How to Do a Butterfly Stretch | Sexy Legs Workout

How to Do a Butterfly Stretch | Sexy Legs Workout

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  2. Please do your dynamic stretching and your warmup first before attempting this stretch. This is a static stretch, and a good one with a great example, but should only be done after your workout. =)

  3. I can already out my legs to the ground like that naturally. I thought everyone could do it so I did it at a party and my friends said I was really flexible lol

  4. How long can I estimate it will take me (roughly, of course) to achieve sufficient flexibility to lay my legs down completely with feet as close to my groin as possible? And to achieve maximum flexibility? 23 years old, no exercising of any kind before (negligible).

  5. When I try to push my legs to the ground, I feel sharp pain in my left hip joint. Thing feels like it's going to snap and fall out. Should I stop stretching with this exercise?

  6. I can barely do my right splits but my knees automatically go to the ground in a butterfly (no pain it feels to easy I had to watch this to make sure I was doing it right. I can lay flat on my stomach and still no pain.). Does that mean I'm more flexible than I know? Or ect?

  7. I’m upset that when I do it I can already go all the way down bc when I used to do it there was a pain but it was a good feeing pain if that makes sense…

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