How to Build Muscle Fast Tip | Dynamic Correspondence

How to Build Muscle Fast Tip | Dynamic Correspondence

Quick muscle gain hypertrophy tip, you do
not want to miss this one, I’ve never seen anyone talk about this before – it’s from
the world of advanced strength and conditioning we’re going to break it down
for you make it simple, and the experience starts right now! what is going on my name is David Barr [CSCS, CISSN, RSCC]
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Today we’re talking hypertrophy, muscle gain to have quick and dirty but
this one comes from the advanced strength and conditioning world, working
with athletes – big big lesson great lesson for me great lesson for you too I
think this is something you can apply right away because we’re missing out on
it and right now it’s hurting our gains and the field really needs to catch up
to strength and conditioning that I’m targeting high perch me feel the muscle
getting filled whatever it is meatheads like myself we need to catch up to
strengthening auditioning when I start strength the conditioning work of
athletes I thought I knew everything I’ve memorized Arnold’s encyclopedia so
I thought I knew the whole book but no I mean is completely different world
working with athletes high-level athletes low-level athletes it doesn’t
matter you should we train your clients like athletes anyway if they’re healthy
so this is a great lesson for your clients and athletes real quick if your
subscribers stay tuned to the end, I got you our next step off to my muscle game
the lesson comes from the late Dr. Yuri Verkhoshansky absolute Rockstar in the
strength and conditioning world, came up with an idea promoted an idea called
dynamic correspondence -what this means is you’re targeting a specific movement
the speed the force development and the actual joint actions with that of the
sport you want to tailor the specificities much as possible this is
awesome we can learn from this so much when it comes to hyper feed muscle game
that kind of thing one of the best examples we have is the PEC fly probably
the worst movement ever if everybody’s doing PEC flies with dumbbells I
encourage you to stop doing this I despise this exercise potentially
injurious nobody you should be doing this one I don’t make recommendations ok
so the fact that I’m saying don’t do this I mean I should say a lot firstly
you are maximally loaded when you are fully stretched ok big big problem we’re
going to fix this ok don’t worry we’re going to fix this
you don’t want be maximally loaded when you are in a stretch position especially
when you can go with a high permeability you do not want that right you don’t
want that now think about the top range of motion not only locked out that tuck
you have zero tension on the pecs right I mean yeah you could do an isometric oh
cool but you still have no actual load on the pecs even for the first part of
the range of motion we start to break from perpendicular you still have no
load on the pecs ok so a lot of the range of motion is wasted now think
about this you are still missing a huge part of the range motion even when you
are completely locked out because your arm can adduct or go across your body
even further in fact you want to take advantage that full range of motion to
maximally active to activate the pecs and that’s what we’re missing out on PEC
flyes, so PEC flys suck I mean yeah cable crossovers a bit better but we want to
take advantage of the full range of motion of the pecs and we want to
activate his may fibers as possible ok so how do we do that without using
dumbbells ok again dumbbell soccer this great example is called the Barr Flye -I
talked about this in another video I’ll link to that in the top right in
description I actually did a collaboration with Nick Nilsson, fantastic
guy real innovator when it comes to
movements but we have to think about what the movement of the muscle is and
then tailor an exercise to that not start with dumbbells and barbells and
gravity and then kind of work around that you know start with the movement
what are we trying to do and then we can optimize from there so it’s exactly what
the bar fly does and that’s why it’s going to maximally activate the pecs get
you a maximal isokinetic contraction this is going to be fantastic for
eccentric I have not made a recommendation from this one but it’s
going to be awesome for hyper speed for maximal muscle activation this is key so
again this is just one pack movement one exercise it’s it can be applied to
pretty much any muscle group optimize the dynamic correspondence right so
matching the muscle movement the pattern that we want to activate maximally get
that maximum muscle recruitment I talked about this in a different video right we
talked about the intrinsic versus extrinsic low side focus new trick
intrinsic versus extrinsic hard to set intrinsic versus extrinsic low side
focus where we playing our attention when we are contracting muscle for a
strength you want to focus on moving the load for high perch beam muscle you want
to focus on contracting the muscle to move that low so if you are capable of
doing that if you’re advanced enough you’ve been doing that really squeezing
the muscle to move the load absolutely PEC flies you’re not doing with
dumbbells anymore I blame but Barr flyes are fantastic example of how to use that
game at correspondence you’re getting that maximum muscle activation and has
what you’re after for a high perch feet right ulam maximally activate that
muscle gets may fibers going this possible really focus on that
contraction get a maximum eccentric overload and it’s going to be far better
than again dumbbell PEC flies just one example but real quick I won’t hear from
you what are using to optimally maximally activate the muscle we’re
using to squeeze the muscle with kind of novel movements are you doing outside of
gravity I mean we can get away from gravity gravity is great but it’s too
limiting for us we should be limiting our movements
gravity based loads right so what are you using I like hear from you let me
know in the comments below your next step to optimize your muscle growth and
fat loss check out the video I got on extrinsic and intrinsic low site focus
that’s a big one breaking research from dr. Bradshaw
velvet looka glutes guy Brett Contreras Nick Winkle in I mean
just a host of rock stars on this paper fantastic workmanship is so dynamic
correspondence we got you this for a ton of movement we need to group think this
group sources one this crowd source this one because we need so many people we
have so many movements so many different muscles we need to optimally maximally
activate let me know what we can do with this let me know the non gravity based
loads that we can use so there is dynamic correspondents hyper speed
muscle gain hip thanks for watching I’m David Barr, until next time Raise the Barr

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  1. I rate the squeeze press for chest development- can be done with hex dbs or even swissball (performed for time)- it is surprisingly effective.

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