How to Achieve & Maintain Good Posture : Piriformis Stretch Exercise for Good Posture

How to Achieve & Maintain Good Posture : Piriformis Stretch Exercise for Good Posture

Hi! This is Dr. Erik Sorbo on behalf of
Today we’re going to be talking about proper posture and some exercises that you can do
to help strengthen your spine, and keep it working the way it should. Another very simple
yet important stretch that you can do for the lower body is called the piriformis stretch.
The piriformis is a muscle that runs from the side of your hip to the pelvis to side
the sacrum. It’s a muscle that most people never really stretch. This requires us to
be on our back. Begin by bringing one leg up bend at the knee. Take the other leg, and
draw it across. We’re going to reach through and grab the leg that’s bent. Grab it behind
the knee and draw it towards your chest. Now, immediately you feel a stretch right in this
area here; that is the piriformis. Hold 5-10 seconds, and relax. Repeat on the opposite
side. Cross the opposite leg over, draw it up towards your chest. Again, immediately
feeling a stretch in the piriformis.
This stretch once again, can be done while you’re in bed, before you get out of bed
in the morning, and the last thing you do before you go to sleep at night. I recommend
3-5 repetitions per side, 2 times a day.

31 Replies to “How to Achieve & Maintain Good Posture : Piriformis Stretch Exercise for Good Posture”

  1. My question is: is the object to simply get as much hip flexion as possible while in that postion, or is the focus on the internal rotation of the leg (picture trying to put your foot behind your head – which some people can actually do) ?

  2. Good job, here is a little lesson on ElasticSteel research.
    1. Back and glutes must be stretched first, or you won't get to piriformis.
    2.For most people, horizontal adduction is needed to actually hit piriformis.
    Otherwise cool video.


  3. this is what chiropractors are taught in school to try to get your wallet to fall out of your back pocket so they can take everything you have. In my state NC they were even found tampering with the state legislature to have them not allow Physical Therapists to practice because they did not want teh competition!!!
    These guys are taught how to build up bills to give you bigger pains! Its just a buisines!!

  4. You just made an impact not only in my posture, but in my life. I've been walking like an ogre for all my life, and this simple simple exercse change all that in a second.

  5. Thanks for the video. Amazingly I was shown this stretch by a physio more than 25 years ago and it is still up there with one of the best around to target the Piriformis.

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