How To Build Up Weak Muscles | Improve Lagging Body Parts | Improve Weak Points

How To Build Up Weak Muscles | Improve Lagging Body Parts | Improve Weak Points

Yo what’s up guys it’s Eli here with Mind
Muscle TV. I have another Flex Friday tip here for you. This one is straight out of
Ben Pakulksi’s book and this principal is called the strength curve principal. And the
idea behind this is that a muscle is weakest in it’s shortest and most lengthened position.
So what that means is that in any range of motion, your muscle is going to be weakest
in the most contracted position, strongest right in the middle, and weakest again in
the most lengthened position. Ok, now, what most people do…and just by default this
just kind of happens, is you’re constantly training the muscle in its strongest position.
So for instance, a bicep curl when we’re right here in the bottom position. The weight is
inline with your bicep right, so there’s not a whole lot of tension on the actual bicep
because your elbows are locked out. Now when you’re coming up here, the weight is 90 degrees
to your bicep so that means the most tension is right here. Which just so happens to be
the place that we’re strongest in that range of motion. And then when we come up here,
your elbows starts supporting some of the weight. Again, we’re weakest in this contracted
position so we’re really only overloading the muscle where it’s strongest. So basically
what’s going to happen, is your strong point is going to keep getting stronger and your
weak points are going to keep getting weaker or not improve. So how do we go through and
challenge that lengthened position as well as the shortest position. What we can do is
change your body in relationship to the cable machine. How close or how far you are away
from it. So we are going to use a tricep extension as the example here. So if I’m here, doing
a straight arm tricep extension like you commonly see right next to the cable machine. Up here
the cable is inline with my arm for the most part so there’s not a whole lot of tension
on my tricep. As I’m pushing down, here the cable is 90 degrees to my arm so that means
most of the tension is right here at my strongest point. In the fully contracted or shortened
position of the muscle, again my arm is in line with the cable so there’s not a whole
lot of tension on it. So if I just stay here I’ll be making the strong point stronger and
not really be hitting my weak point. So that brings the question, how do I hit my weak
point? What you can do is just back up away from the cable. So now you want to back up
far enough, so in the bottom position, this cable is about 90 degrees. so my tricep is
in the fully contracted position or shortened position and the cable is pulling out against
my arm. So in this position, my tricep is overloaded here at the bottom. So you can
go ahead and hit 7 reps to failure in this bottom position only coming forward a little
bit. And then coming down and squeezing that tricep. Now as you hit failure or fatigue,
you can step in a little closer. So now we’re here and you’ll feel how it gets a little
bit easier as you come in. And then you can step in one spot closer. So now we’re here,
all the way in. This is the easiest position to be in, so essentially you can hit failure
at three different phases of the range of motion. This is an awesome tip and you guys
can really find a way to put that in any exercise weather it’s side raises or curls or anything
that you may find yourself lacking strength on or size of a certain area of your muscle.
Check that out, feel free to experiment. And just remember, whenever you’re in the gym,
never go about this mindlessly. Always look at what you’re doing, what your goals are,
why you’re doing it and how you’re doing it. Alright guys, I hope you liked that tip. Make
sure you check out Ben Pakulski’s YouTube channel. He has a ton of useful information
out there and I have incorporated a lot of his philosophies into my training and they
have helped tremendously. We have new content coming out weekly, so make sure you click
the subscribe button, leave me a comment, let me know what you want to know and I’ll
get back to you.

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  1. This is great advice man. I had never heard of the strength curve principle. Gonna try this with some of my lifts.

  2. I need help….every time i do laying tricep extensions my left tricep hurts very bad and feel it easy with right one…what should i do?

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