How To Do The Splits FAST – In 3 Easy Steps!

How To Do The Splits FAST – In 3 Easy Steps!

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  1. so when you were doing the forward backward thing i couldnt quiet get it because you were fast but could make another viedo to help me with that

  2. Omg my legs are gonna pop
    But it actually worked,when I finished doing the exercises and I tried splitting I did it….I don't know how but some how I actually did it…omg thx
    You just have to keep practicing

  3. For those of you who are still struggling to do this, keep in mind that you're doing better than the people on the couch.

  4. Its okay to do it twice a day? Its not too much? I want to get the split as quick as possible and I can do this twice a day but I just need to know it wont hurt my muscle if I do it too much

  5. I am SOOOOOOOO close to getting my split but my leg is just an inch of the ground and i have tried LITERALLY EVERYTHING and after like 5 months i still cant get it 😭

  6. Pray for me because I have cheer try outs on Thursday September 5th this year 😣😥

    Edit:Who eles is eating junk food and doing exercise and doing this video?

  7. Ok… I just started today and this was NOTHING like I expected. You made this so warm, inviting and I was able to calming move through the steps. I am surprisingly more flexible than I thought at 45. Thank you. New subbie!!!

  8. I would like to say thank you for this video because ever since my 1st day in taekwondo splits became one of my struggles but with this video it helped me a lot to know on how to split and its proper way and now i am close to getting it and now I’AM KICKING HIGHER THAN BEFORE so once again thank you for this vid it helped me a lot😘😘

  9. Well I tell you my story ,I'm was the cheerleader in college and I was walking to the college and suddenly I walk in the super wet floor and I didn't scream I just cried hard and my bf saw me just did a split in Plubic and he said congratulations Christine you did it !a and he was so surprised and his name Is Zack And he carry me to the college and we in class and my bestfriend said what happens to Christine and he said I just walk to the wet floor and fell down and make a split and they was so Suprised

    Oh and I don't remember a lot because the story is Verylong I don't remember already so,I hope I can get 403mLikes because I tell you my story that's how you get much easier split for you I don't know if your work or not because I saw some replied on the others comment say I can't do a split and just my one leg front one leg back soooo byeee I be back if igetmanylikes awwwww pleaseeeeee

  10. I hope it will work for me . I really need to learn splits within 2 weeks :(( . I've been into cheerleading dance but when it comes to splits I was in the back carrying our props . Damn I felt left out from my friends .

  11. Is it just me or………..
    Do they
    make it looks really easy but in reality it is not at all……easy
    Yup it’s just me
    Pls hit that like button if u love puppie comment if you love Kittens!!!🐱🐶

  12. Half of the video doesn’t even show the splits and I doubt it was called how to do the splits but I think it’s how to do stretches for the splits I’m complaining about this over and over and over and telling people about this on YouTube yeah I don’t care this was really really really bad and I never gonna like when your videos again not even watch one OK now I’m gonna give your video of 👎😾🙅🏼‍♂️

  13. Guys dont try just breaking all your bones 🦴 just no one should judge why your not so flexible everyones different some are flexible but some are not honestly i will try it but i should believe my self good luck dont get mad if you cant do it its worth a try

  14. This is so hard I'm a little girl I'm in Second Grade so ITS SO HARD SHOW ME ANOTHER WAY BUT S FAST WAY BECUSE I DIDNT MAKE MY BUTT 🍑DIDNT GO TO THE FLOOR

  15. Hope This Helps (for myself mainly lol)
    Warm up 2:25
    Stretches 6:30
    Actual splits 9:50

    I’m gonna try and do it everyday
    I will keep you guys updated
    day 1: I really wasnt bothered

  16. i did a workout for 30 mins before this and shes decapitating my legs!!!
    (it was probably the work out before this one but the work out was pretty good)
    i think i might chill for a while cause my body wants me to parish……😐 😑

  17. Okay this is probably one of the very few videos that actually helped me understand the splits. I'm very close to doing it, I've been working on my stretch for 2 months. To see this, I tried everything and got even further than before. Thank you for helping me understand!

  18. It didn't work for me because you'll know how to do the splits so it's easy for you but not me I think you should give us more steps

  19. For everyone saying do it on your bed so that u go right down and when u go to the floor u will slide right down that doesn’t works because if you do it on your bed your mattress caves in to the shape u are sitting in however the floor doesn’t cave It is solid so it doesn’t form the shape the mattress would does that make sense ?

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