the same thing with pull ups,progress to one armer,then hang the heavy bag.

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  24. Did you take the workout off your website? Because I clicked the link and it just said 404 the page doesn't exist and I'm really interested in this workout since I'm in high school and don't have much time to go to the gym.

  25. Hey Ryan thanks man for these informative videos. Can you suggest workout that can be made at home for lower body mass? Cheers

  26. 3 weeks into this and I can feel the difference, I haven’t got extremely big but have definitely toned up big time and feel more energetic, I do this 6 days a week thanks so much

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