How I FINALLY made FAST muscle gains after years of failure!

How I FINALLY made FAST muscle gains after years of failure!

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  1. this video was so fun to make and make sure to follow me on Instagram @troyshred for daily updates on my 75 day shred you can steal to become superhuman yourself!

  2. Well first year 20lbs is still much for many individual .. I LOST 25 LBS OF FAT AND 13 LBS OF MUSCLE… HOWEVER NOW I SEE CHANGE IN VISUAL NOT IN SCALE.. I M INTO 1.5 YEARS..

  3. " so weak I couldn't bench press the bar" man I felt that, I used to not be able to do a pushup snd moving 25 pounds was an achievement

    And yeah you do look like your day but I feel you look more like your mom

  4. When I'm doing chest work out ..can I start at heavy bench press followed by heavy dumbbell bench press,then drop weight to failure..?

  5. Interesting vid. If Iโ€™m at the end of year 1 and still havenโ€™t benched 225 for reps, should I implement this or keep building a base of muscle and strength before hand?

  6. Great video. By my math, you are just entering your physical prime, about 27 yrs old I'm guessing. You're just starting to put on your "Man Weight" as they say. All good. Keep working hard. I have incorporated many of your ideas with positive results. See, I'm almost 56 and trying to lose the weight you're putting on, lol. Enjoy these next 20 years because after that it gets much tougher. Keep up the good work.

  7. I have been doing drop sets and increasing the reps each time I drop to get a massive pump and I have been seeing instant gains. I have never been able to notice gains before until now. I have always been an off again on again lifter with never really any success but this seems to be maximizing my muscle gains. I woke up in my 40's and decided to started lifting for some reason. I have always had a flat chest and I only really focus on upper chest and now I am actually seeing results. Thanks for sharing as I am still learning.

  8. One of the most honest videos l have seen so far, there are thousands of scammers out there, promising you a nice body in just 60 days, it is impossible, unless you are already muscular, and you are in your cutting down cycle.

  9. You always kill it, Troy! I really appreciate your determination, and you're gonna nail this shredding season!๐Ÿ’ช

  10. How to get rid of bloated stomach? I m drinking apple cider veniger after my every meal, and i m on keto and intermitten fasting. One more question do u beleive in keto diet and intermitten fasting? Will not not loose all my muscle when i dont consume more carbohydrate?
    Thank you

  11. Awesome info brother!! I remember starting at 280 lbs (6'3") and could barely do a 15 lb curl on the machine lol. But I've come further than ever this past year since joining the Alpha Lion community and using the BEST supps ok Earth!! Keep it all coming!!

  12. Awesome video. Thanks for taking us along your transformation and I appreciate your honesty in this video.

  13. Dude since I started like april last year so it has been almost full year of me working out btw I didnt trained really much throught the summer because I was traveling a lot but I started at 60 kilos or 133 pounds and now I am at almost 100 kilos and 215-220 pounds in only 1 year it could be that I was used to workout but never had eaten so much like I am doing now I dont know how I gained that much really but im impressed with that.

  14. I guess my main question is how managed to stay consistent for 10 years. I typically fall off the wagon and start slacking after 6 months or so. And then I'll have psych myself to start up again after I lost much of my gains.

  15. ive been comimg to these same conclusions… time under tension and metabolic stress has given me phenom gains in the last year and ive been training 25 plus years and im pushing 50. thanx for great content.

  16. For me this is proof that those stupid anabolic comments are false. Also very good to see finally what you can expect in building muscle in 1 to 2 year while traing hard, since iam busy 1 year myself and wondered if my progress is going OK. This video shows me iam still on track. Allthought you gain more muscle in LBS but I guess this also has to do with your normal body build. I mean if your tall or smaller.

  17. Find myself wondering what age you were at in year 11? I gained 66lb by my third year training, going from 140lb to 210lb but I started at 28 so my third year coincided with a natural growth phase. My brother in law trained hard consistently for twenty years and he was well developed but actually became quite massive when he stopped training for a few years?

  18. Youโ€™re the man! My chest has always been lagging. I was always focusing on big lifts and getting stronger, but Once I started focusing on muscle damage techniques like pre exhaustion, dropsets, supersets, rest pauses and time under tension, my chest has seen all kindz of gains!

    Another big thing to consider is muscle damage exercisesโ€™ main focus is proper technique, so lowering the weight and really getting that mind muscle connection helped me so much!

  19. Thanks so much for sharing my Brotha from Anoda Motha. I am going to implement this from today. My journey so far has been very similar to yours I started in 2012. Hopefully this year will be the best gainz

  20. Amazing gains!!! I've done this as well, initially just using Heavy duty HIT style (1 set to failure) later adding pre-exhaustion isometric phase and finally ending with a plyometric or 21 style drop set depending on the exercise. I have also done feeder sets for week points. My calves grew almost 3 inches in a year at one point doing feeders!

  21. Whatโ€™s better…I do 3 upper body days two lower (concentrating on upper body atm)….should I set a day for each muscle building method over the 3 upper body days or should each set of 3 total sets be a mix of the muscle 3 building methods…thanks


  23. I have enjoyed your thoughts, insights and approaches especially as years ago i broke my neck in 3 places and this left various strands of muscle paralysed around my left arm and shoulder area. Where nerves branch off from the spinal cord at a cervical vertebrae was damaged. Over the years, most, if not all have reconnected, but physiotherapists do not have anywhere near sufficient training to find subtle, weak ranges of motion to …well…prescribe any working therapy. After studying and applying many details learned for training and gains, I have to say thank you, as your vids have given better understanding and top notch results.

  24. Seen quite a few comments suggesting drugs. Those are the smart people, cause it's clearly true to anyone who knows the basics of muscle building.

  25. Just recently, I started implementing your "balloon method" workouts in my routine, and now I'm starting to see and feel the results. I'll be implementing more of your super sets, drop sets, and TUT 30 & 45 routines.

  26. You don't have much of an idea of what you're talking about with scientific however you're implementing it into your training lol

  27. All of you accusing him of being on any drugs know nothing about roids. You look beautiful & good for u having patience.


  29. Yeah right douche bag. You'll have the poor people hitting their MRV in 1 week and frying their CNS. We know how you do it. Tren hard, Test the limits, Anavar give up! Jesus just own it bro at least then youd be partially credible.

  30. I really hope this video was a troll theres no way you can be that fucking stupid expecting people not to know what's going on in 2019 , as a user myself there ain't a single person in the industry who fools me dont be that guy you make your following look stupid

  31. He's right this is the best way to train for hard gainers, I learned this from Steve holman 20 years ago in iron man magazine.

  32. For crying out loud why people like to troll and hate so much?? This guy took the time to show us his 11 year transformation with evident pictures, what kind of training he did and his lab results which I don't see much persons do. This was some great insight and it is possible to be natural once you train CONSISTENTLY WITH PROPER DIET!!! Some of y'all can't even train 5 years straight with consistency and slack off…c'mon guys..give props when it's due and Jack his jacket!!! Awesome video bro and thanks for the tips!!!

  33. Please stop hating on him! If he used roids he would need year at most. Just bc YOUR body doesn't respond the same doesn't mean he is on drugs. It was a SLOW process.

  34. Your form is way off on your exercises which will give you a peculiar look…. And you do look peculiar…. Steroid users are never going to admit to it…. Increase in muscle size low body fat and vascularity at same time you're juicing!

  35. You cannot bomb every body part every time you go into the gym.You'll reach a point of diminishing returns very soon… You'll have lagging body parts… Then you'll have to prioritize on lagging body parts!

  36. Frank Zane was one of the great but lesser know bodybuilders from the 80s. He was a ectomorph and had to train radically different from the likes of Arnold. He was not gifted with amazing genetics nut nonetheless he overcame them.

  37. Hi, Troy, I love watching all your videos and actually I'm a subscriber. I'm 74 years old but still, love muscle exercises building some more of it. Have a good time and be safe

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