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  1. group thing may not be a good idea, cant get to know her 1 on 1 with buncha people around. One of your or her friends may say something to cockblock you or clam slam her.

  2. Dont do this…. Unless you want to make a fool out of yourself.. This is far from alpha, ''approaching'' really aint no body got time for that

  3. Hey Kyle….I presume that you have done your research on the "under look" that you enquired of long time ago 😊….the man in 6:34 to 6:37 is one of the best example the "under look" 😎

  4. I have just started working at a new place and made eye contact with a girl, who seemingly likes me, but she was the one to look away in that situation. So my question is: did I loose the eye contact game and my chances?

  5. I literally learned about tip #5 from one of my clients today before watching the video. Looks like I’m going out of town!

  6. Please boys. Don't ever compliment a chic on wearing Berkinstocks. I won't even talk to one wearing those ugly things.

  7. All this is bs and bull crap. Just look at who women go after and sleep with. It’s clearly douchebags and guys with money, and criminals, rappers, ballers, gangsters, or the neighborhood version of these guys. Just ignore them, chastise them, beat them, lie to them, cheat on them, berate them, manipulate them, argue with them, and most importantly, IGNORE AND DONT BE NICE TO THEM. There’s a reason they like watching drama tv shows. They like danger and suspense, it’s what the western women is made of now a days and molded into. The old saying never fails, nothing’s more dangerous than a bored women. When they get tired then they marry the nice guy, if they can’t convert and be the mommy to the douchebags. Best advice you’ll ever get tell me I’m lying??

  8. I stopped the video at "gentlemen"… if it sounds like a robot voice then its a robot… get ur self a voice actor to read ur script..!

  9. Alfa men let the woman approach them 😁 I've been doing it for years and it's my way or the highway as they get to know you , I'm not jumping threw your hoops and if you don't like it you know where the door is i.e. Alfa men are strong and that little slit between your legs will never dominate me ,
    This is a females perspective and trust me boys it won't work , they respect mental strength not groveling little twats

  10. Who cares about approaching women…jokes on you because she dont mind breaking the rules for the rock star. She approaching him all day. Enjoy ur life men stop chasing used vagina.

  11. I don't need it. I just wanted to see what the video talks. I can look at thier damn face and mentality to know what to do and not.

  12. A true Alpha Male can discern if a female is interested in him. He knows the subtleties, the signs, the clues, the hints. As such, when he approaches her, he can be confident in success. And the female knows she is being approached by a guy who gets it.

    Guys who say women don’t want to be approached are the ones who approach women cold. No woman wants to be approached unless she’s given a signal that she wants to be approached,

  13. what indoor games should i play at my girlfriend home with her.
    i love her.
    i just want to keep her happy all the time
    i am 17 year old.
    so {no 18+games} neither {video games}

  14. What has happened in the dating scene? I cant wrap my head round it. It has become a psychological maze. One you tuber says one thing, another one contradicts it. My only guess is that women have developed too difficult of a mental obstacle course. Whatever it is, seems to require way too much time and focus. Also, every woman is different and I cannot tailor an approach to a random stranger. Even if I could, does it require giving up my faith, or any of the other things Ive worked for? Like poker, when the stakes get too high, I usually fold. Thats because even if I had the winning hand, the situation develops that always makes the pot too small or take too long. Sorry about the skepticism, but I think Ill stay out of the gene pool for the moment.

  15. The lone wolf is the sigma male. Sigmas can get just as much women as alphas but without making a spectacle. The alpha comes at her directly; the sigma from an angle. He calculates the right time and then makes the move. His confidence is just as strong as the alpha, but it’s silent. Not too many vids on sigmas. There should be more.

  16. Its funny how a woman is teaching men how to be alpha males and how to approach! Take lessons from men with experience Gents! Dont listen to women, they are not approaching us, and they are not us!

  17. Women are demented. They gravitate towards a guy who will cheat on her, rather than someone who will be loyal to her. DEMENTED.

  18. You took the SPIN move, but you don't tell us what it actually is or an example…you should've given example…like "For instance…."

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