How I Workout Back (Chris Heria)

How I Workout Back (Chris Heria)

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  1. Keep going bro I know you only gonna get stronger and just to drop some progress of my own I can finally planch for about 1-2 seconds I'm so happy thanks Chris you one in a million 💪💯

  2. Man you really work hard maaan
    As much as you caaan
    But there is one thing pinching me
    I found Mr. Heria struggling in Deadlift Man

  3. If I can't do 15 explosive push-ups but I can hold a 10 sec front lever…I suppose I need to balance more my workouts

  4. Saludos desde honduras Chris heria práctico tus rutinas me gusta como entrenas pero si me mandaras una camisa un chaleco y un buso sería mucho mejor a ser las rutinas ya logró el handstan y estoy trabajando full planche pero falta mucho camino para estar a tu nivel saludos.

  5. I was just thinking recently about working the antagonist muscles for my warm ups. Crazy man. Good content 💯

  6. Thank you my brother Chris heria I wish God give you long life and a lot of money and bless because you give us a lot of workout secrets love and respect from Dubai

  7. I'm here to look for the future monsters of this world!
    You like sports or you want to outdo yourself and become a better version of yourself!
    Well, you have fallen well my youtube channel is made for you

  8. Right. Been watching videos on YouTube. Criss. Your the most inspirational by far thanks man.
    One thing about a lot of other peoples videos I’ve watch is the amount of fake my 6month or my one years transformation. It’s seriously fkn annoying. I’m wanting fast results isn’t everyone but unfortunately these face videos are a long road to disappointment in my opinion. I’m not saying they haven’t had the transformation but leading people to believe it’s a lot faster than reality isn’t fair. Especially if like myself I seriously suck and suffer with the I can’t do it syndrome massive lack of motivation and depression I loos interest really fast. It’s a circle of mental defeat.
    But also want to do it. Your videos are the ones that help me the most. I’m thinking of doing a real true to life transformation no bull shit not even editing just how it is. THANKS MAN. Any advice or motivation would be seriously appreciated. Keep it going man.

  9. Hi chris, you are at another level man.. some with similar to my body (it is in my video)how long do you think it will take to reach half your level?

  10. Just what I needed, thank you!
    Pd: One year following you and because of it I'm in the best shape I've ever been and I'm pretty happy with that, thank you very much!

  11. Chris, u r a superhero, your trains are awesome and superuseful. But I really miss your vlogs about your life and I'm sure that I'm not alone. I mean you have a channel only for trains (thenx). So, I mean u can show more abt your life here, on your own channel

  12. thank you for giving the best advice and message. hopefully it can be applied every day before activating and thank you for the application.
    God Bless🙏

  13. You got the best content man! Just got out the marines and back in Tampa. I’m turning into a beast and I see your hard work bro cause I apply it. I’m going in the police in may and then swat team next. Your training is perfect for spec ops. Shoutout from Tampa bro .


  14. When I attempt L-sit pull-ups or regular L-sits as well, I cramp up in my quads. Any advice for exercises/stretches that can be done for this?

  15. How many pullups is considered proficient or ready to move up weight i can do 14. Full range of motion they are fast though.

  16. Everytime I do push-ups I get a backache,
    I tried following several videos to make it perfect. But still my back ache after push ups.
    What can be the reason?

  17. Great video! For future vids, please match volume of Chris’ voice to music while working out. Music is currently waaaay louder 👍🏼

  18. I was waiting for back exsercise. Thanks.
    Maybe in the future some video about Physical therapy. Muscle and nerve problems. I have problem with shoulder joint.
    I wish you all the best.

  19. Awesome build up workout Chris! Definitely signed up for the app and access! Also took advantage of Black Friday deal and got myself the Heria Weight Vest ! Just received it yesterday! Definitely an investment! My next purchase will be the rings for sure! Building up everyday. Thank you! Stay blessed! #gainz

  20. @CHRIS HERIA Do you recommend sprinting intervals? I've heard it is one of the best cardio exercises, what's your opinion?

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