How To: Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise

How To: Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise

What’s going on everybody? I’m Scott from and I’ll show you guys how to do dumbbell raises. Dumbbell raises are going to target your rear delts and a little bit of your traps as well what you want to do is grab some dumbbells stand up straight. You can start this exercise one of two ways, one way being hold the dumbbells in front of you like this and then lifting up. Another way just starting them off by your side and lifting them straight up like this. I like to start this way It doesn’t really matter which way you do start just as long as while you’re doing the exercise you’re keeping your shoulder blades pinched the whole time and by that I mean not doing this keep it nice and tight and keep your shoulder blades pinched, keep your wrists straight bend your knees a little bit, arch your back a little bit so your shoulder blades are pinched. And you’re gonna breathe out as you exert force that means you’re gonna breathe out your lungs so and you get the dumbbells just up to your neck or where your chin is and then bring it back down. Breathe on the way up Come back down, breathe on the way up one more, come down, everything nice and tight and straight. And that’s how you do dumbbell raises, for more information please feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel as I’ve been putting out new exercises all the time. Later guys

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    Make sure you are engaging your medial deltoid with this exercise as much as possible – use proper form to eliminate the involvment of the other heads!

  2. @ScottHermanFitness everytime i lift the dumbel there is a pop sound coming from my right shoulder. It doesn't hurt but is it normal?

  3. Dude I like ur videos a lot…and follow u too…..plz stop or lower that ttsshhh….. earphones make them hurt our ears

  4. Okay so i find myself not able to pinch my blades back and do the exercise. I have had back injuries in this area messing up some muscles etc. What do you recomend?

  5. I constantly see guys doing reps of this as fast as humanly possible. You know they're not breathing properly or flexing the muscle properly during the raise. Bad form will take you longer to get good gains.

  6. These weights are awesome.>>> The quick adjustment in the weights is so convenient and cuts down on gym equipment taking up space. The only con is that they are pretty long so for people with smaller hands they seem awkwardly big and unsteady but it’s tolerable

  7. Only criticism I have, you said "they hit REAR delts, and traps"
    I thought these were just for the middle delt. Maybe I'm wrong.

  8. I have watched that video loads it's deafening though put another one up to replace it without the tscccchhh

  9. Your intro music is pure shite. Change it.

    Edit 1: I just seen the top comment LOL

    Edit 2: watched the whole video that music at the end is pure shite. Change it.

  10. it does'nt seem benificial for scapulohumeral rhythm to keep your scaps pinched together looking for atleast 30 deg upward rotation

  11. Hey Scott? Whenever I do lateral raises, I feel the tendon in my left shoulder, under the medial delt, snapping over something. Think of a guitar string being plucked by a guitar pic. I'm pretty sure stretching is going to cure that but I swear I just can't seem to find a stretch that targets it and loosens it up. Do you know of any good stretch names I could look up?

  12. I hope that I am doing them the right way. I am not sure if I am pinching my back muscles together but it kills my shoulders anyway.

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