How Many Reps to Build Muscle (BODYWEIGHT EXERCISES!)

How Many Reps to Build Muscle (BODYWEIGHT EXERCISES!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, AHTLEAN.COM. What is the perfect number for a bodyweight
exercise for you to do to get the best results from it? That’s a good question here, guys. It’s a
tricky question. Actually, I’m setting you up because that answer should be, ‘It depends,”
and it’s going to depend on a lot of things. When you’re working bodyweight exercises into
programming, you have to take into account a lot of different things, namely, the strength level of the person you’re
programming it for. And secondly, their body weight because the body weight is acting as
a resistance. But there’s so many times, there’s so many
programs that I come across where I see specific numbers being laid out there for you to do
on a bodyweight exercise, and it’s doing 1 of 2 things. We know it’s
doing a disservice to you, but it’s doing it in 1 of 2 ways. Either it’s setting the bar too low because
if it’s recommending 20 Pull Ups and you can do 30, guess what? You’re not really getting pushed hard enough
to cause an adaptive response. If it’s saying 20 Pull Ups and you can only do 3, guess what? You’re being set up for failure, right, to
fail in a bad way. So, what we want to do is, I wanted to kind of dip in to some of
our programming tactics here. One of the ones we use throughout a lot of
our NXT Programs which are our advanced monthly program that we have a lot of our guys have
already graduated from AX-1 and AX-2. And also, a lot of the foundation of what
we do with the ATHLEAN XERO PROGRAM which has allowed it to help guys build muscle, much more than any other bodyweight program
out there. So, it’s this tactic that we have here basically it’s a multiplier effect. So, the way you want to really do this, and
this is kind of cool because you can actually take a bodyweight exercise by the time this
video is done, challenge a buddy, and see who does a better
job on getting to this number. I’ll show you how we calculate it. So, you take your bodyweight exercise, the
first thing you want to do is, you want to do that exercise to failure. So, whether we’re talking about Push Ups,
or whether we’re talking about a Pull Ups or talking about Dips, you want to do your
first set, give it your best effort that you’ve got. Now, the cool thing again is, it may vary
from day to day. We know that some days we show up to the gym feeling great, being able
to give us your best effort, and other days, not so much. So, we want to
make sure that we’re talking apples to apples. We want to make sure that on the day that
you’ve got your best, that we’re going to get the best out of you.
So, you take your first set, you do it to failure. Warm up really, really quickly. You
do your first set to failure. Once we’ve got that number, let’s say it’s
Push Ups, and I get 50 out, ok. That’s my number. Now, how do we get a workout off of that?
Well, we look for 3 different stages, or 4. We’ve basically got a solid effort. A solid effort for me is basically a C+. You
know, a C+ and B-, C+, B- probably. We’ve got 150. So, if you do 150 Push Ups for that
workout, and again, the parameter of rest time is important
too. And I always say, let’s keep this in a minute and a half or under. If you’re ready to go faster, then let it
go. If you need all 90 seconds, then go all 90 seconds. So, 150 reps of a Push Up, it’s a decent effort,
not bad if you want to get like a little blood flow. If you take that number to 5 times the amount,
now you’re up to 250, ok. Now you’re getting to a pretty solid workout. That’s really a pro-level workout like we
like to call it. Good effort. Better than this. This is about a B. If you come here, we got an A- effort. You’re
in the A range, you’re going 7 times that amount. Give me 350 Push Ups in that workout. Again, not resting any more than 90 seconds
at any one time but cranking out those reps until you’ve reached 350, k. There’s a nice, solid, elite effort. A really
good effort. But if you want to go extreme here, we call Beast Mode. You want to go Beast Mode? 10 times that amount.
Can you do 500 Push Ups? And again, you want to make a workout out of it? Challenge a friend. So, both of you get over
here, you both do your first rep. It’s going to play out exactly as I showed you before. You might do 50, he might do 20, but 20 was
challenging for him. So, you’re on an equal playing field. So, now you both take your numbers and you’re
trying to get to-let’s say you set the number at 7 for the day, each of you are going after
the ‘7 times your number.’ So, this guy’s going after 350, the 20 is
going after 140, and you see who can get there faster because now we’ve got the other variable
which is time. You know, how much work can be done in that
amount of time. So, you see guys, when you’re looking at bodyweight exercises and programming
bodyweight exercises, you have to consider much more than just a
number. No one can tell you a specific number because they’re going to be limiting you. And as I said, they’re doing you a disservice
in their programming. If you want to get the most out of your workouts,
you’ve got to be challenging yourself, and you’ve got to be working against yourself. Yeah, you can throw in your friend for motivation,
you know, for a bet, but you’re challenging and you’re working against yourself, and you’re working against yourself on that
specific day and what you’re best effort was and where you can take your body. Guys, that’s what we do here at ATHLEANX.
We push you to the limits, and we do it with you, and amongst yourselves. In other words, you’re taking yourself, you’re
setting the bar for yourself, and you’re beating yourself. We set challenges up every step of the way
to ensure that you do that. It’s a great way to take your results and your workouts to
the next level because you’re tapping into that competitive
inner drive that a lot of us never even expose when we train. We sort of go through the motions and that’s
not the best way to get results. If you want to see the best results, guys, if you want
to see it in a bodyweight-only format, then I say, You’ve got to try the ATHLEAN
XERO PROGRAM, guys. No bars, no bench, no bands, no bull. That’s our tagline. It’s there for a reason.
There’s literally nothing you use, and there’s no bullshit. You’ve got to bring your best effort every
single day to get the most out of it. If you have equipment and you want to push
yourself that way, then again, work your way through. It’s a progression, guys, AX-1, AX-2. You
join NXT. It’s next-level training. So, you can find all that at ATHLEANX.COM.
I think you might find this valuable, though. Never look at specific reps the same again
when you’re thinking about bodyweight training. And instead, start thinking about how you
can set the bar, and then raise that bar every single step of the way until you can smash
it. Alright. Good job, guys. I’ll be back here
again real soon. Leave me a comment and a thumb’s up below
if you like this and whatever else you’d like to see, and I’ll bring it to ya’.

100 Replies to “How Many Reps to Build Muscle (BODYWEIGHT EXERCISES!)”

  1. I was only able to do push ups ( 10-12 ) but (10-12) slow and good ones , and zero push ups. I did negative pull ups and one day BANG , i did one full pull up

  2. Man you didn't explain anything. With actual weight, dumbbells, barbells, is it better to do lower reps and higher weight or can I still do about 45 reps with a weight that isn't my max for building mass

  3. 150 push ups "it's a decent effort, not bad if you wanna get a bit of a blood flow"…… I did 16 first set with good form and died.

  4. Hey anyone, I'm interested in athlean xero but it seems like some military conditioning endurance workout rather than strength based… Can you guys help me out?

  5. So maybe ax-2 is too easy for me by this 7* key number ? Cos I don't think any of the exercise is equal to the 7* / 10 * Max reps key number. At list for know. ( I'm on day 19 /16 3 point range challenge. Any thoughts on the matter?

  6. On my last PT test, I did 44 push-ups. And then my arms were tired and sore for the next 48 hours. But, I should be able to do a lot more. I need to push myself. Good video for that. So, now, i've got to try to do 280 in one workout. (40 x 7 =>elite) That's a lot.

  7. I tell anyone who wants to start a program and has never done ANYTHING to do 3 reps and 3 sets 3 days a week. THEN go from there.
    This, we are talking is basic / basic so as not to SCARE people into quitting rather than to ADD a rep each week. This way they can BUILD
    a foundation.

  8. I do 25 push ups,in the morning,,later on 25 more..75 to 100 a day arms and my chest is growing well…you don't all this,,200 500 push ups..those that claim they do,are probably full of crap..never trust a chalk board exspert..

  9. as many as you can then (wait 90 seconds and do that same number again)x2, x4. x6, x9… sheesh. 🙂 I can hardly do x10 with an hour rest between but not 90 seconds… whoever does that, is definitely a beast… pretty sore now… next time, i'll just shoot for the "solid" one with only 3 times with 90 secs rest. dang

  10. It'll take me at least 2 months to do 500 pushup in a workout… I'll stick to just doing pushup until failure without counting

  11. Ok my chin up max is 5 reps,I weigh 230, so how can I use 45 seconds time under tension, because my 5 reps maximum won't take me 45 secs,just asking…

  12. Okay makes sense. So I just need to add more sets to my workout to increase overall volume and load on my muscles.

  13. My push up programme :

    5x 15 diamonds
    5x 15 regular
    5x 15 wide
    and 12 x 12 variation

    im i doing things right or should i change ?

  14. I stopped counting reps a long time ago. Screw numbers. I just do it until I've shocked the muscle and cant do another rep and so far its turned out great 🙂

  15. I’ve always been able to do push ups
    So it absolutely baffles me when people say they can’t even do one, sounds harsh but not being able to squeeze out at least 2 push ups is pathetic I 100 push ups a day 2 sets of 50
    As soon as I wake up just for my muscular endurance

  16. ALSO IMPORTANT: determining the number of REPS PER (bodyweight) SET for optimal muscle growth: if we take into account Time under Tension (approx. 40-60 seconds), and respectively the concentric (2 sec) and eccentric (4 sec) movements, a single set should be 7-10 reps for optimal muscle growth. That's the way I distribute my total number of reps (ascertainable via Athlean-X method) into sets.

  17. I remember when I went on a push up grind, I did 3 variations (diamond, standard, wide) for 2 1/2 months. I did 16,000+ push ups in that amount of time. most I ever did in a row was 80 and the most I did in about 2 hrs was 1000. gained some size but mostly endurance

  18. at the total amount of reps i decided to do…do the reps i did at the begining until failure count?
    example. he said pro level (for 50 push ups until failure) is 250….so i should do like 200 more? or 250 without counting the original 50 i did to reach failure?

  19. It's time under tension that counts. Not repetitions.
    There's a good reason why most elite military types and pro athletes are broken by the time they hit 40.
    Sometimes less can be more. Best to leave your ego at the door.

  20. I do 3 sets to failure. Doesn't matter how many I can do that particular day. The point is do them until failure every single time. Push yourself.

  21. I tried this with handstand push-ups (leaning against a wall) and I thought I could get to 10X but it just might be a really long workout. I could do 8 reps on my first set before failure, and it took me 30 minutes to get to 46 total reps before I totally failed to do even 1 rep. I rested for the full 90 seconds and just could not push myself up even 1 inch. So that’s 5.75X. BeAXst was WAAY harder than I anticipated! I got past Pro but not Elite yet. It felt great! It feels like a huge challenge that is tailored to me! I guess I will have to work up to enough strength endurance to get to higher multiples of my 1 set max.

  22. Where would I start with the athlean x videos to go from A to Z?im new to these videos ,I’m a new workout man lol,I’m bout two weeks in to consistently working out

  23. Yesterday after a month and a half of rigorous training every fucking day, I did 17 sets of 15 reps in about 20 mins. 255 total.

  24. Do you do one exercise at a time or can I do a cycle of bw exercises. Example, squats, push ups, lunges, pull ups and step ups.

  25. Are you kidding me ? 3 x 50 pushups with 90 sec rest period? That's a beast mode… I'm in best form of my life and I just did 1×30 1×20 1×15 and died. Something is wrong here.

  26. 50?! ….I’m doing 3 sets of 10 per day. Bumping up to 15. That’s almost 50.
    No joke. When I started out I couldn’t do 1 push up. I just started doing inclines off the side of the couch. 👍
    I was so happy when I could do 10 REAL push ups.

  27. if you do your first set full how the hell you will do it 5 or 7 times? bs we train too and that doesnt go like this if you are "clean".. if i can make 7 or 10 sets of 50 then the first set will be 80-100+….or you mean in 24 hours

  28. Athlean you challenge me I did it all 501 wall puch ups my arms and chest thank you for your tip any one can do this like athlean said challenge your self I'm 13

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