How I Got Bigger Biceps In 30 Days

How I Got Bigger Biceps In 30 Days

For years people have been hitting the weights
to build muscles, and lots of people seem to focus specifically on bigger arms. It’s seems a lot of guys spend all of their
gym time working on that one part of the body, with many people pretty much leaving their
bottom half alone. Why the biceps are so important we don’t
know, but if you want that action-hero look you are going to have to have a pair of fine,
muscular arms. So today we will tell you how to get that
Terminator look, and how to get it fast. First of all, we don’t advise that you work
out only this one part of your body. Just add this to your routine each day, and
even if you take a day off it’s ok to keep with the bicep training. We advise that you stretch after exercising
and eat plenty of healthy protein-rich foods. We also recommend that you don’t go heavy
every day. You don’t have to go all out, but you should
try to get the perfect technique. We’ll start with the one you all know, or
at least have seen. Day One: Cross Body Hammer Curl. You will do three sets in total, and each
set will consist of eight reps for each arm. Ok, how do you do it? Choose a weight which you think you can manage
for the three sets. We suggest you start lighter and build up. It’s good to warm up the muscle, but at
some point we want you to struggle somewhat. We don’t want you to take it too easy, but
nor do we want you to try lift something so heavy your technique is awful. This goes for every exercise we will talk
about today. Stand with your back straight holding the
dumbbells in each hand. Your palms should be facing in. So far so good. Now you are going to lift one of your arms
towards your opposite shoulder without twisting the dumbbell. It’s just straight up, but across the body,
so if you have the weight in your right hand you will be lifting it towards your left shoulder,
hence the name “cross body.” As you lift slowly exhale, and hold the weight
at the upper most part of the movement for a very short time. You then slowly lower the dumbbell down to
where you started. Keep your breathing and movement stable, no
erratic jerks. Do the same for the other arm and finish the
sets. Day Two: Barbell Curl
You will do 2 sets, but each set will consist of 5 repetitions. Yep, that won’t be easy. Again, start light and move up. To start stand up straight, no slouching. Hold the barbell with your hands at shoulder
length. Your elbows should be quite close to your
body right now. You are going to bring the weight closer to
your body, but what’s important here is how you move. It should really only be your forearms that
are moving. When you get to the top part of the movement
hold it for just a second and squeeze your biceps. This is going to burn at some point, but that’s
all good. Bring the bar down slowly, keeping this sturdy
technique. Keep doing that until you have completed the
sets. Day Three: Dumbbell Floor Press
You will do three sets and each set will consist of ten repetitions. You might not have heard of this one so listen
carefully. Grab hold of some dumbbells and lie down with
your back on the floor. It’s not cheating to bend your knees. Hold those weights right above your head so
your elbows are locked. Now you must lower the weights until your
elbows reach the floor. It’s up to you, but if you tuck in your
arms it will affect the triceps more. If your arms are more to the side this will
get your chest. When you push them up the weights should meet
at the top. Day Four: Dips – Triceps Version
We know we are talking about biceps, but you will need to do this kind of exercise too
if you want to look like Popeye. You will do two sets and 5 repetitions. What you’ll need is a pair of bars to do
your dips on. The problem with this for some people is that
they struggle to do even one, and we are trying to do lots of them. Do not fear, because many gyms will have an
assist machine that helps push you up. If you can’t find one, you can get a friend
to partly assist you. If that’s out of the question, just do what
you can. If you can’t even do one, maybe do the dips
on a bench. Start with your arms locked and straight and
then slowly lower yourself down. Inhale while you are doing this. You should go so low that there is a 90 degree
angle between the upper arm and forearm. When you push back up, exhale. Try and keep your back straight and your elbows
close to your body. Day 5: Superset:
On the last day of this workout you are going to do two exercises for your arms. The first of these is called a Cable Hammer
Curl. You will do 4 sets with 20 repetitions each
time. You will need a machine for this, but most
gyms nowadays have these machines. The machine should have a pulley system, and
you will attach a rope to the bottom pulley. This is so you can pull up a weight with your
biceps. Stand about one foot away from the machine
and keep your back straight. Your double rope will be held with two hands
with your palms faced inwards. Each hand on one rope. Your elbows should be tucked into your sides
for this exercise and only your forearms should move. If you start wildly moving about you are definitely
doing it wrong. Next, pull your arms up as you exhale. When you get to the top hold for a second
and squeeze those now bulging biceps. Now slowly inhale as you carefully lower the
ropes to where you started. Remember, this is not about speed, but technique. Those guys in the gym going as fast as they
can and moving all over the place are doing it wrong. When you bring weights down slowly you are
working the muscle more. The second part of this superset is called
the triceps pulldown and you will also need a machine with a pulley for this, except you
are now pulling down rather than pulling up. You will also do 4 sets and each set will
have 20 repetitions. To do this you will attach a double rope to
the pulley, also one of those ropes you can pull apart into a V shape. This time you will stand almost straight but
it’s good if you stand slightly inclined leaning towards the machine. After this you will slowly bring the rope
down so your hands are going down to your thighs. When you get down to the bottom the top part
of your arms should be right up against your body, but the hands should have spread apart
so that rope makes a V. Still keep your hands close to your body. It’s only your forearms that should really
move. Exhale as you go down and inhale when you
go back up. Don’t rush the exercise. You might also find a V-shaped bar in the
gym and this works just as well as the rope. So, there you go. Do these five days and repeat until you hit
30 days and you will certainly see the difference. There are of course lots and lots of variations
of bicep and triceps workouts, but these exercises cover everything. It’s all you really need to create those
bulging arms. Now all you have to do is try it and come
back later and tell us what changes you saw. For now, maybe you can tell us what you think
about this in the comments and if you have any alternative workouts you want to add. Also, be sure to check out our other video
I Did 30 Push-Ups For 30 Days And This Is What Happened. Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t
forget to like, share and subscribe. See you next time.

100 Replies to “How I Got Bigger Biceps In 30 Days”

  1. Building your biceps will not give you big arms. Building the 3 muscle groups, in your triceps and shoulders, build arm size. Biceps are only about 20% of muscle mass in your arms.

  2. working out your legs increases testosterone which helps you build bigger muscles faster, so its funny to see people only workout out their arms when they could be getting bigger faster by talking one or 2 days a week to work out their legs

  3. I think I need to work out too and eat foods rich in protein to develop muscles, because I always wonder why I'm not getting fat, Even if I eat plenty!!! That's why I'm planning to develop my muscles for me to look not just physically fit but also thicker!!! Because I'm so thin!!!

  4. Your over exaggerating just beat yo meat really hard and you’ll get the same results but in 11 days ☺️

  5. You could argue that anyone whom only wants to build their biceps are erratic jerks, so there's nothing that can be done to stop it.

  6. Thumbnails def shopped. It’s still small, but you don’t gain that fast. Don’t give these noobs unrealistic expectations

  7. I click this video because I need to work on my upper body since I focus too much on my lower half.

    I walk a lot and train

  8. More of these please! The descriptions of how to properly do the exercises are great, including where your elbows should be and how far to move the arms, etc… Definitely going to be doing a few of these!

  9. This channel used to be a lot better and informative when it had below million subscriber but like every other channel (Bright Side) it is also became a waste of time to watch it

  10. Using an App has worked well for me. I use Bodbot and it gives you a varied exercise program with instructions in text and video.

    Following an app helps you get into a routine. I have always failed to stick with my gym exercise just because I fell out of my routine and became uncertain of how to do some exercises a some time after I learned them.

    If you tried and failed try using an app.

  11. 0'14 it's simple. It's pretty much the only muscle that are constantly showing. Ask anyone to make a muscle and see how many flexes their bicep. Even the "flex" empji are, you guessed it: 💪 It's a cultural thing, really

  12. This is slowly turning into a fitness channel. This is pretty ok for the first workouts, but a) you shoulf definitely workout all your body, and b) u wont get many results in 30 days.

  13. To suggest that someone should work their arm 5 days in a row is a sign that the dorks at infographics have no idea what they are talking about. Stick to making USA vs some weaker nation, who would win videos.

  14. I like that the majority of infographics subscribers are younger because they means (hopefully) we should have a future with kids being more in shape… of corse there are definitely a lot of kids watching that will probably just watch and never follow through but it's nice knowing how many views these videos get and knowing that most of those views are kids

  15. You should definitely do a while series on different workouts, say core, chest, back, upper legs, lower legs, stabilizers, posture. I like the format you guys use for all your videos, really works adapts well to these workout videos in particular!
    Thank you.

  16. Tl;dr 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps 3-4 times a week. Biceps curls, hammer curls, reverse EZ bar curls, cross body curls, etc.

    Source: sports science major

  17. This video is very poorly researched and anyone who has looked deeply into properly working out the body can clearly see how incredibly flawed this advice is.

    Your muscles grow when you rest and working out your arms everyday will over work them and because they don't get a break you won't be able to push yourself to your peak potential intensity.

    You need 48 hours rest for your muscles to fully recover so it would be a lot smarter to perform multiple exercises on one day and then take a break.

    E.g. dips 3 X 8, chin ups 3 X 8, ezbar bicep curls 4 X 10, alternating cable curls 4 X 10, skull crushers 3 X 12, tricep push downs
    Repeat twice a week and on other days work out chest, shoulders, back and legs

  18. Two days in a row for each set of muscles without a break for muscle repair? (Three days in a row in the case of triceps) Why?

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