Homemade Protein Powder | प्रोटीन पाउडर | How to Make Protein Powder at Home

Homemade Protein Powder | प्रोटीन पाउडर | How to Make Protein Powder at Home

All the Men & Women should get at least 0.8 grams of Protein per kg of body weight per day. If you like this recipe, then please press like and share it. And if you have not subscribed to my channel so far. Then subscribe which is to be done only once. So let’s start making Protein Powder To make homemade ProteinPowder,here we have taken. One Cup Pumpkin seeds 100 gm Pumpkin seeds give 30 gm Protein One Cup Almond 100 gm Almond give 21 gm Protein One Cup Roasted Peanut 100 gm Peanuts give 24 gm Protein One Cup Oats Oats give us Fiber, Iron and Protein One Cup Walnuts Walnuts gives strength our bone and helpful for body. One Cup Milk Powder For Taste 2 tsp Chia seeds This give us control weight,strong nervous system, strength our bone,control bad cholesterol, and helpful for hair. Take All Ingredients in equal quantity except chia seeds Remove the peel of Roasted peanuts. Now All Ingredients put in the grinder one by one except milk powder After grind, put the powder in a bowl. Mix milk powder so it is ready our homemade protein powder. You can take it 1 or 2 tsp with milk or yogurt. Keep the Protein Powder in Airtight Container.

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  1. misleading, most of information are wrong, and this gives 20grs per 100 grs. " 100 gram lenege to 4-5 din me khatam'' ;0

  2. Ma'am ,ye sare dry fruits rost NAHI karne ? because or saare channels par to rost karke hi saare dry fruits ko fir protein powder banake bata rahe h,honesty answer me

  3. Is protein powder se weight loss hoga please jaldi reply dena Mein banane wale ho aur bacche Bade sabka sakte hain

  4. Very simple and healthy recipe. If we add this mix in A light sugar sirup, you can make protein bars easy to carry.

  5. Video nyc hai but Mam protein apne in sabi ingredients mein fat bhi hoti hai ..je bhi research krlete

  6. Mai banaya hu protin
    kala chna
    Kaddu ka bij
    Milk pawdar
    Chia food beej
    Dudh ke sath
    Peanut butter
    Milk sek bana kar pita hu pilisj Ripley

  7. Ye attack contener kia hota tum loog Aada hinddi me chaat te ho Aada english me are koi bhi 1 zubaan use karo taake samjne walon k lie Aasani ho

  8. Sorry but very bad video, this is not at all a protein powder. U know how much fat this so called protein powder contains. Very bad plz learn first about protein. Its not a mixture of dry fruits

  9. Chia seeds sabja k beej nahi hote dear… Sabja Tulsi ki form hai aur chia seeds dikhte sabja ki trah hai bt chia seeds sabja k beej nahi

  10. Contains about 20-25% protein. You cannot call this protein powder.
    And your Hindi sucks big time. Why are you mixing in so many English words?

  11. बहुत ही घटिया स्वाद है इसका मैंने इसको घर पर बनाया बहुत ही बकवास और घटिया बना

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