How 1 Simple Stretch STOPPED Real Patient’s Knee Pain-Now Doing Iron Man Races!

How 1 Simple Stretch STOPPED Real Patient’s Knee Pain-Now Doing Iron Man Races!

Hi folks, I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist. Brad Heinrich physical therapist and together we are the most famous physical therapist on the internet, in our opinon of course, Bob. Using a goniometer mike, that’s a physical therapy thing Today Brad we are honored to have, well, it’s two kind of surprising things here. One, we have a guest, and two Brad has a friend. I mean this is quite shocking to me. This whole thing about “liking” on Facebook is starting to work because here we got Dan and even offered to come and come and give his experience on how therapy and some exercises heal themselves. This is an amazing story. It really is, but Bob before we go any farther I see 727 people out there waiting… All right, by the way if you are new to our Channel, Please take a second to subscribe to us. We provide videos on staying healthy, fit, pain-free, And we upload every day and as we were alluding to please go over to Facebook and like us cuz Brad and I as children were not liked and now we’re turning things around, we got a friend Maybe I healed, maybe Dan will become my friend too, and we’ll all be happy so like us on Facebook It’s all gonna come together. So on this particular video I was talking to Dan and he’s got an incredible story about his knee problem and As a matter of fact your knee was so bad at one point you’re like both knees you had a hard time You’re just saying running across the road if a car was coming you kind of had to do a little hobbling to get across the road because your knee pain and Since then and that was about 30 years ago ish About 30 And we’re gonna tell how he’s got to the point where he’s at now, where he’s actually in the last few years has done Ironman Triathlons and your knees have no pain now. That’s right, and you have surgery. No. No surgery. Bravo! Okay, so you’re gonna show us, there was one particular stretch. It really got you there We’re not going to show right now because I want to talk a little bit about how this evolved it And then the key stretch, I got you going from hobbling to long distance. You know Ironman First, Dan I don’t know how old are you, is it alright if we ask you? Sure, 63. Yeah, look at him, he looks great. We hope to look that good. Got no gray hair you must be doing. I don’t worry enough. That’s a key part. And then your occupation? I’m a financial adviser. Ok but when you were earlier on.. I was in the construction industry. So you’re talking building houses, or roads or…I was actually an equipment operator. Oh really. For a general contract. What did you operate? Crane. Really? Yeah. I didn’t know that! Ah nice! Yeah, business was picking up. All right so as far as your knees problem can you go through a little bit of all you said back in the thirties you start you were just running a little bit at The time. Yeah he was 30-some years old, right. Early 30s And I decided I was gonna start running This running craze was going on then and I was running longer and longer distances, but not long distance. Like three miles? Run like 5kms you know 10kms and things like that so I wasn’t running long distances But I started getting knee pain thinking well that goes along with running You know runners get get sore knees and it got increasingly worse and I take a couple back Then it was excedrin, so you know take a couple of excederins before your run. You are dating yourself. Yeah, couple excederins after, now it’s ibuprofen. and It got to the point where I’d stretched a little bit, and it seemed like it’d get better But there are times when I had to get out, and I’d have to walk back and the knee pain was so severe Both knees were just from running. And I thought that was normal. Right sure. But I was doing some stretches. You know the other runners you know they’re doing their hurdler struts, and putting their leg up and stretching your Hamstrings sir and I was doing those and I felt like just can’t run anymore, so I started cycling right Bicycle? Bicycle yep and the same thing happened and I got to the point where I’d have to get off my bike and walk my bike home I thought I just can’t do this anymore Which, most people think if you can’t run you should be able to cycle cuz You don’t have that impact going on your knees. Exactly, quite often that’s the Solution actually when you’re having knee pain is often take a bike in it, but here your knee pain followed You right into it. Right, so whether whether you ran Or you bike you ended up walking home after not and it’s not like you were going 100 miles on your bike or just…Oh no no no I was I remember one time I was going on a twenty mile bike ride and I got what? You know a few miles out, and I just couldn’t go anymore. Wow. Yup. And you had to walk back? Yeah. Wow. Then it progressed to the point where it was even hurting at work you were saying. Oh, yeah. It was hurting at work and I was telling Brad the story about you know if you’re Walking, and you just run across the street right and my knees would really hurt and I just hated doing that you know any kind of running. Even just a little bit. Oh, yeah So you know if anybody out there is feeling knee symptoms, and you think that you’re done, you know, you’re just gonna be an inactive person well
You know so then what happened, how did this come about this? This miracle stretch sort of spike that got you back in the game. Well, I continued. I like the fitness thing So I was going to sidebacks, which was a fitness center back then where they did physical therapy But it was open to the public to work out so I was lifting weights and working on the machines That was golden Davies. Right yeah, golden? Gould! Oh Gould. Yeah Jim Gould. Oh Gould. Yeah Jim Gould. Yeah Oh, yeah we knew the owners Anyway, I was working out there. Just lifting weights and a physical therapist I don’t know who he was but I struck up a conversation with him and he Said are you a runner? I said I used to be a runner, but I can’t run anymore and He thought that was kind of curious. He said let me look at your shoes and looked at the wear pattern on my shoes. He said that looks fine. Sure. He said get on the treadmill once Let me watch your run, and I ran for a little bit and said you know I have a good gait He said try this stretch right here once. Well why don’t you show the stretch here. Yeah, yeah So I do this stretch here And I just crossed my leg over and just pull my knee over and that well You know I’ll try that but I feel it up in here I don’t feel anything in my knee, and he said just try it once and see if it works and So you stretched both sides? Both sides. And how long would you stretch like, for hours? Just, oh no, I just count 20 or 30 seconds. Okay. Just take that stretch and hold about 20 seconds. Mm-hmm. Daily. Yep once a day? Once a day, and in a couple weeks, I was cured. No more knee pain. And then you started running again? Yeah, and then did you start biking again? Yeah, I started everything again And I could go and run 20 miles right now, and my knees wouldn’t hurt at all. Wow. Yeah. So this was back in your 30s so since then you gradually progressed in the running And then I know you’re doing triathlons now And you’re actually doing Ironman where you bike a hundred and how many miles? 112. 112 miles followed by a marathon! Right. Yeah. We’ve got to get There’s a problem from the neck up here, yeah Or brain abnormality, but my knees are fine. Actually as a therapist this makes complete sense to us because you have the IT band, which runs all the way down the leg Comes from the tensor fasciae latae, attaches into it. That’s the muscle right here. That’s the muscle he felt he was stretching. But this crosses the knee and when you’re running it can irritate the knee and also when you bike it can irritate the knee, so it’s one of the few things that will irritate both biking and running so This could be a big answer for a lot of people out there who are coming in with knee pain or talking giving comments on knee pain So here we got a 63 year old doing ironmans with no knee pain. When he’s in his 30s he could hardly get across the road. So why don’t you show some stretches Brad here? I thought you wanted to show three stretches right? Well yeah, we could but this is the big one, so we got one out of the way. Hold on to that Bob, you just talk too. Okay. We don’t normally do this. Yeah. So as an option here what he could also use is the foam roller, and this is one from OP/PT. We really like it because it’s a little bit softer, especially on the IT band which can be a Yeah I’m gonna start up here in that tensor fasciae latae muscle belly and then I’m going to work down to the IT band Right so this is a way to really focus on a tensor fasciae latae, the muscle itself. Have you done this? I have. Oh you have. Good. So yeah, and some people actually just take like a tennis ball, even work it up there too. This is a good one to do especially if you’re a runner cuz you can also flip over and do the hamstrings and quads and everything like that too. Another thing, I would like to You know make a suggestion if you want Dan, as far as your hamstring stretches. You’re talking about those hurdler stretches. I’m old school. Yeah, yeah, we don’t care for those. They stretch the hamstrings, but they kind of can go injure your back. You know you don’t have any back problems, you said. Fortunately not. But even though that This would probably be later on. We don’t have time to go through this all on video today If the people are already falling asleep out there because I’m boring them But this is a really good…Bob, you’re right in the way! They gotta see my face, you know. They gotta hear ya too! Good lord. So yeah, what’s nice about this is, yeah, he can pull on it He and also it’s called contract relaxed So you pull down with the muscle and then when he relaxes he pulls it a little further and you’ll find you’re gonna stretch out Further and further I actually was just doing regular stretches and I ended up buying the band just for this stretch because my hamstring, I mean, I’m having trouble staying ahead of it and And it’s still tightening up on me, so I did this this morning I actually do it where I put the middle loop on there Brad. You can tell where the the middle loop is, because there’s a tag right there So we put it on there, and then I can take both hands, and I put you up I loop in like I put my hands in the loops and now I can do the pull and relax And it goes further and further It’s a great way to stretch and you can actually stretch the IT band a little bit this way too. Brad, if he pulls it over like this You’re actually stretching that same IT band a little bit that way too, so it works out. It gives you a lot of nice control over that leg. It feels good. Was there another way you’re going to stretch the IT band, Brad or was it…No, that was it. Just this, that, and the one that Dan showed, I really liked that. All right well Dan, thank you again so much for coming in. We really appreciate it. My pleasure. Remember use his financial service, where do they find you, in La Crosse? In La Crosse. All right. We gotta give out your number! All right, thanks for watching.

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