23 Replies to “How to Do a Chin-Up | Back Workout”

  1. He doesn't talk about the technique involved in the exercise or the health and safety issues of doing pull ups on random shit… If you wanna do a pull up, do it in the gym or with proper equipment for christ sakes, don't start jumping on to tree branches and braking your neck. You're not 12 anymore!

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  3. > Makes a guide about performing pullups, doesn't bring his chest to the bar, which means it is not full ROM.

  4. what i want to know is WHAT MUSCLE DO I CONTRACT ?how do i position my body? do i want to be "horizontal" as much as possbile or vertical? do i

  5. I clicked this video because I wanted to know if I should have my shoulder blades retracted or not, it did not answer my question.

    Plz help. I'm sad.

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