How to Eat to Gain Muscle

How to Eat to Gain Muscle

Hey guys, Dr. Axe here. Welcome to my nutrition
tips for building muscle as part of our 30 day program. And when you’re trying to pack
on muscle, my key tip, and by the way, I get this question all the time from people. I
get emails in or Facebook messages, and people say, “Okay, Dr. Axe, I’m a hard gainer. I
cannot seem to put on muscle. What do I have to do?” The secret is getting a lot of calories in
and doing it in liquid calories because it’s really hard to sit down and eat six big meals
a day. And so if you can do, let’s say, five meals a day and a few of them are what I call
the super human shake, really loading up on those liquid calories, it is absolutely going
to help you in packing on the muscle. And so along with doing that super human shake,
which you can see here on this page, the other thing you want to be doing is you want to
be getting a certain amount of fat, carbs, and protein. And I want to tell you your best
sources. Number one, when it comes to protein, you need to be taking your body weight and
doing that in total grams of protein a day. So if you weigh 180 pounds, then you want
to be getting about 180 grams of protein a day. And you want to do it from quality food sources,
like grass-fed beef, wild-caught salmon, organic chicken and turkey. Also even doing high quality
protein powders, like a grass-fed whey, is also fantastic. So, again, good quality protein,
a gram per body weight is what you need to do if you really want to pack on the muscle. The next thing is good quality fat. When you’re
consuming fat, I recommend fat in several categories. One would be getting omega-9 fatty
acids. You’re going to get omega-9 fats in avocados and olive oil and almonds. So those
are three of the absolute best fats you can be getting. Also some shorter chain fatty
acids, you’re going to be getting that in grass-fed butter as well as coconut oil. Those
are two of the top oils you can use to help pack on that lean muscle, and those fats won’t
store on your body as fat as typical as other fats. Also some good quality omega-3 fatty
acids. That’s why consuming wild-caught salmon one to two times a week is great if you’re
really wanting to build some muscle. And then, last but not least, if you want
to pack on muscle, you’ve also got to get some good quality carbohydrates. One of my
favorites are sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes and yams are a great source of beta carotene,
a great source of carbohydrate. They’re easy to digest for most people. So again, doing
some good sweet potatoes and really also going gluten-free when you’re building muscle. So
doing a good quality rice, like a brown rice or a wild jasmine rice can also be good. And then, in general, fruit. Getting bananas
are amazing or mangoes or apples. Get fruit in your diet as well. So those are some of
my favorite sources of carbohydrates, and actually quinoa is another one, another great
gluten-free source of carbohydrates that are going to help you pack on your muscle. And for pre and post workout nutrition, before
you go and work out, you actually want to be doing a little bit of fruit or, let’s say,
some sort of fruit juice. In fact, one of my favorites is coconut water. Coconut water
is easy to digest, and so doing some coconut water before you work out along with a little
bit of protein powder, and your body can actually be utilizing that while you’re working out.
And then right when you’re done working out, you absolutely want to be doing that super
human shake and adding in all of those calories, especially getting more of that protein in
and carbohydrates right after your workout. If you can do that and follow these tips,
I know that over the next 30 days you’re going to put on muscle faster than you ever thought
possible. Hey guys, this has been Dr. Axe. I can’t wait to see your results.

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  1. Hey dr axe

    I was wondering if it's necessary to take when protein supplement for building muscle or can you take vegan supplement insted or just bone broth combined with collagen supplement?

  2. How Do people dare to hit the dislike button? Don't they understand that this is almost perfect!

  3. I should start making my own nutrition videos and put links in the description to the studies I read that support my claims. It is immensely rare to find content on YouTube of that quality.

  4. We can build quality muscle without being in an energy surplus. Positive nitrogen balance (adequate protein) is the key. Extra sleep helps too.

  5. What is the research behind this protein recommendation? There is some research suggesting .8 grams per pound of protein is the most the body can utilize in an example of an athlete. Also wouldn't it be for lean body mass? Why would you be eating extra protein to account for bodyfat?

    Watching your video about coconut oil I must admit I got a little intrigued in your channel. But now seeing as your 'natural' recommended supplement list is a bunch of powders like creatine, bcaa, glutamine etc. doesn't really excite me anymore. Especially when there doesn't seem to be any long term studies of the benefits if any of these supplements. The fitness industry control for these substances is non existent in terms of regulation. Seems more like bodybuilder mantra to me.

  6. I had to rewatch this vid a second time bc the first I couldn't focus on a single thing u said..those arms had me hypnotized Dr. Axe!!! You look amazing 😉

  7. Give a thumbs up if this comment was helpful! In my experience, if you're going to build muscle you should be eating around six small meals everyday. Keep in mind though, these meals have to be healthy. That can be hard to do some times so check this post out for more help:

  8. I've use and I've gone from 207lbs to 215lbs. pretty cleaaan muscle, good dieting lifting 3 days a week. I'm aаa continued customer. 3rd bottle

  9. I did all this dieting before the 1g of protein for 1kg of body weight, makes you tired, constipated and what do you know it's mega hard on your organs and that's why your tired. Keep this up and your going to have a lot of adrenal issues (and yes I've been there too).
    I would be interested to see how this guy looks and feels when he's 70.
    His recommendation is basically loading glycogen (sugar) continually. Appears he doesn't quite understand how the muscle cell actually builds.
    Even though is someone did this regiment they would actually get bigger with water weight, higher body fat, and yes they would build some muscle, but I don't think the puffy swollen bodybuilding "off season look" is what people are going for. The issue is how much protein can a person eat before you overload protein and it is processed, spikes insulin levels and is stored as "glycogen". Protein shakes are famous for this, eat natural protein "steak, pork chops, beef, with lots of fat and when your full that's your limit, but to jam as much lean protein in your body as possible is absolutely ridiculous and will only cause digestive complications… and I don't think anyone wants that.
    Search up "Dr.Eric Berg" or "Dr.Jason Fung" these are specialists, actual real doctors that do research on this very topic and explain it way better then I could.
    Cheers and if your diet is making you tired your doing it wrong!

  10. you inspired me to be a dietitian and personal trainer learning from you! your amazing keep up spreading the healthiest lifestyle to all of us!

  11. please Dr. Axe make a video teaching how to gain weight , not only muscles. I have a major problem: i lose weight super fast and i only gain weight when i get pregnant. I'm already gluten and dairy free. I'm not sugar free… yet. I Also struggle with IBS diarrhea sometimes. And my body has problems digesting some fats. Help!

  12. My super woman shake is : one scoop of Whey+one banana+one spoon of organic honey+ blueberries+one kiwi+half an avocado + organic whole milk. tastes great and very healthy.

  13. Ok.. I think theseare preety solid and easy advices that I think I can do. So.. I've having trouble gaining muscle on the gym so I'm going to try this. I'll comeback to this comment in a month or so with a picture of today and that final day. Wish me luck.

  14. is it necessary to take certain amount of calories to gain muscle??…I mean if we take less calories then will my muscle grow?

  15. A powerful video, I just given this onto a colleague who was doing a little evaluation on this. And he actually bought me breakfast because I found it for him.. smile. So let me reword that: Thnx for the deal with! However yeah Thnkx for spending the time to discuss this, I really feel strongly about it and love reading extra on this topic. If possible, as you become experience, would you thoughts updating your youtube channel with extra details? It is extremely useful for me. Huge thumb up for this youtube channel put up!

  16. ok then so much for the intermittent fasting diet…………………..started working out again and if i continue the intermittent fasting, I'll probably wind up with a hypoglycemic condition.

  17. My superfood workout smoothie: 1 frozen banana, hand full of frozen blueberries, 1-2 tbsps. goji berries, about 2 cups unsweetened almond and coconut milk, 1 scoop vegan elite protein powder, 1 tbsp. sacha inchi powder, 1tbsp. flax and 1tbsp. chia (soaked overnight), 1/4 cup almonds or brazil nuts, 1/4 cup walnuts, 1oz pumpkin seeds (all soaked overnight), large scoop cacao powder, 1/4 tsp sea salt, 1/2 tsp 24 mushroom blend powder, 1oz creatine, 16 ice cubes. Sometimes I make cats claw/pau d' archo/ tulsi tea ice cubes and add 5 of those. 1 dropper of stevia. This makes nearly 2 quarts. I drink a small thermos full after a workout, and 1 while driving for Lyft and Uber.

  18. Is whey protein isolate bad for the liver. Also if someone has a fatty liver and are trying to get healthy and start to workout. Is protein powder ok to take

  19. I feel sorry for any person taking advise from this guy , you don't need whey protein to build muscle and damn sure don't need a gram of protein per pound. Yes this dude is a doctor but and has some good advice (very little) and to me just another skinny guy giving out some shitty advise

  20. Id rather be small that give another dollar to one of the most horrific and corrupt industries in the world… the dairy industry. You do not need animal bullshit to get big but you will have to be very smart which almost no one can do.

  21. I really like that Josh practices what he preaches as it gives credibility and is testimony.  It is refreshing to have a doctor who is in shape. Thank you Josh for promoting well-being and health!

  22. 5 meals a day, is a recipe for disaster.  Continually spiking insulin, leading to fat.

    Better is Intermittent Fasting

  23. This guys an idiot. Carbs dont build muscle. Dont eat before or after a workout unless you want to be that guy with a belly at the gym. Do research dont listen to this "DR".

  24. This was great, been searching for "realistic amount of muscle gain" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Lilyhen Strength Sabrmetrics – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate got great results with it.

  25. Dr. You are talking about bulking in this video!
    So what do you say about shredding on an intermittent fast?
    Ps: Bananas? Not good if you are intermittent fasting too. Full of fructose that spikes insulin.

  26. Interesting tips to try out. His last statement was he "can't wait to see our results" how can we send our results? there's no way for us to send him photos of our results is there? Please tell me is there a way to send you photos of our progress??

  27. This is a nice movie I think. However, You should take Woo&Pep diet if you want to learn more about diet.

  28. Quality food sources are grass-fed beef?! Salmon? Chickens and turkeys? WHEY PROTEIN? worst "quality sources" of protein ever explained. Get your protein from plants and skip all of the health consequences of eating those animal products. Why would you call whey protein a quality source? Where do you think the cows get protein? Why not go straight to the source?

  29. let's say i have to get 300 g of protein a day, do i have to eat them in 6 meals or i can just take them in 3 meals, does it matter?

  30. Dude you're out of your mind no one needs that much protein especially at an older age kids can handle a lot of protein but as your body slows down it's hard to process you may want to watch Doctor Eric Berg will teach you quite a bit

  31. 5-6 meals a day + Sweet potatoes ????!!! that is totally against Keto and IF ?!! I doubt this will help

  32. There sure is a lot of brain washed pussy whip men in the comments section, what the name of the cunt that started this bullshit about high protein intake causes kidney and liver damage, if that was true I be dead by now , been doing high protein diet since 1978 , and I am as healthy as a horse and twice as smart !!!

  33. Keep in mind this guy is legit and doesn’t put toxins in his body, he’s the ideal body size with no creatine, mass gainers, steroids! Funny to see guys blow up on sups and crazy eating habits and complain about digestive system issues later in life.

  34. a doctor that doesn't know his stuff? if you weigh 180 pounds, you do not have to eat 180 grams of protein!!!! it depends how much lean muscle you have. if you have a high bmi or have just started out, its very likely that you would have to subtract about 25 percent of your body weight and thus the same for your protein intake

  35. Hello Doctor. Would you recommend this as a strategy to put muscle back on, or strengthen and build muscle that has withered away with age for a 58 year old?

  36. Dr. Axe, I recently had breakouts on my face, back, and shoulders. I had never had that many as this time and now I'd say that my skin looks better and breakouts have vanished, not completely but I can see the difference. I watched your video about probiotic foods to improve skin and since then I've been eating like that and I'm happy with the results. The only thing that I do not like is that I have a toned body but with this kind of foods combined with gluten/dairy free, I've lost weight and I actually don't like to be this skinny. Is there any dairy/ gluten free shake that you can recommend?

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