How to Cook Protein in Bulk – Chicken & Beef Meal Prep / Cocer Proteína en Grandes Cantidades

How to Cook Protein in Bulk – Chicken & Beef Meal Prep / Cocer Proteína en Grandes Cantidades

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  1. I make my own chicken deli meat. chicken breasts coated with olive oil and seasoned with Mrs. dash the baked. deli meat from the store has a frightening amount of sodium.

  2. Excellent video!! Do you know what cutting board that is?? As well as what scale that is?? Really having issues weighing any sort of bulk food such as carbs or protein because I can't see the weight on the screen.

  3. Hi Chef, can you tell us how to use a Mojo sauce to marinade? how much of it do we soak the chicken in? I use Badia Mojo marinade that lacks MSG. Thanks in advance!

  4. When calorie counting, for example with the meat balls, would you have to take the spices into consideration? Because i know some seasoning have calories and etc.

  5. Do you suggest the Arrowroot in all of the varieties of chicken? I know the garlic and onion powder goes on all of the chicken, but does the arrowroot specifically just go on the mustard one? Thanks!

  6. Yoooooooooooooooooooo I been checking some recipe videos and grocery hauls but this has to be the ultimate guide for meal prepping with astounding sounding meals!! So trying those chicken varieties on my next meal prep

  7. Omg I love this video! I can hardly wait to get to the grocery store. I just started the whole "meal prep thing" because I have horses and not a lot of time to spend in the kitchen. This "cooking in bulk" takes it to a whole new level. This is a God send. Thank you! 🤗

  8. I decided to try these meatballs that grabbed my interest while watching a #FitmenCook video.

    2lbs – Lean Hamburger (93% lean is what I used)
    3oz – Red Bell Pepper
    1oz – Green Onions
    1/2 TBS of minced garlic
    1/2 TBS of Smoked Paprika
    1/2 TBS of Onion Powder
    1 Tsp of Cumin (might be a bit to much for my taste.)
    1/2 TBS of Thyme
    1 Tsp Sea Salt
    1 Tsp Pepper

    Preheat oven to 420 and bake for 12 mins, the mini muffin pan was worth buying!

    These were amazing!

  9. I've started portioning out the proteins in snack size ziplock bags and freezing them. Take out a few days before I prep so they thaw, and bake! I can't stand old leftovers, this way I have fresh food every few days and I spent the time measuring once

  10. Wow. Very very good video bro. Was searching youtube to find a good diet video for my lifting programme. Boom..just what I was looking for.

  11. By the way, I bought some strips of cooked turkey. Will try and make it into meatballs with the help of your video. Hope it works.

  12. Unless your heat is a damn torch or youre cooking in a furnace. You dont need to worry about alumimum smelting

  13. This is my second video watching you and can i just say, you make me happy! i never knew i could eat healthy and enjoy my meats because Lord knows i cannot live without meat. I had been researching how to be a healthier person and kinda gave up for a while, i don't really know what prompted me to research again today, but i am really glad i did, because i found your channel!! your way of the teaching, the quality of the videos, the food all just make me so happy, LOLL. Thanks for being top notch in what you do!!

  14. "I do think there are some implications for you here in this video."
    Implications was the wrong word to choose here, it doesn't mean what your context is suggesting. Not even loosely.

  15. Just found your channel after a year of trying to get in shape. This is going to help out a lot. Love how you put in in spanish for all my people out there.

  16. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! New Subie here you tube recommend you and I’m sooooo glad. This tip has been a life saver for me and I have binged watch most of your videos for more inspiring tips to help me eat and cook my foods better which as been fabulous. I also enjoyed the fish in bulk video. ( Here is a tip for others …. I went to the butcher shop in my area and brought my meat and fish in bulk I spent a Saturday afternoon cooking ( I baked and I also grilled ) all the meat once it cooled I put it in zip freezer save containers labeled it with what it was and date so that I had enough for a month worth of meals) I just took out the protein of fish I wanted and used that for my weekly meats. This has saved me a lot of time and I am genuinely thankful for this amazing tip you shared with all of us. May God continue to bless you.

  17. You could also place parchment in each divided section to create a barrier from the aluminum. I love the pre-cut parchment. There the best thing ever for no burning and quick clean up. I don't even care about getting non stick pans now.😉

  18. Love this video! I appreciate how much effort and care you put in. Just wondering if you recommend (or dont recommend) a particular brand of tiny muffin tins?

  19. If I'm not using lean ground beef but instead using 85/15 or 75/25 would I have to add a couple more grams of meat because of the excess fat that gets cooked off? I know that if I make a 6 oz meatball that I'll probably end up with 5 or 5.5 oz instead.

  20. I really, 👍really like this vid. I love to cook in bulk so I can make other foods to go with my portions like salads, veggie medleys, and desserts🍰 which I eat first yummaaay. Yippeeyy thanks for the great idead which spawn more great ideas for myself and others even you when you watch your own vid again. Thanks again. Happy Cooking.

  21. Nobody has commented on this vid for a whole year?! So simple and helpful! Thanks man, the vid is still earning you subscribers, assuming I'm not the only new one today, great work! The Aluminium foil trick blew me away with its simplicity, I can't believe I didn't think of it myself! Thanks!

  22. isn't there actual baking sheets that are separated like that? If not then you should invent/patent it and start selling it to your followers XD

  23. Individually weighing each meatball. My goodness. one by one.
    I hope someone does a study of 2 similar build, training regiment where 1 counts & weighs every damn thing he eats while the other does portioning by eye. Be really interesting to see the results.

  24. All the wrong description of chicken u said is what i always have lol. Yep i got a struggled chicken. Definitely trying some of these recipes

  25. when I prep chicken in the oven it always seems to turn dry and taste like death out of microwave when I heat it up even with seasoning. does anyone know how to prevent this?

  26. Overall great video, Kevin! Can I substitute corn starch for the arrowroot?

    Also, one small critique: I wish you would've shown how to cook ground meat with cookware that's more common. Not all of us have a mini muffin tray, nor want to buy one for a single recipe. I've noticed this kind of thing in a lot of your videos–great recipes, nutrition is on point, but you'll use appliances that a lot of people don't have, like a food processor or those disposable loaf tins. I'd really appreciate it if more of your videos featured tools most people own.

  27. I add a layer of parchment paper on top of the foil. Not sure if it mitigates the effects of aluminum but it's does keep the food from sticking without the use of oil. 😉

  28. Do you have any meal prep ideas for cold food? I meal prep for my husband and he’s in the oil field so no access to a microwave or fridge.

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