How I got rid of Sciatica and Low Back Pain permanently

How I got rid of Sciatica and Low Back Pain permanently

Hi I’m not a medical doctor who practises medicine I’ve always treated myself with diet, fasting and natural remedies so i asked myself why is it we get sciatica pains? I eat healthy, though I eat a little bit of cake, and I eat meats, and drink a little wine I’m not a fanatic but I usually try to eat healthy I have no health problems even though I am now in my 60s but I couldn’t figure out why I was getting this trouble with my lower back and then recently I was trying to lift up a carpet and the next thing I was on the floor It was like the top side of my body was separated from the bottom I felt like I was just like in two pieces And I lay there on the floor and I imagined ambulance, surgeons, and nurses and full time health care And I saw my house having to be sold to pay for it all theh I remembered the story of a friend from California who had fallen from a very high waterfall and she was told by the doctors that that she never would be able to walk again She was only 18 at that time and told she would be in a wheelchair and very pretty, blond and beautiful and everything and very pretty, blond and beautiful and everything And she said “No way” she was not going to be stuck to a wheelchair so she pushed herself and started walking It was very painful so she actually got to doing a little every day And when I met her she actually had her own dance troupe And she was teaching Salsa and Samba to people in Sacramento And her name wsa Magica. She took on the second name of Magica because her life was magic you see she was told she was going to be confined to a wheelchair and here she was teaching dancing! And I felt her lower back..she had asked me to feel her lower back and it was just nothing but crushed bone I couldn’t imagine how she could walk and dance But she had built up the musculature around the area that was damaged and that’s why she was able to function normally So I though of her and said “If Magica could do what she did , I do not need to go to the hospital” II’m going to stay at home And another friend from Portugal had gone through a surgery for the same lower back problems and he was now confined to a wheelchair and in a terrible state So I wanted to find out what’s this about the back that is causing sciatica and the lower back to get out of whack sso I took a photgraph of my back this picture was taken on my IMAC and I turned by back to the computer so thei right side is actually the left side of my back This is the right side of my back This is my spinal chord and you can see this thick band here which forms a shadow on the right side of my spinal chord The other side is all open So if you do some extra heavy work with your right hand This strong muscle can easily push your disc out because there is nothing on the other side to hold it in This photo was taken the first time before I started my research and exercise routine Then I started thinking and I thought all through our lives we are told we got to use our right hand you write with your right hand etc the left hand is like taboo with that emphasis in our civilization or our society to always use our right hand for everything, we tend to carry everything with our right hand and the left hand is useless used maybe just as a support when when you are trying to carry something with both hands together so it does not get any workout, the muscle on the left side of the spine so then I thought let me just do exercises and build up the left side so that I have a band right along my spine on my left side too For 6 months, for I could not put up a video with just a theory and without trying it out Ss I did the exercises I lifted small weights, whatever buckets of water and tried to do all heavy work only with my left hand I let my right hand rest because I said, “That’s okay, My right hand has a solid band of muscle and does not need any workout So after six months my back was much better and I noticed I could climb up, as I live in a hill station My wallking improved I was not feeling tired when I walked Here you can see the band is beginning to form on the left side This is six months after the exercises and also the hip crease has lowered a bit, beofre this left crease was way up and the right one was way down showing the imbalance in the musculature around the spinal chord So the right side you got a band of muscle and the left side now also has a band so this is when my sciatica stopped and I was much more balanced in my walking and then I did not get any sciatica and it was raining and it was raining all the time and that’s the time I really get my sciatica we didn’t even have spring or summer this year I said “Gee it’s been miserable and rainy and I don’t have the sciatica That’s wonderful, I mean, my theory is correct so I better put it up on youtube The day I was going to put it up, I was doing some work in the garden doing some work using my left hand when thankfully the Universe kind of warned me at the right time My back went out again And I almost collapsed, but not like the first time the first time I collapsed I couldn’t move I had to drag myself to my bed and lay there and fast for two days and detox and all that and it took me almost three weeks the first time I fell to recover but this time within three days I was okay but I got to thinking and I took another picture of my back the band was there on the left hand side there was a swelling on the lower portion of my back It seemed to me “if you don’t use it, you lose it” so I’ve not been using my right hand And the funny thing is the sciatica which used to be on the left side which it used to be always now moved to my right though it was just a twinge and not a full blown sciatica Then it occurred to me I have not being using my right side and the muscle is there but if it is not used it gets weak It just remains a band but it is blobby and not firm so Then I realized I must use both hands When I’m doing work I must make it equal, I mean give equal attention to using both hands then I went on by using both my right and left hands to do any work But I still did extra work with my left hand with weights because the right hand has been built up for almost 60 years so thre is no way the left hand can get that thick a band except with extra work My theory is that if you have a strong band on both sides Then you do something heavy, there is less chance of discs being slipped out this side or that side for you need that band of musculature to keep your discs in and the spinal chord is so delicate If you don’t do exercise, most people want an easy job in front of a computer and they don’t want to do any heavy work If you don’t do physical work, or heavy physical work your body is not going to build up calcium only sets in into your bones when you do physical activity If you don’t do the activity, you won’t get the calcium settling in your bones your bones are going to be weak, you’re going to end up with osteoporosis and all that If you pop in a 100 calcium pills a day and you don’t do any exercises that calcium is just going to wash through your body the muscle needs to be used if it is used, it will use the calcium, it will take it in If we all did our own physical work we would all be strong, we wouldn’tr feel old My dad was, he was 63 and he passed away, and I’m 65 And I don’t feel anywhere old! Now since the last time that I had a slight setback about two months ago and I’ve been using both my arms, my lower back is fine, I can dance all night and I don’t tire as much Another thing that helped with my lower back was cutting out on all commercial cooking oils All pushed as healthy vegetable oils, I used to notice all sticky gooey stuff on the outside of the bottle of the cooking oils I found out they use toxic chemcials to make some of these oils I kind of suspected the oils were giving me a problem with my muscles and bones etc so I switched over to clarified butter, which we get easily in India and it is called GHEE. sometimes I use meat fat, if it is there the other thing I use is very little coconut oil as it is highly saturated. This is the most recent photo of my back the muscle bands are extended slightly outwards in the form of an arc because I’m arcing my back backwards This is a good sign, It shows flexibility of the muscle bands lining the spinal chord The hip creases on both sides are equi distant (on the same level) showing a blanaced musculature. At this point I have NO pain at all and all pain and idscomfort has disappeared from my lower back And I can even touch my toes without bending at the knees! which is really quite incredible as earlier I could not even bend my head forward! I went for a party a few days ago and I had way more energy I danced all night and I was able to get down on the floor with my rock and roll moves And it was so much fun because I did not hurt anywhere, no back pain or this pain or that pain It was so nice That’s why I put this video out for I’d like everyone to be healthy for if we are healthy, we are happy and it’s so easy if you have the information. You need the information on how to stay healthy so what I’ve learnt from my experience I’m passing it on to you It’s not allopathic advice and if you have complications like osteoporosis and injuries on your spine and other complications Then I wouldn’t know how to tell you but you have to find your own way through but always remember whatever happens to your spine you can build the muscle around that spine to support it so that it helps and you can go on with your life and you don’t have to be crippled like my friend Magica, the dance teacher I wish you good health and thank you for coming to my video Please share it if you find you tried this theory out and it worked for you Thank you for visiting my channel

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  1. Angeli, thanks for post this very good work for our health. Very important to all of us.
    From BraSil,
    Macelo Batista

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    Anna B. Crowe Thank you for a very informational and interesting video! I love the story about the dancing teacher and how she healed herself! This is new to me, about the spinal muscles being too weak. I recently started dancing again, as that is a type of exercise that uses all the muscles. I realised that it was important to get moving… so as not to get stiff and achy. I am getting a bit older too, and have got away with just walking as exercise for several years… yet now I know how important it is to move much more, so as to stay supple, healthy and happy! Incidentally, your English is excellent!
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  3. Great video! out-of-the-box thinking and analysis. Will try it out.

    I stumbled upon this amazing ancient Chinese self-healing technique called Paida-lajin (type this keyword on youtube search bar to get more information). I have been doing this for a month now and the results are nothing short of miracle. Especially the "lajin" part.

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