How stretchy is tiny Stretch Armstrong?

How stretchy is tiny Stretch Armstrong?

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  1. Do not buy. I was disappointed because the first day I played with it the blue under wear came off :(. Then 5 days later it got a whole in the arm. Please make it better vat19.

  2. Some people say that Stretch Armstrong has glue inside of him

    no, it’s corn syrup. Ask someone who dared themselves to eat it.

  3. Yeah, I have it, I can play with it, but

    Whenever I play with it the paint for the underwear fell off and now he has no underwear so I have to color it in

  4. What the f*ck why are taking credit for things you guys did not Evan invent learn to make your own products you f*cking idiots🖕🖕🤬

  5. I found one of deez at target, and I realized the paint comes of easily after stretching him. I don’t really care tho.

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