How to Do Sports Massage Therapy : Working Neck Muscles in Sports Massage Therapy

How to Do Sports Massage Therapy : Working Neck Muscles in Sports Massage Therapy

After I pull from the base of the neck, so
that the client feels it all throughout his spine down to the lower back, I am going to
continue to work on his neck. The neck is probably the most important part of any massage.
It is the most relaxing and because it deals with the spinal cord so much, it kind of deals
with any neuromuscular or any problems that you might have in your back. So what we are
going to do is turn his head and we are just going to pull and stretch. Pull and stretch.
Popping, snapping and cracking are good indications that you are pretty much doing the right thing
because we are not forcing anything. We are just pulling and stretching so that everything
going back into place, pretty much. So, we are going to switch sides. I do both sides
with the same amount of pressure, pretty much with the same formality. What I am also trying
to do is that I am trying to find which area is more tense. So same thing, same pressure,
same everything. Even though I feel like this side is more tense than the other side, I
am not going to apply any more pressure than I need to. As I said, it is all about relaxing
a client. It is all about finding out how you are going to approach the situation once
you find out what is going. So, once I do that, slowly place their head back in place
and work both sides at the same time. Same pressure. Same thing. I’d say that whatever
you’re doing at the time, it is good to do it two or three times to kind of get an understanding
of what is going on. I am working his trapezius out right now all the way up to the front,
to the acromioclavicular joint, which is connected to his deltoid muscles. Repeat, traps and
AC joints. So once I do that, I kind of understand where I need to go from this point. His left
side seems to be more stiff than his right side. So what I am going to do is I am going
to focus on his left side, the side that is not as tense and going to try to apply more
pressure so that it will take some of the load away from the side that is more tense.

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  1. Weird I find that also.. I didn't think I did until i read these comments haha.. I watch them every night for the past 2 wks.

  2. This is a very informative video, and even relaxing, but I must agree about the camera angles, some changes in shots would have made it better to see what he was doing. Other than that, great video, learned a lot.

  3. I have had tons of sports massages for many different gymnastics related injuries, and this guy looks like he would be really great, i have found that the bigger the hands the better the massage, in my opinion of course.
    Massage therapists that have small hands or thin fingers always end up hurting me more than relaxing me.
    i want to hire this man. too bad i probably couldn't even afford to drive past his Beverly Hills gym. lol

  4. is he a sports therapist or a massage therapist doing sports related massage therapy? Im going to school for massage therapy but im interested in incorporating sports therapy into my work.

  5. haha. He was on a Blind Date episode. quite a smooth guy . The episode is here on youtube.
    "Blind Date episode – Alexon and Verdia "

  6. Personally,I think the guy is great. However,I prefer to render massages exclusively to women.Massage is an intimate art,regardless of the particular kind of massage (Swedish,deep-tissue,deep pressure,sensual etc). This is not a judgement against those who massage both men and women;just my prerogative to deal only with women. Great work,though.

  7. He's got a lovely voice and movement for a sports massage therapist. Nice to see sports massage can be in a relaxing atmosphere, as I've heard it's usually different.

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