How to Close Stretched Ears From 0G ๐Ÿ“ How To With Kristin

How to Close Stretched Ears From 0G ๐Ÿ“ How To With Kristin

hey everyone I’m back so it’s been a
while it’s been like a little over a month um I have some good news and I
have some bad news I don’t know what you want first but I tend to go with bad so
that it ends on a good note so bad news is they’re gone good news is they closed
up so try to get it closed you can see my ear hopefully so it’s the hole seems
about the same size as when I first started um the reason why they’re closed
is because I got a new job and it wasn’t exactly a good thing to have those in
they was a little bit frowned upon and I thought this job is more important to me
than my ears which sucks because I just got to a zero but I had to make a
decision so pick the job of course like who wouldn’t but anyway so I just wanted
to do a really quick video and tell you guys about um how I did it in the
process and everything it’s not going to be a long video at all but um pretty
much I just went cold turkey just took him out and just let him close a lot of
people will slowly go back down I didn’t have time to do that because I started
and I was like nope can’t have those so um I got earrings that were like really
round the one that I got had like a big brown back on it so I actually was able
to put it in and it kept it from going all the way through and it looked like I
just had normal earrings in so I wore those earrings for probably I would say
one to two weeks um after that I was able to start wearing smaller backings
on them and I would say probably after three to four weeks I was been wearing
normal earrings so I’ve always had like a little bit of a bigger hole in my ears
I think because when I was younger I was wearing I were really heavy earrings but
this pretty much is as close as I think they’ve ever been you can kind of see if
I like I don’t know if you can see this but if I stretch it a little bit they’re
still like you can still see through it a hair but they’re definitely I mean
it’s only been a month and a half so who knows in a years from now or whatever
they might be like completely back to where they were before so I went through all that pain only lasts
a year but had to do what I had to do so hopefully you guys are mad because I
know there’s been a lot of people following me and I really was excited
because I was at a zero but it’s only at zero for a week and then I had to take
him out sucks but anyways I hope you keep following me I’m gonna have a lot
of different variety of videos that are coming up funny ones we got to be more
doing more personal videos things like that so I hope you stick around and
watch more videos

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  1. Flesh colored plugs! Omg, this was my favorite stretching diaries. Well guess this is goodbye. -former subscriber.

  2. I seriously can't figure out how to message you so it looks like I'm leaving you a comment instead! I have an obsession with earrings too, and started gauging and did it to your videos haha! I remeber you saying in a video that you make earrings to go through your tunnels. I tried making some but failed. It would be pretty sweet if you could make a video showing how you make them for us girls that love earrings and gauges (: Please and thankk youu. !!!

  3. why would you want used jewelry, stretching is like repiercing and you dont want to be pierced with anything that isnt medical grade metal and treated/sterilized in an autoclave if previously used.

  4. For healed stretches it should be fine. Many people wear Acrylic, and it can never be sterile anyways. But is fine in healed piercings (unless allergic to it). So it should be fine, though.

  5. This makes me so happy cause this proves that you can stretch and then go back to a normal size. Thank you!

  6. you walked in there with these big ass spirals, you could've put in normal white (or any color) single flare plugs and they cant tell the difference.

  7. It healed up so fast because you just went to zero. It's harder and longer if they've healed up at a 0.

  8. Why Did You Take Them Out ! >.< You Could've Got Flesh Colored One's So All That Pain And Work Wouldn't Have Gone To Waste. Good Look With Your Job Though ^.^

  9. Can you do an update on how your ears have closed up please? I love your videos because you don't pretend. If it hurts or doesn't, you let your viewers know! Thank you!!

  10. Aww congratulations on the job but sucks I want to see the next video ๐Ÿ˜› thanks for all the helpful tips and pain for the plugs I'm hoping I will start my first gauges too

  11. You should of asked for your subscribers opinions lol cuz you could of gotten the pugs thats are diamond n look just like normal earrings or the flesh colored ones. that must suck closing them after one week of 0g ๐Ÿ™

  12. ๐Ÿ˜› sucks you had to take them out. society sucks; there's nothing freaking wrong with gauges! i dont get why some people think it's disgusting or whatever. congratz on the job though.

  13. Lol I am at 5/8" and I think the trickiest stretch is 2g-0g. It's very tricky from 5/8"-3/4" also, I've been trying for about a week and trying to get them in with no pain or else I'm not putting them in

  14. Frowned upon is not a no ._. It saddens me that you took them out. I could understand more if it was a deal beaker- but body mods do not make the person. You could have been one of the people that made that change of people perception of moded people. Oh well.

  15. also she could have gone to pretty they look like regular earrings and i hope she knows shes gonna have WAY LESS followers

  16. 0's arent even big and they are easy to disguise. I'm glad that people dont even know or care anything about stretched ears.

  17. at 0g they were never there in the first place! jeez i dont get why all these ppl with mad small ears have this many views its nuts

  18. If u decide to stretch them again they wont hurt as bad! I went to a 00 and a had to heal them and when I went back up to a 7/16 it didnt hurt doing any of the ones i already did!

  19. They do have flesh colored plugs if you choose to stretch again. Also I highly recommend jojoba oil. That stuff is a miracle.

  20. So a zero will grow back because I want to stretch mine BaD but I only want to go to a zero.. And from a 14 what would u go to

  21. To all of the people saying she could've gotten flesh colored plugs or worked at hot topic or get a certain type of plug that looks like an earring, sometimes employers are very strict about what someone can and can't wear when it comes to body mods. Also, Hot Topic might be a good job, but for me, as a married adult, it's not a good option. There are a few jobs/careers I am looking at and they consider stretched ears to be mutilation and they won't hire. Therefore, bye bye plugs!ย 

  22. Depending on how large my ears are, I wouldn't close them back up if I loved them. I would probably get skin colored plugs instead.ย 

  23. I didnt guage my ears but wore heavy hoops. ย I foolishly let little family members pull at one ear. ย so one is a long slit the other is normal. I need tips to downsize the slit in the"yanked" ear.

  24. I wore 4gs for a really long time and one of my holes closed up to a normal 16 size but my other one is still at a 4 and ive left them out and rubbed oil on them and everything and it still won't get smaller after 3-4 months. What do I do ๐Ÿ™

  25. I wouldn't take the job, fuck that, Im not changing who I am as a person and what i love and reps me fo someone else

  26. Hey
    Thank you so much
    I was thinking of taking out my 0g but i didnt know how my ears will end up after
    I hope they go back to normal:)

  27. I wouldve kept them at 0. Theyre so easy to hide. Buy "camo" plugs with a diamond on them or something. 0g is small enough to hide lol

  28. I would have just found earrings that hid the fact that they were stretched. I have 5 tattoos and 9 piercings and I recently started streaching. I am currently a 6g and I refuse to conform to society's standards. They are forever changing and hopefully will become much more acceptable than they are today.

  29. You could've just bought some clear kaos software eyelets and left those in, or put an earring through those and still had your wholes while hiding it from your job.

  30. I have had my ears at 0g for about 1.5yrs or so I think, and I just decided to close mine up. I took them out last night before my shower and just this morning the holes are already much smaller! I will just keep stepping down until I can wear normal earrings again

  31. I just saw your journey from the first stretching video to the last one. Great job on the video you know the word very realistic. You could have stayed with the lease a 6 gauge they were really cute.

  32. Will you film stretching all over again? Haha !makes me feel so not alone when it comes to restretching:p I have had to start over at least 2 times? I think. Be extra careful while restreching tho. I don't want to happen to you what happend to me.

  33. Seams you was more free living in your childhood/teanhood. I will have such, and if i have to choose between my ears and the job, ill choose the ears, because I will live as I desire. Jobs as many as you can think about.

  34. I hope I never have to take out my plugs for work or for any reason that isn't my choice ๐Ÿ™ when I get to my goal of 12mm I'm going to buy some nice earring that just look like big diamond or something ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. thenk you for ur vid Im very glad that i can just take my plugs of and they will heal nicely because I gave away my old gauges Im also taking them of for work reasones ๐Ÿ™ its so sad ebcause I loved them

  36. My ear is a 2g right now, but I going to stretch my ear to size 0g. So I'm leaving my ear alone and let it stretch by it self. its going to take about 6 months.

  37. I don't want to completely close up my ears, I just want to downsize them to a size where I can have plugs that look a lot like earrings. I might re stretch them again in like 5 or 10 years depending on my career, but for now I think I'll go down

  38. Hey, Kristin! Why didn't you just get plugs that look like earrings? 0g might look a little suspicious, but if you went back down a couple sizes you could get gem plugs that look exactly like earrings! When I was stretched, I had gem plugs and even flower ones and I don't think anyone could tell the difference!

  39. they never go all the way back that is the smallest they will get cuz mine was done 6 years ago and they still are like that and I was right before a zero and I guaged into a zero just so it was freshly open and than let it close witch it never went all the way back

  40. When I was 17 I let mine close the day after getting to 0 by just taking them out and wearing nothing in them, I eventually just restretched a year later, since my mother didn't make me take them out.

  41. Wait.. why does it matter what your ears look like for a job? Does it hinder your productivity somehow I am really confused

  42. I'm so frustrated right now, I had my ears stretched to a 6g but I wear metal plugs so they're heavier which made my ears stretch more so a few days ago I purchased a set off Amazon that were a size 4g and they were too small so I bought another set in a size 2g and still too small!!! I'm at the point where I feel like if I say something to Amazon about these ones not fitting that they're just going to annoyed with me and think I'm trying to get them for free or whatever. It's only my left ear that it's considerably smaller my right side seems to be okay with the 2g. It is loose but not to the point where it's going to fall out, but my left side I can literally pull the plug through it with little to no effort โ˜น๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ญ I don't know what to do. Any advice from anyone would be much appreciated!! ๐Ÿ’–

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