How to do STRICT Ring Muscle ups on Gymnastic Rings!

How to do STRICT Ring Muscle ups on Gymnastic Rings!

^No idea what he’s talking about… If you thought the bar muscle-up was hard, welcome to the ring muscle up. In today’s video we’re going to show you how you can ring muscle up… in three easy steps and perfect your bar muscle-up transitioning, over to the ring. The first part is the P.T.L as you know if you’ve watched our previous videos on muscle ups, as we were heavily known for We talked about something called the P.T.L which stands for pull… Turn, Lean. I’ll put it simply like this, you pull as hard as you can while in a ‘S’ or ‘C’… like motion and then you lean while turning your wrist You turn your wrist over then you lean over the bar. That is P.T.L. Now with a few slight micro adjustments You can do the same thing right on the Rings. I’m going to show you how you can do that. So the first part of the Ring muscle up, or the first part of the ‘P’ in the P.T.L, is pull. For the Pull part is kind of similar like the bar, you are pulling, and you are pulling as hard as you can. Except you’ll be pulling in a different position. With the bar muscle up. You are pulling with some kind of diagonal swing. In this case, there’s not going to be much diagonal swing unless you are doing a CrossFit kipping ring muscle up, which is just disastrous. So the first part, you want to be able to position your body in a way that leaves your body kind of horizontal like this. So you are in a False Grip, and you’re pulling and positioning your hands close to you. Then you come down. Since these rings are low… you want to go into a L-sit, and then pull to your chest. So this first part is here Pull them inside… and bring it close to your chest. You don’t have to touch your chest, but get really close. From there… the next part is the Turn. From the pull, you pull to your chest… You want to make sure that it’s still close together… but from here you are turning your arms out, and then you’re pressing down and leaning forward. The ‘T’ and ‘L’… are interrelated, they have to be done together. If they’re not done together… then you only be able to do the Ring muscle. I’ll show you real quick right now. And remember also, with the pull you want to be able to transition from the ‘P’… to the ‘T’ as fast as possible, when you’re going from here to here. Do it fast! You don’t want to go slow. And it’s all free game from there, as soon as you get up here… and you can hold it… pressing up will be a breeze. But also remember, on the turn you want to keep the Rings close to you… that’s why we’ve positioned the rings around shoulder width apart. If they were outside… it would be a bit harder to press up and lean. When you press up, keep the Rings close to you and turn fast… The last part, when you’re doing the ring muscle up, the most crucial thing… that you guys have to worry about if you want to be able to do consecutive reps, is to go from the top… and come down in a false grip. The first time that I did a ring muscle up, which was probably a month ago, or a few weeks ago. I would come up in a false grip… but I wouldn’t come down in a false grip. My hands would be from here. When you’re coming down, you want to come down slow in that false grip, you come up here and come down… in a false grip. So the original spot would be from here. So it’s here… And then your hands moving back to you. They face that way, and then they face back to you. Or Vice Versa… you start off, it faces you and then it finishes up top facing this way. Diving into the second part of the video We’re going to do a false grip This is really important because in the false grip, it allows the muscle up to be transitioned easy. If you were to do the muscle up just straight from the bat. Just straight like this, and you’re coming up… it will be really difficult for you to do the move. So with the false grip, it allows the muscle up to be transitioned pretty easy. That’s all we need to know?? The last point that I want to make, is for you guys to ensure that you FORGET… everything that you already know about the bar muscle-up to the ring muscle up. FORGET about what you already know! just think of the ring muscle up as something completely different. Don’t even think about it as a muscle up. Think about it as something… completely different something that you can create in your own mind, and by doing so, you’ll be able to grasp the exercise much faster and much easier. A few key pointer I also like to leave is that, be patient with this move. Transitioning from the bar to the rings… it’s not an easy task to do… unless you can already do a strict muscle up, because with the ring muscle up. If you are trying to do it strict and… trying to do it without kip and without momentum, then it won’t be easy. But, if you have the fundamental strength coming from the bar, just like I did, the first time I got on the rings I could… do it. That’s because… that carryover strength, the carryover effect was in my favour. Because my false grip was already strong, and my high pull up was very strong I could pull up to my waist and if you are kind of in the same category or field as well… they should be able to do this. Be patient with the move and you will get it… See you guys in the next video. Stay strong, never give up, make gains. Taiji Fam until the end, through thick and thin, Taiji is always within. We’re coming back stay stro- See you later

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  1. Thanks for being patient with us. We have audio equipment coming in around the end of this week. You can expect better sounding videos next week. If anyone has video suggestions, don't hesitate.

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