How to Dress If You Have A Muscular Build | Style Tips for A Muscular Man

How to Dress If You Have A Muscular Build | Style Tips for A Muscular Man

How to Dress If You Have A Muscular Build
Style Tips for A Muscular Man [0:00:00] Hi! I’m Antonio Centeno. I’m the founder of
Real Men Real Style. Today, gentlemen, I’m going to be giving you five tips on how to
dress if you have a muscular build. I know some of you guys out there, you really
take care of your body. Some of you guys are body builders and you’re wondering, “Antonio,
how can I dress better?” So before I get into this, gentlemen, I’m going to ask you to subscribe
to my YouTube channel. That way, these videos come right to you and you don’t miss any
of my ghost videos. In addition, if you find this video useful, if you like it, well, click
on the “like” button. If you’ve got something to add, if you’ve got some tips for muscular
men on how they can dress better, if you are a well-built man and you’ve got some secrets,
please share them down below. Guys, I love to learn from you. I love to hear from you
and I look forward to reading your comments. Now, this is the question that came in. “Hi,
there! I really love your vids, Antonio. I would love it if you could do a video on style
for muscular guys. I’m a power lifter, not very fat, but most of my other clothes seem
to give that impression. From speaking to guys at the gym, some of the general problems
are shirts hang off my chest and they give the impression of a large midsection. Some
suits and shirts, also they tend to bunch up and they make it look like I’ve got a big
stomach. Pants, they may fit around the waist, but they’re way too tight in the thigh area.
Antonio, can you help me out? I don’t want to look like an overweight man.” Now, I really understand this and in fact,
I’ve got a number of friends, Tom Venuto over at Burn the Fat, Ryan Masters over at Spartan
Strength, these guys are dealing with exactly what you talked about. And having consulted
with them, having talked to them, I’ve got five tips, five things which you can start
with. Now, there’s probably a lot more you can do and I’ll leave them in the article
over at Real Men Real Style, which will support this video. I’ll link to a couple of blogs
and other articles which go into deeper information, some of them on my own website, but these
five tips will get you started. Tip number one, your tailor is your friend.
In fact, you should know the name of your tailor. All of your clothing can be adjusted
to fit you better. Now, I’m not going to say it’s going to fit you perfect. For that, you’re
probably going to want to look at custom clothing if you can afford it, but I’m going to assume
you can’t. If that’s the case, then you want to take your clothing to get it adjusted. I knew one gentleman down in Florida who actually
built some of his own clothing because he was so frustrated with going to body-building
competitions and not having clothing that would look right on him and be proportioned,
so it matters really how much your paying point is. I probably should’ve been more clear
because there are some great custom clothiers out there that are very inexpensive. The key
is they’re not necessarily convenient to reach. They’re usually going to be over in Bangkok,
some of them over in Hong Kong. I’ve got a free e-book over at A Tailored Suit you can
go grab. It’s called “7 Mistakes that Men Make Buying Custom Clothing”. At the end of
that e-book, I’ve got a list of tailors that I recommend and on that list, I do have inexpensive
tailors. The problem there is they’re not very convenient.
They’re going to be over in Bangkok. They’re going to be over in Hong Kong and you’ll probably
have to do a mail order thing, or you’re going to have to catch them when they’re traveling
throughout the states or Europe, but if that is your situation, then this may be a great
investment for you. But if you’re in New York City, if you’re in Los Angeles, if you’re
down in South Texas in Brownsville, there’s probably a great tailor in your area. You’re
just going to have to find them. I talk about that and I link to another article that talks
about how to find a tailor in your area, but the key, gentlemen, is find the tailor. He
is your friend. Point number two, size down. I know some of
you guys are thinking, “Well, Antonio, the clothing is going to be way too tight on me.
Well, I find that most men wear clothing that’s way too large for them. So when it comes to
a lot of your clothing, size it down and then see if you can adjust it in the hotspots,
so it pertains to point number one. When you’ve got the tailor, then you can take them and
then you can say, “You know, it’s just a bit tight here. It’s maybe a bit tight there.
Can you adjust this to fit me?” and then you’ll find that, “Wow! I’ve actually got something
that makes me look great,” and doesn’t have that adverse effect of making you look overweight.
You spend a lot of time in the gym. You spend time watching what you eat. Why not be able
to show the world that you take care of your body by actually wearing clothing that fits
you? Point number three, find your brand. Everyone
out there has a particular brand which is going to suit them best. Now, I don’t know
what brand is going to suit you, but I am going to say that you need to go through the
process of trying various brands and it’s going to be something that you could go to
the local mall, maybe go to the Mall of America if you’re in Minneapolis or St. Paul, but
go someplace where you can try on a wide variety of clothing. A medium in one brand does not equate to a
medium in another. And so, you may find that “This one really fits me and this one’s way
too tight,” and knowing that, then you can shop exclusively at that store because they’re
using models which actually are going to better fit your body. [0:04:54] Point number four is to seek proportion in
all of your clothing. This is something that when you’re wearing clothing, you don’t
want something that’s going to exaggerate — especially if you’re a body builder and
you’ve got a really large chest, but let’s say smaller to lower body, you don’t want
something that’s going to make your chest-waist ratio look too off because you’re going to
end up looking like a cartoon character and you’re going to have people pointing at you
not because you look great, but because you look a bit odd, so pay attention to the proportion. If you’re going to buy jeans, maybe look at
a boot cut. Why a boot cut? Well, it’s going to make the bottom of your leg area maybe
look a little bit larger, which is going to help offset your larger top area. Does that
make sense? I’ll try to have some illustrations. I’m going to link to some articles which go
into more detail about this. Finally, experiment. Gentlemen, look to upgrade
bits of your wardrobe. Try wearing a piece of clothing which maybe you haven’t ever tried,
but is going to look great on you. So instead of just wearing jeans all the time, maybe
you should be looking to upgrade to some nicer trousers that you can wear out in and around
town. They’re going to look great. They’re going to be easier to adjust and they actually
may give you more options when it comes to sizing. Instead of wearing loose shirts all the time,
go look at some designer shirts and you can find some great deals in the sale rack. All
of a sudden, you’re able to wear something that’s more cut to your body instead of just
wearing t-shirts or a dress shirt. Actually invest in some very nice button-down casual
shirts which are more built for your body. When it comes to a shirt and tie, instead
of wearing a shirt and tie to work, actually maybe wear a sports jacket and no tie with
a nice dress shirt and leave it maybe unbuttoned so it doesn’t make you look so disproportional,
or button it and you get to show off a bit more of your physique. Now, there are some other things — I’m going
to get back to the whole tailor point. Guys, that is the number one thing that I think
any man who takes care of his body needs to focus in on, and that is working with a good
tailor in his area who can help take his existing clothing and make it fit better. All right, gentlemen, hopefully you enjoyed
this. Again, go to the article. I’m going to link to more information about this. I’ll
see you in the next video. Bye-bye. [0:07:10] End of Audio

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  1. For anyone here living in Scandinavia. You should try Samsøe & Samsøe. Definitly my favourite brand, because they make clothes that look great on athletic built men.

  2. dress like me and be outgoing and fun, youll get laid regarless, , the girls these days dont really care about clothes, they just want a good time, obviously have your own style but its not that important. if your not fun outgoing you can dress like brad pit be in a club with 1000 woman and you still wont get none,, most of my freinds who get the most girls have shaved heads have that rapper or rock type look and get tones of pussy,, girls dont really like that mr rich guy look either becouse it makes you look like your stuck up,, girls these days just wanna have fun… if your built wear a white vneck with jeans and black boots and a good belt

  3. I have four suits I had made when I was in Thailand. A very good choice. They are not bespoke, but they were well fitted. I was out the door for under $500 and I was in Thailand anyway. It took two days to get my suits and I was only there for a total of three hours.

  4. this is great I'm sick of looking fat in clothes because of broad shoulder and big chest it draips down and makes your waist looks big.
    and like Kiido said I get down to size medium when cut and XL when bulking

  5. I have to say you Antonio, and alpha.m are some really dedicated people. I enjoy dressing nice and dressing to look good. I am not that much of a suit guy though, but I just wanted to say that I truly respect you people and I love wathcing your videos, they are so well made and I can tell that you both put a lot of effort in them. Keep up the good shit!

  6. Not sure if sizing down really works on something like a suit jacket. Tailors have told me that they can always work on a jacked that is one size large for you and make it fit you, but can't do that if it is one size small for you.

  7. hey … this is the first video of your channel I'm watching … I have subscribed, I have like it and now I'm commenting …. it's very interesting … I'll watch more of your videos

  8. I actually have a tiny waist, but somehow, when I put on a shirt, it looks like I have a gut. Heck, I can do the vacuum pose and yet, when I'm wearing a shirt, I look like a tub of lard!

  9. It's hard to find a pair of jeans that fit good on your tighs 😕 rock 47 jeans at cavenders fit good

  10. If is that hard to dress well having a muscular shape in US, figure out here in Japan… In Tokyo, I've been able to find something decent only at Sakazen oversizes store… Good luck!

  11. 3 min out of 7 and i yet to hear a single fucking advice on how to dress when you have muscular body.

  12. Thomas Pink athletic cut for shirts are great but you can get a totally custom shirt for less $$. If you have more than a 12-14" drop from chest to waist measurement you'll likely need full customization.

  13. Hey, just found this video. Good work at all. Just want to let you my opinion here. I would recommend to use more pictures or videos of the things you are talking about when you are talking about. Like examples or abstract metaphors. That sounds a little too lyrical but im sure you know what i mean. Keep up the good work

  14. Another thing:
    They make shirts for the majority of the population. I wear XL and there is SO much material left over I cant even tuck it in and there's like a poof of fabric i hate looking at. Any solutions?

  15. I have to disagree about the cheap tailors here in Bangkok. Most of the "tailors" in the tourist areas are run by Indians and they just take basic measurements and farm out the work to sweat shops who use substandard materials. They want you to pay in full up front so you have no bargaining power if you have a problem and they will try to put off making any adjustments until you have to leave. This includes some of the big names advertised in the travel guides.

    However, there are some Thai/Chinese tailors who make excellent clothing with the very best of materials and they are expensive but I think worth it as I have some and they look great and last for years. Normally I can buy good quality shirts that fit in the shoulders and have the local guy adjust it for me for about $3-5.

  16. Hey that was lovely to know it from you, however, I am muscular guy 25, and usually go unbuttoned two of my shirt buttons just to show off my cleavage or in other words my skin. So what you will say or recommend in this kind of style. I love it to hear it from you.

  17. What do you where when your well built ? Well built = having Fibonacci Ratio.
     Anything you want to. Women have x-ray vision

  18. some guys where suits that are too small look at the arms and there is no room that is why I disagree with you Antonio as far as buying small as oppose to buy larger and good tailor can narrow it down with out you that strange hold look. you do a great job

  19. If I was a bodybuilder I would just go and have a suit tailored. But since I'm a swimmer and I'm not as muscular as a bodybuilder I fit into normal suits. I still like to have suits custom tailored tho

  20. roll up the sleeves on a T-shirt A bit so they hug your arm better, if you roll it up so its at your mid tricep/bicep it looks joooocy.

  21. Could you give a recommendation on Inexpensive Tailor in Bangkok, Thailand

  22. My own very helpful tips:
    1. Wear a tank top beneath your shirt. It makes your traps and chest look massive.2. Put on a bit more body fat. 3. Wear lighter colors. This gives the illusion of 'popping out'.4. Obviously, size down.5. Wear clothes that are well tailored around chest area.

  23. I wear a 48 jacket and losing weight towards a 34-inch waist. How should I guy suits off the rack? When I last bought a suit, the pants were always too large. Thanks! Just subscribed.

  24. Guys, I lived in Bangkok for 2.5 years. It is true that you would get tailored cloths as per below for the price of 1-2 pieces of jackets in your countries. (depending the exchange rate of which western countries you are from). It is worth your money even with the airfares, as the workmanship is extremely good and they would make them in 3 days! (tip – go to the site street shop for better prices)
    2-3 tailored jackets + tailored 4-6 pants +10 tailored shirts and the shop might give 1/2 dozen ties or/and cheap cufflinks.

  25. I have a big neck and thats a problem when i buy shirts because when I want to wear it with a tie, the neck of the shirt doesnt close. Or the neck is fine but the sleeves are too short. I go to the gym, im not a bodyboulder but I have big arms like the average and have big chest and back.

    Some advice? Thanks!

    Im from Ecuador by the way

  26. Just a thought; check on tactical brands like 5.11. Their clothing varies from casual to tactical to business casual for special operations body types.

  27. i stick to loose clothe…too much of a hassle to find something that fits well.

    my waist is a 28 but i can't fit anything around my thighs unless it's a 34-36 so i have to get a super large belt and max strap it… tailors can't help with this : /

    unluckily my feet is wide too and a size 12…wide feet SUCK…

  28. Ah huh, this is why muscular men wear medium shirts……… I'm alright when it comes to my build but I only wear size L. Which makes me look like a rectangle build. Welp, time to replace ALL my L shirts with M shirts to show off my inverse triangle body type………

  29. Excuse me Bro, but you sound like a Beta instead of Alpha. I think you feel like an Alpha because want to be like one. An Alpha isn't measured by his style(clothes, grooming, manners………alright, maybe manners), so what do you think makes you an Alpha?

  30. I'm a muscular dude. The pants that work best for me are Dockers Athletic Fit pants/jeans. They provide more room in the glutes and quads. Their pants are also 3% elastic, so can have a very nice fitted pants and still be able to move.

  31. Tailored Athlete muscle fit casual shirts are pretty much the best fitting shirts I've ever tried. I got 2 for 20% off, not sure if they still do that deal though. You are welcome.

  32. my trick to look muscular is wear jackets which are tight in biceps&defined shoulder with tight bslly area than it makes me look savage

  33. It’s simple tight on the chest sleeves should fit tight but not long and on the abdominal region should be a little bit lose

  34. I like your videos, but please for god sakes quit waiving your hands around sooo much! They're so tiny!

    Also, Gap has athletic fit jeans with stretch now. I agree with the tailor point. You can buy relatively cheap dress shirts and get them altered. Suits, maybe forget it. Go with sport coat/blazer & pants….

  35. Okay thanks for the advice men,im 19 years old i cant wear jeans my quads are killing it I always wear shorts because im a type of guy that have a buff body with huge quads and a big butt –– for me? I wear a polo shirt With shorts all the time and it fits me whenever im invited to go to a formal party or whatever specially going to the church like wew i hate jeans,i always recomend v neck to show that nice looking traps i hate round necks its like choking me,i always wanted to wear a jeans to fit my Aj but shorts will do the job,i dont want tight jeans either i can't walk properly because of my legs damn it why do i love squats?! –

  36. I find shirts are always too tight in the neck and jackets are too tight in the shoulders and arm pits. Then they put pads in the shoulders, I don't need any padding in the shoulders. I got shoulders. If I wanted some padding I'd put it in the seat, so I'd have some cushion when they bring out those mean folding chairs!

  37. Hey there. I'm quite muscular. I always go with a double breasted suit with unstructured shoulders to highlight the shape of my body

  38. Find a tailor and take him pictures of how you want to look. If you are fashion forward, make sure your tailor is on the same page. Then of course there is custom, but you'll still need to know the look that you want. BTW, this video is spot on!

  39. How to dress up when you have a muscular build? – Click here to read How to Dress If You Have A Muscular Build | Style Tips for A Muscular Man

    Are you ready to up your style? Click here for the BEST style course on the planet! – Click HERE To Join our online Facebook Community

  40. Guys when you wear a jeans or pants pull them down a bit ok don't take them near your waist ,if you're a Powerlifter or if you're addicted to squatting it will make your butts a little puffy, when you bring the pants a little down your big top butt side will be hidden that's all

  41. Tip number 1: dont wear shirts at all to show the aesthetics 😀 no problems with the fit , fabric of functions. And its for free 😀

  42. Well I wear muscle crew neck t-shirts my regular size is x-large but I wear large to get a really good tight fit by the way since I wear muscle crew neck t-shirts with jeans can you tell me the type of shoe that would go great with this again looking for a shoe that goes good with jeans and muscle crew neck t-shirts

  43. I honestly wish I was more lanky, I have a natural muscular build and can’t wear socks that go up to my calves cause they’re too big

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