How Do Muscles Actually Get Bigger?

How Do Muscles Actually Get Bigger?

Hey guys, Amy here on DNews answering your
questions about muscles! Neko recently asked us if we can make a video about why our muscles
grow big when we exercise. We all want to get big and strong, building
muscles to have lean bodies and to be able to squat our coworkers for funsies. But what
actually happens when you workout that makes your muscles grow? There’s more to muscles than you might think. We have different types of muscles: cardiac,
smooth, and skeletal muscles. Smooth muscles are responsible for the contracting movements
of hollow organs like blood vessels, the gastrointestinal tract, bladder, and uterus. Skeletal muscles
are made up of bundles of individual muscle fibers that are themselves strands of proteins
that grab onto one another and pull. These muscle are attached to bones, and it’s the
contraction, that pulling, that causes your bones to move around your joints. That’s
what happens when your muscles contract. These are controlled by the somatic nervous system.
The cardiac muscle, the one that makes your heart pump blood throughout your body, is
involuntarily controlled. Your heart and the muscles that control it
are obviously an important part of working out or playing sports, but when we’re talking
about building muscles we need to focus on skeletal muscles. There’s a little more to skeletal muscles
than just the fibers that make them up. Muscle are broadly categorized into two types. Type
I or slow twitch muscles are more efficient at using oxygen to generate energy. And as
the name suggests they can work longer before being exhausted so these are the ones that
you use for duration sports like long distance running. Type II or fast twitch muscles rely
on anaerobic metabolism to create fuel, or more simply, they use your body’s stored
energy for shorts bursts of activity. These are the ones your body uses when sprinting
or weightlifting. When you build muscle, you’re actually breaking
down these muscle fibres and building them back up. There are a couple of ways to do this. Hypertrophy
is an increase in the size of the muscle due to an increase in the size of the muscle fibers;
while hyperplasia happens when you actually split muscle fibers to eventually grow more
of them, though some trainers suspect that this splitting doesn’t actually create new
fibers, it just changes existing ones. The exact process of muscle growth isn’t
entirely understood, but leading theories say that lifting something heavy, like a weight,
breaks the muscle fibers apart, and then those fibers grow back in a way that allows them
to compensate for the damage and protect themselves against future damage. This happens naturally,
but lifting speeds the cycle up so you rebuild muscle faster, and the more you breakdown
the more you grow back! Which is why you need to rest between workouts;
you need to give your body time to repair itself, and help that process along with protein.
And that’s where the increase to muscles comes from. Speaking of bulking up,Toyota has been doing
some augmentation of their own with the TRD line of Toyota Trucks. Enhanced to rule the
off-road! So does this clear things up or do you still
have more questions about muscles? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter
@DNews. And of course, for more DNews every single day of the week, don’t forget to

100 Replies to “How Do Muscles Actually Get Bigger?”

  1. No. Skeletal muscle increases in size only due to hypertrophy. This pseudoscience of muscle fibres and cells breaking and growing new ones needs to stop.

  2. Remember, the bigger your muscles gets, doesn't mean you get stronger, it just means the you have big muscles. There is a different method for getting stronger, and there is also a tecniche for showing off.

  3. You all should make a video about different kinds of muscles! I know about fast and slow twitch muscles, but I want to know more about how some muscles are stronger gram for gram. I heard of the concept in martial arts. Is it pseudo-science?

    Isn't the tongue stronger gram for gram? Why? Can we develop other muscles to become that sort of muscle?

  4. Are people so lazy to find the information for themselves that they'd rather post a comment asking for the answer when they could find out in 2 minutes??????

  5. I was expecting the actual biological process, in-depth structural analysis, and maybe a better visual representation.

    What I got was nothing I couldn't figure out with a 30 second Google search.

  6. I have a question about muscles. How much stronger do we get when we work out?? Like if I lift 500 pounds a day and then I rest to rebuild my muscles. Assuming that my bones wouldnt break, would I get strong enough to lift 500 pounds, or would it only increase by like 25-30 pounds more strength

  7. Yes another question: How much time does it take for a torn muscle to grow back? Is it different between the slow twitch and fast twitch?

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  9. The strong girl with black shirt is distracting me from learning about muscles…. She has beautiful ti…………… shirt

  10. What's the first sentence Amy says? I am not able to get it "getting…for you guys". If someone could tell me

  11. I have a question. Does a males penis enlarge when he sees a hot girl. Is it just because of evolution or is it something different?

  12. Hello DNews, love your videos. (and sometimes your corky puns)
    Could you please make a video about protein supplements.
    Could you confirm that their consumption damages your liver? or it's just a myth?
    If never see this message Thanks anyway for what you do.

  13. What about Test? You guys forgot to mention Test! Testosterone builds muscle. 600mg a week blows lifting out of the water.. we have studies on this. I thought yall talked bout Science!?


  14. how does muscle memory work? I recently started exercising again with my gf and saw that i could easy do things that i could do when i was training a few mouths back

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  19. With all due respect this video kinda glosses over all the useful particulars and things we don't know. What do we know about muscle growth? What factors are being studied? How long do we need to rest them and does that amount of time change for smaller work outs? Also I've heard more frequent, smaller work outs might be more effective than fewer, more strenuous work outs. We've already been to highschool, and the more seriously you take videos pertaining to subjects sub cultures already think about a lot, the more your channels can act as bridges drawing people like sports lovers into science. Ya know what I mean?

    That aside I'm glad you folks are online and makin stuff, thanks for bein here

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