How I STRETCH My Natural Hair WITHOUT HEAT using Stretchy Bands (BEFORE & AFTER RESULTS)

How I STRETCH My Natural Hair WITHOUT HEAT using Stretchy Bands (BEFORE & AFTER RESULTS)

Hey guys welcome back to another video
so today I’ll be showing you a requested video to see the before and after
results of using stretchy bands for stretching my natural hair so let’s get
started. So I’m going to repeat the same process as I did in my recent nightly
haircare routine video and begin by sectioning and moisturizing my hair. So
this time I’ll be using one of my favs at the minute and that is The Aunt Jackie’s
Instant Detangling Therapy which I absolutely love, this product is so
moisturizing and it defines my coils quite nicely too. Just for anyone who
hasn’t yet seen my previous nightly routine I’m going to quickly show you
the method once again now but do check out that video where I talk you through the
process in a lot more detail. Now my preferred method for stretching
my hair is overnight and because it gives enough time you know enough hours to
pass for my hair to really stretch but you don’t have to do it that way if you
don’t wanna you can do it during the day if you like, but just keep yourself
enough hours so your hair can fully stretch. Okay so that’s all completely I’m just
going to turn around and show you what it looks like and I’m gonna head off to
bed. Okay so it’s the next day I’m going to take you through the results. Now one
thing I like to do is to add moisture to my hair but of course in adding moisture
only causes your hair to shrink *sighs* so of course that’s what happened this time
around so normally when I you know before I actually put the stretchy bands
in I’ll put like a heavier based product like a gel or a curling cream
and then I will put the stretchy bands in but because I’ve used like a light
product my hair didn’t hold very well so it’s kind of kind of didn’t really
stretch as much as it normally does but you know what the main thing was to show
you the process and the results that you can achieve using stretchy bands and it
really does work if you use the right products of course. And here is the
before and after pic and of course you can see that my hair is slightly
stretched as I said normally is stretched a lot more. Anyway guys make
sure you give this method a try for stretching your hair and let me know how
it turns out. Thanks so much for watching and be sure to subscribe for more videos.

10 Replies to “How I STRETCH My Natural Hair WITHOUT HEAT using Stretchy Bands (BEFORE & AFTER RESULTS)”

  1. Hey guys, so I had a request to do a video on my Before & After results of using stretchy bands to stretch my natural hair, so here it is! By the way, it didn’t come out as stretched as planned, but at least you get to see the whole process from start to finish! Let me know if you have any questions 😊

  2. I love that detangler also! ☺ Have you heard of the qredew hair steamer? I used mine for the first time last night on my natural hair and I was so surprised at the results! I was able to detangle my hair easily and the best part was how soft my hair became ☺. You should search for the qredew on YouTube. I think you'll like it ☺😉

  3. I have looked high and low for those stretchy bands and I can't find them 🙁 they weren't on that website anymore! Do you know where else I could find them?

  4. I use this method also but I found that because the band's are made of a drying cotton material it sucks the moisture out of my hair. Making my own bands out of tights (doesn't dry my hair out) helps SO much, u should try it out 🙂

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