How Cortisol Can Destroy Muscle, Collagen & Other Proteins (Dr. Berg)

How Cortisol Can Destroy Muscle, Collagen & Other Proteins (Dr. Berg)

I want to talk about the relationship between
cortisol and protein. A lot of people don’t understand this, but
there’s a huge connection with cortisol, the stress hormone, and the breakdown of protein
in the body. I want to kind of show you kind of some overviews
of what happens. Protein breaks down into amino acids. If you know there’s a lot of people right
now with … They have a lot of neurotransmitter problems. They have depression. They have attention deficit disorder. They have anxiety and they’re trying to take
slight drugs to improve the neurotransmitters, right? My question is why? Why can’t they get it from the diet? What’s the problem? What’s causing this amino acid issue? A lot of hormones are made from amino acids. Why do people have hormone problems? Why is their immune systems so bad? Why do they have bone loss and muscle loss? That’s called atrophy, muscle loss. There’s a couple things that allow this process
to occur when you consume protein to make amino acids and turn them into body tissue
and neurotransmitters. One is you need enzymes from the pancreas. Let’s say the person’s a diabetic or they’ve
eaten a lot of sugar and they damaged the pancreas. That could be one big factor that they’re
not breaking down into amino acids to be able to make these neurotransmitters anymore. It could be also they’re eating oil-cooked
foods. It could be dietary. It could be that they’re not consuming enough
protein. I didn’t even put that on there, but that’s
kind of rare. It could be stomach. They don’t have enough hydrochloric acid and
they have heartburn and they have digestive problems. They’re taking antacids or whatever. That could be the reason why they’re not getting
these as well. Digestive problems or it could be lower in
the digestive track. They don’t have the friendly bacteria to really
break down these proteins as well because that is something not only the stomach, but
the microbes help you make amino acids as well. The number one thing though is the high cortisol. That’s really what will prevent this process
from occurring and this comes from stress. Cortisol creates a catabolic effect. Comes from the word cannibalistic. Cannibal. Cannibal eats flesh. Catabolic hormones break down things. They break down muscle protein. With the cortisol, this high stress, these
amino acids are not absorbed in the muscle. You get a catabolic effect of the muscle. You get breakdown atrophy of the muscle. You get muscle wasting with cortisol. That’s why during stress or menopause when
adrenal backs up the ovary, you see these people just like getting all flabby. That’s atrophy of the muscle. Amino acids do not get absorbed into the muscle
if the cortisol is high. The bone is not just calcium. It’s a lot of collagen. It’s a lot of protein. The bone also doesn’t get the amino acids
too so you have bone loss. Third, the lymph system, the lymphatic, the
lymph nodes, that’s part of the immune system, it actually shrinks and it atrophies as well. It’s called lysis which is the lymph breaks
down. What happens is it releases antibodies. I want to get into that in a little bit, but
first let me just kind of tell you what happens. We have the suffering of all the body tissues
of all the protein. Muscle, tendon, ligament, bone, lymph, all
these things don’t get the proper amino acids. Now what happens as these amino acids go instead
to deliver. They go through a process called deamination. Deamination. This basically is a term of breakdown of amino
acids. In other words, the liver will break down
these amino acids into ammonia and carbon skeletons and the hydrogen ion. The ammonia turns into urea or urine or uric
acid. That’s why people get gout because they can’t
… This builds up too much because the liver
is damaged or the kidney is damaged. Carbon skeleton forms carbohydrates and glucose. In other words, your body is converting amino
acid to sugar, to glucose. That’s interesting. The hydrogen ion, that goes out to the urine. Wherever the hydrogen ion goes, so does that
potassium. You lose potassium. When you lose potassium, you become very,
very alkaline. It throws off the PH and you can’t absorb,
oh my gosh, calcium. You have all these issues. All right. Why? Why is the body doing all this? Because it’s in a survival mode. It must create a secondary fuel source. When it does is it causes gluconeogenesis. Gluco, meaning sugar. Neo, new. Genesis, create. The body is creating new sugar from protein
from amino acids. It will basically allow the rest of the body
to go to hell in a hand basket as long as it gets its fuel. The problem is all this carbon atoms that
it’s kind of pulling, carbon skeletons that form the glucose will start spiking the blood
sugar and spiking the insulin and causing diabetes and belly fat and high cholesterol. Now there’s some other things that I want
to talk about with this lymph. When you release the antibodies, you also
then with a smaller lymph system start decreasing the production of antibodies. You don’t actually produce these antibodies
like you did before. You also do not create the cellular barriers
in the resistance against infections. You have a lowered resistance in the susceptibility
factor and that’s what causes the autoimmune disease. Autoimmune diseases are the loss of tolerance
or to differentiate from an invader, a healthy tissue, self and nonself. Your body starts attacking itself. That’s what an autoimmune thing is. If you ask any person who had autoimmune diseases,
when did it start? It always happen after a stress event or a
loss of a loved one or a divorce. They start getting this because it stresses
the cortisol. Cortisol is the main source of problems with
autoimmune diseases. Why? Because it’s used as the main cure … Not
cure, but treatment. What do they give all autoimmune diseases? They inject them with prednisone cortisol. They don’t take it back and look at what happened
first. The first thing is that there’s a spike in
cortisol and there’s this whole reaction that occurs. You lose your lymphatic system, your immune
system and your antibodies go out of control and you become susceptible and then boom,
you start getting a loss of tolerance to other tissues. There’s a delicate balance of your body determining
what’s a good cell, what’s a bad cell, what’s a good microbe, what’s a friendly bacteria,
unfriendly. When it loses control, it starts developing
autoimmune diseases. Now let me just touch on this. I mentioned antibodies, right? An antibody is a Y-shaped protein that is
used to neutralize invading viruses and bacteria. Basically the antibodies help neutralize attackers. They basically tag or label some foreign microbe
as an illegal alien that must be removed from the system so the other parts of the immune
system can go in there and take over and remove it. It also can attack it directly and neutralize
it directly in some situations. The point is that these antibodies when they
lose control right here, you become susceptible to getting all sorts of chronic infections
and autoimmune diseases. Some interesting things about autoimmune diseases. They’re treated with cortisol. We’ve talked about that. They turn off when you’re pregnant. That’s fascinating. There is a mechanism that protects the growing
fetus from being destroyed by your immune system. Apparently when you’re pregnant, your immune
system wakes up and all your autoimmune problems disappear which is fascinating. We have a solution. We need to improve the immune system, not
try to attack it with steroids or we can actually just recommend that the pregnant female stay
pregnant and have about 13 or 14, 20 kids and then she’ll be great through those years. That’s another option. Transplanted organs. They have to take cortisol because they have
… Their body rejects it. They develop antibodies against it. Cortisol is an antiallergic function or properties. Autoimmune problems are always triggered by
stress events. I’ve never met anyone that didn’t have that
situation. That kind of debugs why people have autoimmune,
but cortisol is a very, very, very destructive thing to your protein if it’s in high amounts. We want to apply the adrenal protocol for
any of these diseases right here to strengthen the actual adrenal. One last little tidbit right here. Calcium is lost to the urine with high levels
of cortisol too. Loss of the bone too. The calcium absorption is decreased through
the blocking of the vitamin D receptor. What does that mean? That means when you go through high levels
of stress, your vitamin D goes down because it blocks the receptor. You can’t absorb vitamin D anymore. There’s a lot of people that get sun and they
still have low vitamin D. A lot of people have low vitamin D and they don’t know why. The doctor says … Don’t tell them. It’s probably because of high cortisol. Cortisol decreases the receptor thereby blocking
the receiving of vitamin D and this is intimately connected to the immune system because vitamin
D … One function is not just bone or calcium metabolism, it’s immune protection.

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  3. had to watch this 5 times. I knew what was going on, and I was a mess, but didn't know what to do about it. almost 2 months of watching Dr. Berg and I've regained muscle and clear enough brain that I can now continue good health. I'm on that road to recovery, Thank you Dr. Berg.

  4. I feel like I've aged 10 years in the past few months, my face has visibly aged a tremendous amount due to stress. How do I reverse this?

  5. HEALTH HAS GONE TOTALLY DOWN HILL due to workplace bully/M o B… Also immune system include cardiac issues. With WC injury previous due to co negligence….escalates daily. Help.

  6. um…you're oversimplifying things "Doc" and making some incorrect conclusions. Have you thought of consulting a biochemist or endocrinologist?

  7. I have a friend that has vaginal stenosis, where the elasticity of the tissue is tight and it hurts her to have intercourse. She and her husband want to conceive a baby, but obviously they have a problem. Theyve tried different methods to stretch and reduce the area but have not had success. As a registered nurse, and person who has interest in health, i studied up on it, then began to link other symptoms she has, such as weight gain, emotional episodes, acidic vaginal pH, stress (that she internalizes), and kidney issues, to adrenal and cortisol problems. I shared this with her, however, im not sure if the adrenals or cortisol CAN affect tissue density and elasticity, such as with her vagina. Do you think they could be related? And if so, can the vaginal tissues correct themselves through balance of cortisol and adrenals? Lastly, do you think something more could be going on?

  8. Dr Berg. You are amazing and wonderful! Where were you when I was in physiology? and you should be teaching at progressive alternative medical schools so that Drs can actually learn something USEFUL instead of whats the favorite medication of the month being pushed by BIG PHARMA 😉 but the amazing thing is you go the extra step and draw the conclusions of why this is happening and what to do about it… THANK YOU…I dont think people realize what a gift you are giving them 🙂

  9. Does prednisone do the same thing? I’m struggling with prednisone withdrawal because of a 7-year misdiagnosis of RA. Pain in flank muscles and leg muscles. My immune system and gut are destroyed from MTX, prednisone, leflunimide, leucovorin & Simponi biological injection.

  10. Catabolism has nothing to do with cannibalism! It's just that in the (generally sloppy) American English pronunciation they sound somewhat similar. Please check things before spurting them out!

  11. I've got to a point that I am not sleeping more then 4 streight hours ande I am loosing muscle mass 5 times faster then fat…
    …and I have no idea how to fix it.

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  13. Excellent video. This is so important even for people who take just Caffeine, but any stimulant, or stress raises cortisol and people may not realize too much cortisol ruins collagen due to the catabolic effect as you say. Thanks Dr. Berg, for another great video. I quit coffee last month. whew, it was hard, but I did it.

  14. The more i hear all the different info Dr. Berg and other sources supply with consistent explanation and research, the more I decide that hospitals operate on "least common denominator" medical theory rather than delve any deeper.

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  17. Go to an Integrated Dr. they will actually listen to you and help you out. Regular M.D.s will give you the bandaide called..drugs/medications!!! and not find the true root of your problems. God Bless

  18. hi. interesting info.. i have a grandchild with hypopituarism.. she dont produce stress hormone cortisol.. so she need take a day 5 mg and when is sick triple .. also she have pain in the legs.. what food do you recommend she is 3 years old..

  19. Dr. Berg, I got Rhabdomylosis (Rhabdo) in the summer of 2015. It was a horrendous experience. My doctors couldn't figure out why I got it and ultimately contributed it to stress and dehydration. It was very frustrating not knowing why, and I had to spend 5 days in the hospital. I think what you're referring to in this video may have contributed somewhat. Thank you for all you do.

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  23. I have a question Dr berg , when hydrogen ion H+ attaches itself with potassium K+ It's an alkali metal hydride , hence it's the way our body mineral ions combat stress i,e by reacting with H+ ions and working their way to release them , hence more mineral ions , more neutralisation of acidic hydrogen ions , then how is body becoming alkaline when potassium hydride is being eliminated ??
    Secondly if cortisol is bad , why is it given to treat all these issues ?? Is it because of cortisol burn out , For quite a long time it was creating havoc to the body and then its production stopped ?! But wouldnt it be good to not have it ?
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  24. FANTASTIC DEBUGGING OF CORTISOL. The other key hormone we need to get a grip on other than Insulin! (Probably why meditation & yoga works so potently. It's anti-stress properties are well known).

  25. Dear Doctor Anti-Cortisol could you tell me what drugs do you recommend to lower high cortisol 24/ml (max norm 19/ml morning) 11/ml night. ACTH 20mg/60mg, Dhea-s in norm 320 ml / Atrophy of muscles in arms and legs, fat belly the diet and excercises can`t help. High cortisol is not only associated with stress but disfunction of andrenals. What drugs can you recommend in semi Cushing Syndrom (not Cushings disease)? Ketoconazolum in small doses could help? I know that Ketoconazolum can damage the liver during longer period. Or any other light anticortisol drug…The phrase "Please consult to your doctor" is worthless… doctor don`t know… Eat good food is wothless…. because it takes time. I can see that you are an specialist in Cortisol issues. What is your recommendation?

  26. This topic is so true for Blood Type A people like me. Also read Dr Peter J D’Adamo’s blood type book. It’ll answer all your questions and you’ll learn a lot about yourself, too.

  27. My chronic gastritis aged me a lot in 4 years. My question is, does a fatty liver and gallstones cause chronic gastritis and a spike in blood pressure.

  28. So, my Mom has lupus (caused by an insect bite, she had the characteristic rash and was diagnosed by an MD ) , she also has chronic low vitamin D because the lupus made her photosensitive, if she goes out in the sun she gets a rash and hives. How does her condition work? We do supplement her with vitamin D3 and vitamin k2.

  29. I've got high Cortisol watching this video coz is so true and scary. Before 3 days i was having huge cortisol levels because I'm loosing my job but now I'm relaxed i don't care anymore

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  31. Greetings from Greece. Not all people with stress and high cortisol have the same symptoms. A friend of mine had problems with her immune system (Lupus) only.

    I personally have PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and my levels of sugar in my blood are normal due to hyperinsulinemia. I took a test of bone mass and muscle mass. The levels of calcium in my bones were the highest (i think because I drink too much milk) but the test on my muscles showed that even though I was 37 years old my muscles were weak as a 51 year old woman. I needed 9-11 hours of sleep to feel healthy and not tired and sleepy all day.

    I took amino acid: Carnitine-L for a year and I broke the cycle. My muscles were stronger and due to that fact my body increased the use of sugar, the sugar was no longer in my blood but in my muscles as energy so my body took less effort to make sugar into energy and that means lower insulin so more hyperinsulinemia, no more hormones problems and that's how I managed to get pregnant. And yes you are right when I was pregnant it was the first time in my life that I was really healthy.

    I couldn't take carnitine for the rest of my life because I don't have carnitine insufficiency so too much carnitine could cause heart problems in the future.

    Years after my pregnancy I tried to lower my cortisol level with rhodiola rosea and drinking cocoa to lower my insulin levels but my body reacted and my stress burst out making my prolactin levels get very high. Never in my life had problems with prolactin.

    I fixed the prolactin and I resign from any thoughts of ever been healthy. Until one day a childish dream of mine that I had forgot about became true and all of a sudden I felt like a heavy stone lifted upon my chest and all the fog in my mind, and all the hormones problems were cured. I have steady period every month since then no more health issues.

    You can't lower Cortisol because even if you could the real cause of your stress is always there trying to get to the surface. We should focus on the way we live, think and feel to change ourselves to get back our health.

  32. Does Cortisol leech amino acids and glucose from your tissues EVEN if you are fat and have plenty of glycogen to utilize? For instance I take adderal for ADHD and it’s a fairly high dose and I’m terrified that the high cortisol causes by the adderal is leeching my bones and skin etc even tho I’m eating great and tons of protein

  33. Hi dad Berg really am still a medical student at Krehl Klink Chirugische Klinik and Krebsforschung zentrum approximately at the neuenheimerfeld الله أكبر الله أكبر أذان الظهر حسب التوقيت المحلي لمدينة نصر Surprisingly my hobby subject is calcitonin and other up to date medications used in the ttt and management of alcohol alcoholic beverages cortisol premature iatrogenic or mature calcium resorption induced The neuenheimerfeld as u know is the same area of botanical garden and other close tier gardens tschuss

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  37. Thank you so so much for this information, I have crps type 1 and if I had only know this information, 8 years ago when I was injured, I believe this information would have made a life changing outcome, on the severity of my crps today
    I will post this information on crps sites, so anyone in the early stages of this condition, can have access to this important information
    Thank you

  38. So muscle atrophy that what I have got, I need to watch again and again and will try to understand. Thank you Dr. Berg, one request if possible elaborate a little more what are the food options to control Cortisol in an other video. God bless you.

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  41. What is not said is that in rare cases high cortisol comes from a tumor -usually pituitary or adrenal -& sometimes surgery is the only remedy. I find it strange he does not tell others to at least get tested for such – I believe through an MRI. It can be a life saver & only remedy to get well .

  42. I love Dr. Berg. He has empowered me through his free educational resource videos and had taught me so much I am forever grateful to him and karen who takes care of him and the fanily/home so he can study and put his energy into his practice and educating us and share this all with us! I love the Bergs!!

  43. Wait, so if I'm eating amino acids or meat it converts to glucose…. So it's not a good idea to eat meat or amino acids? So I'm confused

  44. Dear Dr. Berg, I have benefited from many of your videos in the past. Just a small correction; when you state that the term catabolic comes from cannibalistic (2:13), this happens to be untrue. The root of the term catabolic comes from the greek word kata- meaning "down" (making catabolic something like a metabolism that is going/headed down).

  45. This explains everything.

    You just helped me conclude what no doctors have so far been able to— my rapid decline in health at the age of only 25, is ultimately the result of my heavy caffeine and RX stimulant use.

    Now, to figure out how i’m going to reverse the damage…

  46. I had total breakdown . Everything. I had to start taking zoloft to function. My goal is to get off after years. I'm learning so much . Thankyou. You are a God send. I have waited years for the answers to my health problems. Thankyou for the internet Jesus. Thankyou for givers like Dr. Berg. Will be purchasing my health products in the future from his channel.

  47. So after going through abuse and divorce loss of home no job etc, my hair started to fall out. I’d high levels of cortisol were to blame how long will it take for the levels to go back to normal and what can I supplement to get back to health and hair 😳?

  48. What's the problem ???? It's because our doctors DON'T know nutrition, AND our schools don't teach nutrition starting in 3rd grade. THAT's what the problem is…..

  49. Also, Auto Immune diseases can be caused by BII. That is breast implant illness. Go to Facebook to find out more about that. Thousands, maybe millions of women have had breast implants and silicone is leaking into their bloodstreams and the body rejects this, causing auto-immune disease…No, you may not have a ruptured implant, but the very SHELL the silicone is enclosed in is also made of silicone, and it is microscopically flaking molecules of silicone into your bloodstream and lymph fluid. One disease is Sjogrens Syndrome with dry eye and mouth. It can lead to blood and lymph cancer. Get those implants removed !

  50. So in this case, how do you boost the immune system without the need for cortisol if your body is in an autoimmune state triggered by stress?

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    . How do we fix this

  53. Exercise reduces stress in the best way. Exercising while fasting is so powerful, it may be the only way to truly add muscle and burn fat. Yet 90% of the experts will tell you should not exercise while fasting. The truth is you will have a cascade of anabolic hormone that counter the catabolic hormones. While you may not gain muscle, you preserve muscle much better if you weight train while fasting, and don't do a lot of aerobic exercise while fasting.

  54. Thank you Dr. Berg for this video it has truly help me to understand why my family & I suffer from so many autoimmune diseases. # Keto + IF for life

  55. Something I learned from this video and other ones he has done is if ONE THING goes wrong in the body it starts a whole chain reaction of really bad things to happen.

    If you have way too much cortisol, your body cannot process animo acids then the amino acids gets turned into something it's not supposed to be then that can lead to auto immune disease and other bad stuff.

    Our bodies are constantly trying to fix things. I feel badly for it because we do things that are bad for it all the time and it has to work so hard to undo the damage and try to keep us healthy. When it has had enough abuse and can't do it anymore, well, then we die.

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