Homemade Protein Bars Recipe – Made Personal by SORTED

Homemade Protein Bars Recipe – Made Personal by SORTED

[Mike] Hello, I’m Mike and welcome to my flat. [Jamie] Alright? [Jamie] Oh, come on! [Mike] We are Barry, Ben, Jamie and Mike, [Mike] the guys from Sorted Food. [Mike] When it comes to cooking, everyone likes different things, [Mike] so today, join us in one of our homes to see what we love to eat and why. [Mike] Get ready, ‘cos we’re making it personal. [Mike] One of the requirements for building muscle is to eat a lot of protein. [Mike] Now, I find the only way I can do this is by having protein bars or shakes [Mike] between meals and protein bars are really expensive, [Mike] and I find them sickly so we’ve come up with an amazing alternative. [Ben] Which is our own homemade version. [Mike] Yep.
[Ben] They’re not too sickly, [Ben] they’re not nearly as expensive, [Ben] still do all the right things, and they’re so simple to make. [Ben] To start with we need to melt down some good quality chocolate. [Ben] Now this is 85% cocoa. [Mike] That is decent!
[Ben] It hasn’t got all the extra added fat in there, [Ben] but it’s amazing. It’s quite bitter. [Mike] It is carbohydrates but it adds really important flavour, [Mike] and it’s not many, so it’s alright. [Ben] And next, onto the bar itself, [Ben] and that starts with ground almonds so all those can go into the bowl, [Ben] along with, porridge oats. [Ben] So, a slow release of energy as well, but this is essentially the body, [Ben] to our bars. [Mike] It’s what you need; if you’re gonna have one of these for breakfast, [Mike] it’s slow carbohydrates [Mike] they’re low G.I. index, [Mike] oats are great. [Ben] You’re not really a very morning person, are you? [Mike] No, I’m certainly not. [Mike] So it’s 6:30 in the morning. [Mike] I’m supposed to be getting up to go to the gym. [Mike] Gonna go tomorrow. [Ben] More dry ingredients and this is whey protein, [Mike] Yep.
[Ben] so that’s all going to go in there as well. [Ben] Now for the flavour, okay so we’ve added the unflavoured stuff in there, [Ben] now we’ve got all sorts of crunch and textures. [Mike] Pumpkin seeds, high in zinc; [Mike] uhh, and we’ve got some sesame seeds there. [Mike] Good texture. I love the flavour of sesame seeds actually, absolutely love em. [Ben] Yeah, texture, flavour, and colour. [Ben] Notice it’s pecans and pumpkins, they’re different colours, different textures, [Ben] they do different jobs, [Ben] but they’re all good in some way or other. [Ben] Next up, the final dry ingredient is sugar. [Ben] Not a lot, like literally like a heaped tablespoon. [Mike] Now that might look a lot to you here, [Mike] but bear in mind we’re making eight bars, [Mike] so you know, that’s hardly any.
[Ben] Not even a pinch of sugar. [Ben] So mix all the dry ingredients up, [Ben] and then in with the wet, [Ben] the first of which is big flavour as well: [Ben] peanut butter. [Mike] Yeah, I was absolutely over the moon we were able to use peanut butter. [Mike] Used to eat it out of the pot. [Ben] You still do. He edits fridgecam in the office with one hand, [Ben] and eat peanut butter out of a jar in the other. [Mike] And do you know why? This is why these protein bars are gonna solve a lot of problems, [Mike] because, you know, that’s really high in fat, [Mike] peanut butter, and it’s unhealthy for me to eat that amount [Mike] however, it’s got such good protein, [Mike] that I find it’s too easy not to do. [Mike] So these protein bars are gonna solve that problem probably, [Ben] Control the amount of peanut butter.
[Mike] put another ten years on my life! [Ben] Control the amount of peanut butter you eat.
[Mike] Yeah. [Ben] Actually you’re just a fan of nuts in general, aren’t you? [Mike] Yeah, I am. I’ve got, um, nuts all over the house so I’ll remember to eat them. [Ben] He’s not joking. [Ben] Next up, a couple of shots of coconut oil. [Mike] You know some good facts about coconut oil, don’t you? [Ben] So I’ve been told, great for mineral absorption, [Ben] so all those minerals we’ve put in with the nuts, [Ben] zinc and stuff like that, [Ben] this is gonna help them get absorbed, [Ben] and, one for you, [Ben] help protect the liver against alcohol poisoning. [Ben] With your penchant for whiskey, I think that’s… [Mike] What are you saying?
[Ben] I told you, these are personal to you, Mike, [Ben] these recipes.
[Mike] I eat sensibly and healthily in moderation. [Ben] Little bit of vanilla; more flavour. Nothing synthesised, it’s nice vanilla extract, [Ben] not essence. [Ben] And finally, milk, [Ben] and this is where it will start to get really sticky, [Ben] but the whole lot goes in, [Mike] Okay, go for it mate. [Ben] and then you just need to squelch it together until you get one dough, [Ben] and it should be a bit like Play Doh, [Ben] or like a um, a pastry – when you roll out like a shortcrust pastry. [Mike] Yep.
[Ben] Just a little bit tacky, but still malleable, [Ben] almost be able to roll it. [Mike] Right, [Mike] this is sticky. [Ben] It is sticky. [Mike] Hey! I’ve suddenly acquired [Ben] I might have brought this with me to Mike’s flat.
[Mike] silicon bakeware! [Ben] Mike doesn’t have silicon bakeware in his flat. [Ben] I brought that with me but it’s really easy for making this in, [Ben] cos it’s easier sort of getting them out once they’ve set up. [Ben] So push that in, push it in to all the corners. [Ben] The final bit, if you’ve got really sticky fingers, [Ben] just a clean wet hand, [Ben] and already that looks good. [Ben] Last thing is our chocolate, [Ben] and just dribble that all the way over the top, [Ben] spread it right to the edges, [Ben] and job done. You just let the whole thing set up. [Ben] There we go. They’ve had a couple of hours to set up in the fridge. [Ben] We’ve sliced them up into eight, which you said you wanted; [Ben] quite chunky.
[Mike] You need a lot of protein in each bar, [Mike] so yeah, definitely. I’m behind that. [Ben] Perfect. So there we go, our version of protein bars. [Ben] Not too sickly, definitely not too expensive, [Ben] hopefully damn tasty… [Ben] Sorted. [Ben] I’ve said they taste good, now you gotta prove it. [Mike] Perfect. [Mike] Absolutely perfect. [Mike] The thing I like about those, [Mike] they don’t overwhelm you with sweetness, [Mike] there’s no caramel, there’s no sugar in there, [Mike] there’s just the dark chocolate. [Mike] They’re perfect. [Ben] Which is exactly the idea, very very personal to you. [Ben] You asked for them, we delivered. [Mike] You sure did. [Ben] What we wanna know now, is what would you guys consider your most personal food; [Ben] the thing that’s most suitable to you. [Ben] Comment below, and perhaps we can get on to making it.

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  1. Please do more healthy recipes like this! I don't eat gluten and don't take in alot of sugar, probably something with stevia?

  2. this may sound like a dumb question.. but could i use almond flour? are "ground almonds" different from that?

  3. Guys, I would love to see you make a dish/dessert which is healthy,easy to do AND "low" on the glycemic index! That would be a lifesaver!  

  4. Chocolate is carbohydrate? It's loaded with saturated fat and sugar! I mean if you want a treat great – but chocolate is not food Mike!

  5. Good recipe and good video guys! Keep it up! Maybe some veg-friendly recipies from you guys next?

    But tell me one thing, do the bars need to be refrigerated all the time? What about when I want to take one or two to the gym before or during a workout?

    Also, can I use crushed Digestive Biscuits instead of Oatmeal?

  6. Can you please make a reconsted sorted style sticky toffe pudding I onow u made one before but can u make it in a different way

  7. This is amazing! My question is: will they quickly melt outside the fridge? Can I take a bar with me to my classes, lets say 5 hours without fridge? 

  8. Me and my dad made a protein bar the other day but it was a little different. We got sticky rice (we live in Thailand so it was an easy thing to get) and some bacon, peanut butter, nuts and apricots (optional). you wouldn't think that it is a very good combination but actually it is pretty delicious. 🙂 you should try it out it was really goooooood

  9. I'm a good cook for my age but somehow I managed to forget the caster sugar in my crazy colored macaroons… I made them into sweet chips with a homemade simple syrup icing

  10. I was wondering if you could maybe share a recipe for nut free protein bars. I am deathly allergic to every single type of nut. (this is a real pain in the butt) And I am a vegetarian, so I think a little extra protein could be beneficial to me. Thank you! -Stephanie <3

  11. I just realised, at the intro, where they show 4 diff foods the boys love (souffle mouse etc) the one on the right bottom never got a recipe video for it, and got replaced with gin cupcakes. Why 🙁

  12. Any chance you guys could do some post workout meals to get ready for the summer that aren't just boring old chicken and rice? And ones that are cheap as i'm an exeter uni student! 

    Been subscribed to you guys from day 1 and glad to see you're getting the recognition you deserve! 🙂

  13. I was wondering if there is a good substitute for the oats in this recipe, I'm trying to go on a lower carb diet and I can replace most things in the recipe fine… just not sure what to do with the oats.

  14. Just calculated the calories of each bar:
    Total calories of all ingredients listed on website – around 4315.
    The total protein 234 (whey protein + protein from ingredients).
    He mentioned 8 bars, so around 540 calories per bar and about 30 grams of protein per bar.
    In my opinion the protein to calorie ratio is too low. (Average high quality protein bars are between 200 and 300 calories and contain between 20 and 30 grams of protein)
    Also 540 calories for a bar is too damn high! 
    If you increase the number of bars you can drop the calorie count, but you are losing protein. This recipe definitely needs improvement.
    Hope the info helped!

  15. I made these once before, they were really good. Will keep making them 😀

    Just be careful with Brazil nuts. Known for their selenium content, with a 1-ounce serving, or approximately six nuts, containing 544 micrograms of selenium. Ingesting too much selenium in one sitting or on a regular basis can lead to selenium poisoning.

  16. Hey guys, do you have a granola recipe as is? I'm looking for something just to accompany my yoghurt. I've got a recipe from buzzfeed which I'll attach but I'd just like to see your guys approach if you haven't already done one.

    Link: http://www.buzzfeed.com/rachelysanders/how-to-make-the-best-granola-ever#.tqABV5NMk

  17. One thing I've frequently come across for making homemade bars is the issue of peanut butter. What would you suggest as an alternative for those of us with nut allergies? People has suggested bananas but I find that with some combinations (depending on what you're making) the banana can overwhelm other flavors (case in point coffee shakes taste purely of banana to me).

  18. Is there a good replacement for peanut butter? I'm allergic but almond butter seems to be not as smooth as peanut butter

  19. The milk makes me cautious about storage. Do they need to be refrigerated, or can they be stored at room temperature?

  20. I love how barry, mike and jamie try to say the food lasted this long or they'll tell a story and twist it a bit and then ben goes ya liars and we hear the truth XD

  21. I just mix roasted peanuts, raisins (instead of sugar) and oats in a food processor. They stick on their own, so no need for milk, in case there are any vegans out there

  22. I know this was two years ago but… How about Macha Mousse Cake if you haven't already? Or Macha Blueberry Cheesecake?

  23. These look and must taste great! I'm going to have to work my way up to 85% dark chocolate hehe it is quite bitter 😛

  24. Going to make these as a every day snack for work. As a vegetarian I often struggle with getting enough protein, and with a very busy and strenuous job I need to have more. So definitely going to make these, and may add dried cranberries and raspberries to it!

  25. My protein bars are pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, dates for sweetness, rolled oats, almond butter and protein powder. No chocolate, no added sugars and it's super good for you. I love you boys, but this just looks like a candy bar, worse than a protein bar I'd buy at the store (also if you buy in bulk they aren't too expensive, at least in the states).

  26. I'd have toasted those nuts (dry toasted).
    These are great for my teen sons who like to lay about in the morning on their beds watching YTube.. so I make them grab one of these before they leave the house.

  27. Everyone gives Ben so much shit but hes a great teacher, flows through the content efficiently and effectively… he gets to the point and is thoughtful and cares about food. 👌🏽

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