How Many Reps Should You Do To Build Muscle? (How to Build Muscle?)

How Many Reps Should You Do To Build Muscle? (How to Build Muscle?)

You go get your dumbbells and begin preparing
for your workout, but then you stop and ask yourself, “Wait, how many reps am I supposed
to do?” It’s quite a tricky question to say the least.
Looking online doesn’t really help and asking people at the gym gets you all kinds of answers.
The truth is, the amount of reps you do will depend on your goals.
Resistance training goals are typically based on building strength, building muscle, or
increasing muscle endurance. Each of these goals relies on different rep ranges.
The body of science behind rep ranges consistently show that performing between one to five repetitions
is best for building strength. This range stimulates a more efficient neuromuscular
drive that increases signal firing rates from the brain to the muscle to improve contraction.
This range also stimulates myofibrillar hypertrophy, which develops muscle by increasing the amount
of force-generating components in the fiber known as actin and myosin, which then leads
to stronger muscles. Going at a quick tempo, such as a 1 second down and 1 second up cadence,
and resting at least 3 minutes between sets is recommended at this range.
As we progress into the six to twelve rep range, we shift the focus to muscle growth.
This range also stimulates myofibrillar hypertrophy but not to its maximum potential. What makes
this range effective in muscle growth is that it theoretically stimulates another type of
hypertrophy known as sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. This fuels the muscle cell with more cellular
fluid, glycogen (aka stored carbs), and more organelles. More of these means a larger,
but not technically stronger, muscle. This explains why bodybuilders are larger but typically
weaker than professional weightlifters. Performing a slow and controlled tempo, such as 3 seconds
down and 2 seconds up, with no more than 90 seconds rest between sets is recommended in
this range. If you’re looking for more endurance in your
training, high reps are the name of the game. This range can be anywhere between 15 to upwards
a hundred reps, and will typically stress out your energy system rather than the muscle
itself. Doing so will allow the body to become more energy efficient by adapting to the metabolic
stress. High rep, endurance training might not help you lift heavier, but you will be
able to lift lighter weights for much longer while using less energy. Much like a gas-saving
hybrid car, it can’t produce a lot of power at once, but it’ll be able to work much longer
while using a lot less energy. A moderate tempo such as 1 second down and 2 seconds
up with no more than 90 seconds rest between sets is best for this range.
When choosing the correct rep range, make sure to choose an appropriate weight. If you
feel like you can do at least 3 more at the end of the set, go heavier, and if you can’t
finish all the reps in the set, definitely go lighter.
Please share your thoughts about rep ranges in the comments section below!

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  1. I would bump the reps up a bit, 1-10 is pretty good for strength, 11-30 is good for hypertrophy, and then 31-100+ would be endurance.

  2. New to all of this. What's the difference between building strength and building muscle ? is it possible to build strength without building muscle, or vice versa ?

  3. I learned that 3 minute pause between sets is the best for over all. This makes the workout very long. Could I do a set of legs for example and then a set for arms and so keep the pause for one muscle group in 3 minutes?

  4. THIS IS AWESOME!!!! THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS VIDEO!!! I don't know who you are but I do know at some points what you said there are true especially when it comes to endurance, now I know why I gained more endurance but not much change in my muscle size & strength.Thanks dude, hope you have a great day.I'm gonna say this gain, thank you very much man.

  5. I am curious though, is it possible to get good gains of strenght, muscle size & endurance at the same time by doing a set of workout in mind like, 1st set of workout I go with strength tempo, 2nd set I go with mucle size tempo & 3rd set I go with 15+ of reps for each workout.Would that be effective? or should I focus on one type of tempo only for faster gain?

  6. what about a gain goal of strength and endurence? would I switch, like a day for each? and should I work out full body or more specifics, ive always been fit but never really worked out

  7. why is the volume level low on this video?……had to turn up youtube + laptop to full volume to hear this….but great video…..any tips on how to start as a beginner?….all this seems to work best if one has been working out for a few years…..but how do we start…

  8. Can you please make videos about endurance running? How your body copes, what can you do to lengthen your energy, etc

  9. How do you feel about doing ladders? I really find by the time I get to a lower weight and a high rep my muscles are really pushing to their max and the DOSMS is greater the following days.

  10. okay, this video says rest 90 secs for muscle gains and your other says, based on a new study, 3 mins. This is what makes it very hard for beginners to latch onto weightlifting, conflicting data.

  11. @picturefit, do a video about Basal metabolic Rate – the amount of calories burnt at rest – and how it correlates with daily caloric intake and caloric deficit to lose fat/gain muscle. Theres not really a good video about it so far.

  12. THANK YOU! Finally a video that doesn't say "whatever, it depends, here, pay 200$ for a useless book if you wanna find out"

    Now, as a young teenager just starting out, should I train my endurance for the first few weeks, then go for strength?

  13. i have been wanted to build muscle and strength, not endurance! I have always been doing 15 reps for my workouts till now, but now i know why i aint building much muscle while i can take the pain of doing high reps

  14. hello…i am a bit confused now: In this video you say it is best to take 90sec pause between sets to build muscles. But you uploaded a newer video where it is said to take 3 minutes rest between sets. So I guess the 3 minutes are better to go for, right?
    Would be nice if you can make a note in the video, so that others might know about it.
    Thanks for your great videos. Keep going pls. 🙂

  15. Тhis рroduссссt is аwеsоmе. I gаinеd waууу mоre musclе mаss аnd reduсеd bоdу fаt fаstеr thаn аnу оthеr рrotein suррlеment I'vе triеd bеfоrе in thе раst =>

  16. I'm confused​ this video​ u r saying not more than 90 min rest for muscle gain..n in another video u more is better than less rest..u r also saying 2 sec up n 3 sec down for muscle gain..n in another video u said that fast reps are better….which is better..?? please help..

  17. how many reps should i do if i just turned 15 and i just want my arms to look bigger i dont need the strength i just want my arms to look bigger ??????

  18. In this video you say that you shouldn't rest more than 90 seconds for muscle growth. In your video about rest time you say that you are getting better results in muscle growth when you rest 3 minutes…

  19. Does this theory also work for abdominal muscles? Because, I'm struggling to see how many crunches, sit ups etc I should do for ab mass, I already have a low body fat and have a visible 6 pack however, would like to see better results.

  20. In another of ur videos (I think) u said that to build muscle, studies showed that people that rested 3 minutes got bigger than the ones that rested for 1 minute….

  21. explain please: on your rest video you talked about that individuals who rested 3 minutes showed greater muscle gains than those who rested 30 seconds, now you're saying that for muscle gains rest no more than 90 seconds?

  22. I feel like i haven't accomplished anything if i do less than 8 reps…and my goal is to train for strength. So would a minimum of 8 reps with heavy weights still give me the results I'm looking for?

  23. Is it bad to do all 3 training routines in one week. For example muscle building day 1 and 2 push pull, strength training day 3 and 4 push pull , muscle endurance day 5 and 6 push pull.

  24. 1:26 i thought performing reps slower would mean you have to lift lighter for the same amount of reps, which decreases total volume and thus muscle growth?

  25. Your wrong bodybuilders are bigger and stronger … Their lifts cause micro tears in the muscle then the muscle heals its stronger bigger and better than it was before!!! And the tendons and ligaments to

  26. Can you make a video specifically on the different physiques and type of athletes and include what ratio of each type of training to do for those physiques/athletes? P.S your content is badass😂👊🏾

  27. During your rest of 3 minutes, for example, can you go on to target a different muscle group, w/ a shorter break then go back to the same machine / weight?

  28. "If you finish a set and can do more reps; Add weight."
    "If you can't finish a set; Reduce weight."
    Best advice that isn't an 'it depends' answer

  29. wana look big?

    i used to follow this btw im a twig
    i started with 15 pound weights now im at 25 pounds it only took me 2 weeks of training chest, back and legs


  30. 1. Strength – 1-5 reps, 1sec x 1sec, rest 3 min
    2. Mucles – 6-12 reps, 3s x 2s, 90s
    3. Endurance – 15-100+, 2s x 3s, -90s

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