How Is Cervical Cancer Diagnosed and Treated?

How Is Cervical Cancer Diagnosed and Treated?

Cervical cancer is diagnosed usually in a
gynecologist office and the usual course of events where cervical cancer is diagnosed,
it is usually picked up on a screen Pap smear which shows an abnormality which then results
in examination by gynecologist called colposcopy wherein an examination in their office is
performed where with binocular microscopy, we evaluate the cervix and take directed biopsies
of abnormalities that we observe. These biopsies are then looked at by a pathologist under
microscope and then render a diagnosis as cervical dysplasia otherwise known as the
precancer or precursor lesions of cervical cancer. Sometimes unfortunately is diagnosed
as an invasive cervical cancer and when we see that the examination done by the physician
is really the first and most important means of dictating how we take care of a patient.
Cervical cancer still staged basically by an exam which is observation of the cervix,
palpation or a physical exam of the cervix may help that the cancer is just as involve
other adjacent structures and then we do use some radiologies such as CT scans, chest x-rays,
etc., to help us guide how we take care of the patient and manage such cervical cancer. Cervical cancer when we catch it in its early
stages, stage 1 and sound specific stage 2s, we tend to use surgery for those treatments
and that can be anything from a conservative operation meaning where the uterus is left
in place such as what is called a conization where we excise the abnormality only on the
cervix and leave the remaining cervix and leave the uterus in place. There are other
options for that which is called a trachelectomy which is a procedure where the surgeon removes
the cervix but leaves the uterus and we use that treatment modality in patients that have
invasive cervical cancer that desire a future fertility. Furthermore, as we get into more
advanced stages or in patients that fertility is not desired, a hysterectomy is performed
and based upon complicated issues with regards to what the stage is and the cell type, sometimes
a traditional what we call a simple hysterectomy is performed which is one that a general OB/GYN
performs. However as the stage becomes more progressed what is called a radical hysterectomy
is required and that is performed by a gynecologic oncologist. In a radical hysterectomy is removal of the
uterus and cervix in some of the adjacent structures called the parametrium. We also
remove the lymph nodes at the time of that surgery to help dictate whether what is called
adjuvant treatment is required and for some patients, depending upon certain issues on
the pathologic specimen, chemotherapy and/or radiation maybe required depending upon certain
pathologic events. As the stage gets more advanced such as certain stage 2 cancers even
certain stage 1 cancers require radiation meaning that a hysterectomy is not the best
first treatment. There are a lot of patients with cervical cancer that we do recommend
radiation in lieu of hysterectomy because we know that the radiation is going to work
as effective with less complications and the way that radiation is prescribed for patients
with cervical cancers, we do use a combination of a very small dose of chemotherapy in conjunction
with radiation. The chemotherapy is not a chemotherapy where patients lose their hair,
no one will really know you are receiving the chemotherapy because it is such a small
dose. That small dose of chemotherapy has actually been shown to help the radiation
work better more effectively and cure more patients but the radiation is really the curative
treatment for certain types of cervical cancer. That’s administered by a radiation oncologist,
who is a doctor that treats cancer with radiation and they work in concert with the GYN oncologist
with the chemotherapy. That course of treatment usually take somewhere between seven to eight
weeks depending upon certain pathologic and radiologic findings. There is a combination
of what is called external beam radiation where a patient lies on a table and the radiation
comes just like if you are receiving an x-ray and then there is also a portion of what we
call internal or Reiki therapy radiation which is one the radiation oncologist puts the radiation
right on the cervix.

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