How to Do a Calf Raise | Sexy Legs Workout

How to Do a Calf Raise | Sexy Legs Workout

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  2. why are all the comments about her/what she looks like/ what her legs look like and not about the exercise… wtf youtube

  3. Will this give that bump on the calves? I really would rather have slim legs so I want to know if calf lifts can tone them rather than make them muscular.

  4. isn't the knee supposed to remain slightly flexed to prevent improper stretching on the soft tissues? Her knee looks locked to me…

  5. dont roll the ankles out like her. takes tension of the muscle and puts it through the skeleton making it less effective. bad form. keep the weight on your big toe

  6. The only benefit I ever got from said super market from cart pushing……Ripped legs!Took 9 month's to realize that by pushing cart's for an entire month would give me the true benefit from said job doctor said I'm at perfect health keep it up what ever your doing its working.

  7. As Mr. Schwarzenegga said " See a guy at the beach with good thighs and ya say -ok he's got legs . If the same guy has good calves you say he's got great legs " lol

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