How Is Your Protein Supplement Made? – An Inside Look at Whey Protein – BPI Sports

How Is Your Protein Supplement Made? – An Inside Look at Whey Protein – BPI Sports

WARNING: This video may cause you to question the quality of your current protein supplement If you’re supplementing with a protein, you know WHY you should be taking it – and how it’s going to help you reach your fitness goals – BUT how much do you know about the actual product you’re taking? How do you know if what’s on the label is what’s really in the bottle?
In order to truly feel confident in a product, shouldn’t you know something about WHERE it came from – and how it was made? Well I think so. – – My name is James Grage and I’m the Co-Founder of BPI SPORTS, Here recently I jumped on a plane, leaving sunny South Florida behind – to travel to Wisconsin, so I could show you exactly where and how our proteins are made. Now Wisconsin is a lot like you would imagine…rolling hills, old barns, pick-up trucks…and of course cows. It didn’t get its nickname “America’s Dairy Land” for nothing. Now you may be wondering how this relates to cutting edge sports nutrition. Well, before all the formulation and science, the best proteins in the world start with NATURE… more specifically MILK.
The first step begins at the local dairy farms. Here they raise the calves from birth where the owner of the farm personally names each one, like a new member of the family. On the farm they believe that happy and healthy cows produce high quality milk…and quality milk is the first step in a high-quality protein supplement.
Each day the fresh dairy is transported directly to one of the local cheese manufacturers. Here it is separated into curds – – and whey. The curds, – or solids – go on to be made into cheese – and the liquid that’s left over is your whey. This liquid whey is immediately loaded on a truck and taken a short distance down the road – to the next step in the protein manufacturing process. So as the liquid whey arrives at the protein manufacturing facility, it first goes through pasteurization – and then on to filtration.filtering and refining over 720 of this raw liquid whey, to get just one 5lb container of finished whey protein. This starts by sending the liquid through a massive web of stainless steel tubing, that are fitted with specialized ceramic filters, like the one you see here. This natural – cold temperature process separates the protein from the fats and lactose – resulting in a finished product that is extremely high in protein while retaining the important micronutrients – – This differs from other methods, such as Ion-Exchange, that uses harsh chemicals that can reduce these important micronutrients – as well as denature the protein. The last step in the process is pumping the liquid into a dryer, where it’s mixed with both hot and cold air – to separate the liquid from the solids. At the end of the line, the liquid is now 90% protein. From here it is quality checked for protein content being bagged, in its raw form, ready to go over to the next step of the process, where it will be blended into the finished protein product you see on shelves. First, all the individual ingredients are weighed and measured. This is the point where our mouthwatering gourmet flavors like chocolate brownie are added in. Now everything goes through a giant high-speed paddle blender to ensure complete uniformity. Giant bags are filled at the bottom and taken over to the last step – which is bottling. As the bottles come down the line, they are first are sanitized – before being filled – weighed – and then quality checked – to make sure that every single bottle has precisely what the label states. From here it gets a BPI label, sealed for freshness, loaded in cases and then stacked on palettes for delivery. Woah! Not so fast though – – – Before our proteins ever leave the factory, bottles are selected at random, and tested in the lab to make sure that the protein content is exactly what it’s supposed to be. They are then compared to a control sample – sample for consistency in flavor, color and density. The final step is verification from ChromaDex, an
independent third party laboratory and one of the
most respected names in sports nutrition. Just to be absolutely certain that each bottle meets the BPI standard. At BPI we have a passion for what we do – and that’s why we go to such great lengths to bring you the absolute best quality supplements – and the best results when it comes to your fitness goals. You can be confident that if it has a BPI label on it, that what’s in the bottle matches exactly what’s on the label. Be Pure Be Powerful

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  1. 4:20 for the Chromadex part
    Would love to know how the ChromaDex tests are going to work. Will they be buying random tubs from various distributors and online and brick and mortar retailers?  Or are you sending them product?

  2.  I appreciate the video and I could care less about anything the FDA says. All they are is another money laundering government hack program with major inconsistencies. They pick and choose what they want control of.
     From my understanding, there are just a couple of facilities in the country with cold-processing technology to filter and separate whey protein profiles from the raw liquid whey. In fact, huge companies (like cabot and so many other), even when they offer final whey powder, they have to take their liquid whey trucks to third party companies to conglomerate, dry and filter that liquid in order to get the whey protein powder. That means, that unless you have a certain amount of that liquid from several hundred or thousand of farms… at the end of the day all that liquid is mixed for the process.

  3. I bought 5lb of Best Protein Cookies & Cream, I wondering how much the processing differs from making ISO-HD? Just curious, I'm on my 7th container of Best BCAA so I don't doubt BPI in any way.

  4. This is by far the best nutritional video I have ever watched!! This video put (How its made) to shame! #bpisports #protein #wheyprotein

  5. This came up as an ad in another video. I watched the entire thing. Ethical treatment of animals is paramount. I'm sold. Great video.

  6. Is Chroma Dex a 3rd party testing company?? Or are they only employed by BPI? Just curious because if so then they are not 3rd party.. Who else's protein do they test for quality? P.S dont get me wrong I do and have always liked BPI products!!!

  7. One of the best ads I've seen, i just had to continue watching. I learned a lot from this video, its nice to see a company that is all about quality

  8. I was wondering does this type of whey gives me Acne?? I've been taking Beast Whey 100% Isolate and I've been getting lots of acne on my back and face. and I've stop now and acne starts to fade off. is there anyone here able to help me out I've been working out for 2years with pretty lots of gains without any supplements so I started out last month. I have experience working but not when it comes to supplements. I realize that when I take those Whey I look really cut after weeks of using so I'll be really glad if there is anyone out there could help me out like telling me what should I avoid in those ingredients that causes acne and stuff I know that Soy gives you acne to those who are prone to it. really appreciate it, Optimum Whey cause acne?? thanks 🙂

  9. Bought the protein 30 min after watching this vid ….. That ….. Is very very good advertising … Seeing the process just made me feel good about it

  10. this videos seems legit. i will try it… i love how this video show how its made and gives us what is inside our product that putchase because most of the time people think protein is good for you. by reading the label doesnt mean its automatically healthy because it may contain harmful ingredients that has good side and bad to it. this is so far the only one that shows how its manufactured. i guess other companies that sales similar products like this, need to learn from video 《~.~》

  11. Best Ad ever! I watched the Whole thing. I live in Mexico, hope there's BPI protein here, you totally engaged me. Bye bye ON!

  12. This got me hooked i've got to try this, nice to see it being sanitized and the whole process it goes through. Very informational, i usually skip this ads but this caught my attention from the get go, keep killing it BPI!!!

  13. WOW what am amazing advertisement! I accidentally clicked on it but couldn't leave without watching the entire vid. About to ordering the strawberry and cream tub 🙂 Keep up the work guys!

  14. well got me interested. definitely my next purchase have been curious about it for a while but this add is definitely giving me the motivation to try a new product. great advertisement!

  15. I bought bpu whey hd before I even saw this video, was tired of horrible after tastes so I simply googled "best tasting whey protein" and there was nothing but bpi in the results. Keep it up guys. Don't change a thing. Nice to have a company you can trust for supps.

  16. Notice nearly no other companies show how their products are made like this that's because they know their product is full of shit and don't want to show it

  17. I use ON 100 gold whey now after watching this video and reading about BPI and Chroma Dex testing and actually seeing how the protein is made really engages the consumers trust with the product and the fact that BPI actually show the making process shows they have nothing to hide. Even makes me question the good old '100%' whey from ON going online now to buy the iso hd any recommendations for a pre-workput shake.

  18. If you come to Turkey, your whey protein will be my No.1. And I know that you will be the number 1 in Turkey, because there are lots of question marks in Turkish people's minds against whey protein and after watching this video, they will be gone. There is really big Whey Protein market here in Turkey growing and you should be in it.

  19. The female cows that have had their babies taken away so they can produce your milk might be slightly more happy than the male calves that will be sent to slaughter for veal soon after they are born. Eat soy protein.

  20. Thats how you do intelligent marketing. A video where you learn stuff and that doesn't feel like an actual ad. Congrats BPI Im on my way to buy some proteins. xp

  21. ☡I like how the intro says warning this my question your protein supplements This company was part of the Amino spiking lol 🤣

  22. The video on your Whey product really increases my confidence in BPi. I’ve seen some very concerning videos on the internet about how some Non plant based BCAA are made (animal fur, human hair). Do you have any similar BPI videos on how your BPI BCAA’s are made?

  23. i don't even lift but its so easy to have a glass of protein in morning as i cant eat as soon as i wake up

  24. 720 Lb of whey liqid to get 5 lb whey!!,
    How its economicaly profitable?
    I dont think that they make from milk only, they must be using sme cheap chemicals.

  25. don't be fool they knows how to brain wash people and selling on them waste process shit and damaging our body include our liver, stomach and kidneys etc for long term damage and makes billion from it we need real food and that's the key not power shit .
    the creator create milk and human took out power shit from it just think about it.

  26. Considering how evil the meat and dairy industry is, it's really nice to see the cows in this video being able to live their live's in peace, thank you.

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