How I make my rice water protein hair treatment | Curly Girl Method DIY

How I make my rice water protein hair treatment | Curly Girl Method DIY

Good morning everybody so today I’m
gonna do my rice water protein treatment recipe for you all. And I know some of
you are going “yeah!” because you’ve been waiting for this for a while. I get asked
a lot (by people on Instagram and here on YouTube) what to do with those bits of
hair that are flat or flyaway or frizzy and just aren’t curling the same way as
other pieces of your hair. Some people have it at the back, some at
the top, some underneath – everyone seems to have it in a different place and I
always, always, always suggest rice water protein treatments first because it is
cheap and it’s easy and it’s a really good place to start. I think if you’ve
got some chemical processing damage or some coloring damage Olaplex might
be a good option because it’s going to be a lot stronger. But if you’ve just
had years of straightening and blow-drying then rice water protein
treatment is definitely the thing I would suggest. So today this is my third
day hair – my hair has got quite a lot of build-up – I put too much product on it on
day one. But you can see these bits of hair at the front are like not really
curling properly in comparison to the rest of the hair and so it’s in
desperate need of a bit of a protein treatment – I probably haven’t done one in
about a month and so I’m going to show you how I do it because it’s just so
easy. I use a modified version of the CurlyCailin recipe. I love her blog, I
think it’s super helpful. It’s got some great product advice and that recipe is
so so detailed, so I’ll make sure to link that down below. She uses a different
mask to mix in than I will actually use today, but you can use whatever mask you
have. I’ll make sure to talk about that bit in a bit. But first of all I’m going to
tell you that I’m gonna use easy cook long grain rice simply because it’s what
I have in my cupboard. You can use any kind of rice to make a rice water
protein treatment. The key part to it is making sure it goes really smushy – so
all the protein has come out so you get a really like a cloudy thick goop. It’s
easier with a quicker cook rice because obviously it takes less time, but it goes
smushier kind of just much easier. Also as well at the end you end up with keeping
the rice so make sure it’s a rice you actually want to eat. So I’ve got a scant
just cup (so about 200mls) here of the rice, and then I’m gonna put just 4 scant cups (so about 800 mls) of just regular water in here. So then
I’m just gonna let it come to a boil, turn it down to a simmer and just let it
cook until it’s absorbed most of the water. As it’s coming towards the end of
cooking time you just want to make sure you come and give it a good stir so you
can see how cloudy it’s getting, how kind of smushy the rice is – this rice is
still kind of quite whole so I’m gonna definitely let it cook over its
allocated time. Which is about right, I mean you want it to be slightly
overcooked rice. Also don’t be afraid to add in a bit more water if you think it
needs it. Sometimes depending on the rice it’s gonna absorb that water far too fast –
every rice is gonna need a different amount of water, so yeah just
add in a bit more water if you think it needs it. I’m gonna take this set up – so a
sieve, on top of a jug, and I’m just gonna strain all of that through there and
I’ll show you how I do that. Every time I make this it comes out a different
consistency so today I think it’s probably quite runny but then the second
I start sort of squishing and pressing the rice you get the more gloopy stuff
coming out the bottom, and that always changes the consistency so I’m gonna go
ahead and just keep squishing. Can you see how that rice is kind of, there’s
like no water left in it and it’s kind of gone to this almost like sushi rice
it’s gotten really stodgy. So that is basically what came off the bottom of
the sieve but when you mix that into here it just gets really nice and thick
and the proper consistency for a really nice hair treatment. So then we have made
this really lovely thick gorgeous silky protein treatment and you can just
use that all by itself and put it on as a mask, squish that in as a conditioner
and it’s just luscious. It’s so so scrummy. Or you can add in a deep
conditioning treatment to it. So I’m gonna add in a bit of this Jessicurl
deep conditioner because I find this a bit too hefty all by itself, but it just
adds something extra. obviously adds the citrus lavender scent as
well which is really nice. So thick this stuff! Did not go according to plan… So as you saw that kind of came out a bit weird from that deep conditioning tube
so what I’ve done is I just whisked it and it’s become this kind of really
thick aerated texture and it kind of looks like porridge but it’s gonna be so
easy to put in your hair. So then all I’m going to do is shampoo my hair
completely in the shower, then I’m gonna tip my head over and just scrunch all of
this into my hair and I’m going to use the bowl in the shower so I can keep
reapplying it basically into my hair and then I will come back to you… So I’m just gonna clip it up because
otherwise ew. And you want to make sure you squish as much of that stuff out
because otherwise it will just run down your everything. Then you wanna put a plastic
cap on. Now as it’s actually still kind of warm I’m not gonna use my Hot Headz
but this Thermal Haircare mask is super good – you just put it in the microwave
and it warms up and then it will just help any product penetrate a little bit
more and just kind of help strengthen that hair a bit more – but I’m just not
going to use it today. If you haven’t squished enough out you might want to
put a little towel around your shoulders just to catch any of the fallout and
then just sit for half an hour with this on your hair. So it’s been the full half
hour and I’ve just taken the plastic cap off. You can see I’ve got little specks
of rice in my hair so what we’re gonna do now is just rinse everything out
completely fully 100% and then I’m gonna style as normal and come back to you. So
these are the final results and I think the results kind of speak for themselves
my hair is super super duper defined, extra curly and shiny, glossy, it is a teensy
tiny bit wet still so I will say that but there’s no crunch left in there at
all this is just curl. And I can’t stop touching it cuz it feels so nice and
moisturized and lovely. So if this video hasn’t convinced you to go into your
cupboard get your rice out put some water on it, boil it up and then put that
stuff in your hair, I just don’t know because look at these
curls! Please make sure to hit the subscribe button if you’re new here and
if you’ve liked this video please give it a thumbs up and yeah leave me a comment if
you have done a rice water treatment or you’ve done it slightly differently or
if you have any tips to share with everyone else that would be fantastic. So
thank you for joining me today I hope you have a brilliant rest of your day,

23 Replies to “How I make my rice water protein hair treatment | Curly Girl Method DIY”

  1. Your hair looks so healthy! Could I use rice protein powder instead of making the rice water? Would it be the same thing?

  2. Looks AMAZING!! wish all it took was a rice water treatment to make my hair look like yours…curse of the 2b,c/3a…all the 2's are on the top LOL

  3. Gloppy rice leftovers?  Make ice pops that beckon the tropics! How to: Smoosh the rice it into a homogeneous paste. Add a tiny bit of salt. Then, add coconut milk (if you started with 1 cup of rice as per Alyssa's instructions, 1 cup of coconut milk would be perfect), 1 cup water, and to taste, any combination of powdered ginger, cinnamon, and sugar. If you're not a fan of grainy textures, run the flavored rice-coconut mix in the blender until it's completely smooth. Pour the mix into small plastic cups, insert a popsicle stick, and freeze it.  Enjoy a sweet, icy treat that will transport you to your favorite tropical beach!

  4. First–I followed your instructions for this hair mask and I'm thrilled with the results! Thank you so much! Second–I come from a "rice at every meal" part of the world, so the idea of throwing out the leftover rice felt wrong. I cooked mine with a teaspoon each of olive oil and salt (knowing that if any oil remained in the slurry, it would nurture my hair) and once I removed the liquid to use in my hair, I saved the gloppy rice. I mixed it with coconut milk, water, ginger, cinnamon, and sugar, blended it, froze it in little cups, and made a delicious dessert out of it. (I posted the instructions on a thread by itself in hopes other people could find it and save their rice too! I hope you don't mind.) Thanks again for sharing your rice treatment method!

  5. I'm going to try this tomorrow.
    And coincidentally I found Curly Cailin's blog yesterday.
    I'm feeling rice water treatment empowered!
    Wish me luck.

  6. My curls look very much like yours did before the treatment. I tried doing the rice treatment today before I saw this video. I didn’t cook the rice completely like you did. I think I will try it again tomorrow using a bit of hair mask that I have. Your hair looked so healthy afterwards! I’m starting to get some crazy grays coming in. Is there anything I should know about curly hair when using color?

  7. I have done it once last month, and I’m doing it again today. My curls was amazing last time. So defined and tight, and shrunk so much

  8. Why do you call it a protein treatment? It's contains close to zero protein and the active ingredient is the rice starch which builds long filaments that are fairly elastic.

    Great curls whatsoever! I might try this!

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