How to Gain Muscle Mass (HARDGAINER EDITION)

How to Gain Muscle Mass (HARDGAINER EDITION)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, So, today I’ve got Jessie with me. You recognize Jessie, I’m sure, from his gummy
bear fetish from a previous video. It’s not about gummy bears today. It’s about being a hard gainer. Believe it or not, his gummy bear fetish does
play into why Jessie is what he calls a “hard gainer”. Now, first of all you may or may not be a
hard gainer watching this, but you’re going to be able to benefit from this video because
I’m going to show you three things that you need to change – most of it is mindset – to
stop being one, or stop even thinking of yourself as one ever again. Firstly, effort alone will not stop you from
being a hard gainer. Matter of fact, effort can confuse you as
a hard gainer because nobody ever said “I’m a hard gainer who doesn’t work out.” They work out, they do everything, they put
in effort, and it’s just that they can’t gain muscle. So they say “I really have a hard time putting
on muscle, or making gains.” That’s where the term comes from. However, you have to stop confusing effort
for the right type of effort. I wanted to illustrate this. I told Jessie – all I told him to grab was
a pair of dumbbells here and then I would choose an appropriate weight for him. I asked him what he would grab on a dumbbell
curl. Okay, so Jessie, grab the dumbbells that you
would choose. He chose 30. I chose 20s, by the way. I’ve been doing this a long time. I pretty much know what people should be using. Go ahead. Now, he’s just going to do his curls. Now, it doesn’t look that horrible to people
that see other people in the gym doing these types of things. He’s swinging a little bit, yeah. But I’m okay with that. But look at some of the other things. I’m going to point them out and be very picky,
because it’s for illustration purposes. As he comes down he’s turning his dumbbells
down, away from himself. Now, there’s a reason why. You can stop, Jess. There’s a reason why. Instinctively, he’s trying to do everything
he can to make the exercise less difficult. His body knows that. Like, if I’m coming up, if I can start turning
it down and away I don’t have to – I’m not really eccentrically loading the bicep. So it becomes an easier exercise. It’s just something he didn’t consciously
do, but it just happened. You have to start becoming trained as to what
you’re really trying to accomplish if you want to stop being a hard gainer. I want you to force the muscle that you’re
trying to get to grow to actually grow. So I want you, and you to start using the
bicep and make sure that it is doing the work. So that’s why I chose 20s because they’re
going to be lighter, but you’ll be able to do what I want you to do. Grab the 20s and I just want to see you if
you can feel the difference. So now, when I see curls I want to see you
keep your elbows into your sides here, and as you come up, really contract here. Initiate from the elbow, contract all the
way up here, get it – don’t go too far because you could almost rest these things
up here, right? I want you to get right to about here and
get some tension, and then when you lower, don’t let the dumbbells turn away from you. Let them stay right here and face the camera,
okay? Now, as you can, if you get more advanced,
you actually start to turn them – as we talked about – as you’re coming up, but
I don’t really care about that at the moment. So now come up, squeeze it nice and slow,
and of course, down slow. Right there. Now you’re already huffing and puffing because
it’s a much – yeah. You’re probably only at about six reps with
this. But the idea is – one more rep. the idea
is, quality reps will trump reps every single time. A rep alone doesn’t count. A quality rep counts. So you’ll stop being a hard gainer when you
stop thinking about how easy you can make the exercise. At least subconsciously. The second thing that a lot of guys will do:
they might be self-conscious when they go to the gym. I’ve addressed this before, I call it exerphobia. They don’t address the exercises that will
probably do the best for helping them to build muscle all over and that would be your compound
lifts. Like deadlifts. Like squats. Like bench pressing the bar. I don’t want to do a bench press. I could get the thing caught on my chest and
everybody in the gym is going to be laughing at me. There’s a lot of psychological things that
go along with being a skinnier guy in the gym and being self-conscious about the lifts
that we do. It’s far easier to stand near a dumbbell rack,
grab some 20s and do this because I can kind of hide in the corner. Believe me, I’ve done it myself, okay? I’ve done it myself. I could be doing my little shoulder presses
over here in the corner and I don’t have to worry about trying to do some kind of clean
and then a press. So don’t allow yourself self-consciousness
to steer you away from learning the right way to do those compound exercises. So again, I feel hard gainers avoid the hard
exercises instead of actually attacking them and learning them. On this channel I try to cover those concepts
so I can teach you the right way to do them and empower you to go to the gym and do it. Finally, let’s talk about the gummy bears. Let’s talk about nutrition. Jessie’s not one to shy away from eating. You should see how much he eats in a day. The issue here is that he’s not eating enough
quality calories. You can eat 5000 calories of shit, or 3000
calories of quality calories and it’s going to have a huge impact on how much muscle you
build, okay? Because you truly are what you eat. You provide your body with the substrates
to build and if you’re doing it with all sugar and no real substance – no micronutrients,
no real substance that you’re getting into your body to allow your muscles to build and
thrive, no protein, just a bunch of sugar all day – you’re not providing yourself
with the building blocks to become a bigger, sturdier, more formidable version of yourself. So Jessie’s issue here – as the issue for
most people is – he’s heard before “Well, as long as I eat I’ll be fine. Eat big, get big.” I’ve taught them about the “eat big, get big”
bullshit myth. It’s not going to help you. Cut back if you have to, what you’re eating,
as long as you’ll start trading in the junk for more quality calories. Again, 5000 calories of gummy bears, versus
5000 calories of chicken and rice; you’re going to have a profound difference on how
your body responds in terms of developing more muscle and new tissue, okay? So again, we bring Jessie out here, but Jessie
is in training here. He’s learning, as I hope you are. He’s happy – you’re not here, I didn’t capture
you here and make you do this, right? By participation, Jessie wants to be here
because he knows that the things that we talk about and are given on a daily basis can be
helpful for a lot of people watching and willing to do that. By the way, Jessie, come over here. He’s actually starting to make some gains
as he’s getting out of this concussion haze and we’re starting to do some work. You can see, the kid is starting to get some
growth. So we’re going to keep working with Jessie
in the days and weeks ahead. You’re here now. But I want you guys to stay tuned as we continue
to bring you videos like this. If you have any other issues that you may
have that you want me to cover, or help to answer along with Jessie, I’m happy to do
that. Leave your comments and questions below. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a program
that lays it all out step by step, and tells you the right way to train, it tells you how
to start getting over that exerphobia so you can start doing the right exercises at the
right time, the right way, and also, of course, gives you a nutrition plan that will show
you how to start increasing your calories in the right way; then head to
and get our entire ATHLEANX training system. In the meantime, if you’ve found this video
helpful leave your comments and thumbs up below and again, I’ll be back here in just
a few days. All right, see you. All right. Flex, buddy. Go ahead.

100 Replies to “How to Gain Muscle Mass (HARDGAINER EDITION)”

  1. I've been a hardgainer my whole life, with a body like Jessie's when I started out. I trained off and on for years, never gaining "the shelf" on my chest or big boulder shoulders. Finally I figured out what I had to do. First I had to stick to the principle that strength is the foundation of size. That means I would mix hypertrophy rep ranges and strength rep ranges in the same set series, ie: heavy weight 4 reps then medium weight 9 reps then heavy weight 4 reps then back to medium weight. Always try to increase resistance in the heavy reps every few weeks. Focus on strength as foundation and believe size will result. Spend most time on major compound movements, don't bother with isolation or cable. Second principle: tons of good sleep. Sleep every day at least 9 hours, preferably 10. Go to bed early, ie: before 10pm. Third principle: eat clean. Eat protein and carbs. Get your veggies. Never eat dirty, avoid all alcohol, avoid sugar. These 3 principles are listed in order of importance and is the formula for my success.

  2. Great video instruction on how to properly lift dumbells I see so many people make that mistake. Check out to learn more information on building muscle mass

  3. Also is harder to lift both at the same time, go with one first up down then the other hand up donw then the other and so forth.

  4. As a fellow hard gainer. Focusing on eccentrics for each lift made a world of difference for me personally. Eating/sleeping is obvious I'd hope but that eccentric…. Kinda blew me up.

  5. Jeff I would like if u can make a video about what to and wt r it's uses
    And i wanna knw wt kind protein will help beginners to gain muscle

  6. what to do if compound exercices are difficult to do? I have a bad back, bad hips and a bad neck. Squats hurt my hips, bench press hurts my hips and back, …

  7. But other trainers always said that turn the dumbbells when you come down while doing dumbbell curls that will help you to squeeze and relax your muscles

  8. Hey Jeff I weigh 50kg and I am about 166cm I want to go from skinny to beast how muck protein should I take after my workout as for now I take about 41 grams of protein is it enough or by how much should I increase

  9. Try telling that to all the lifters trhoughout the years that gained muscle just from lifting before this so called science of urs.just work hard man.jeez.

  10. Hello. I really enjoy your videos and apply what you teach in my workouts Jeff. I Train 3 times aday intense for 45 mins to an hour. However I would like your advice on a bench press question I have. How do you know if your over training your chest? My routine is circuit based pretty much all through my workouts with chest arms back shoulders etc. Thanks Jeff.

  11. What’s the right age to start lifting?
    Give us a good program for skinny hard gainers teenagers plz
    Tell us what we should eat? How can we cook it? Where can we get it from and what effects it has on our body

  12. I've noticed this to, the form and weight you use makes a load of difference. I was going to the gym for 3 years with hardly any gains (because of improper form and weight) and I even had to stop because my improper form caused an injury but in december I started again but this time with perfect form and lighter weight and I've never seen my gains come up this fast!

  13. Love you guys videos💯 very educational and personal. Allows an amateur like myself to feel confident in moving forward with my business and health. Thank you, look forward to meeting you guys one day.

  14. I’m convinced I’m the worst hardgainer on the planet. I’ve worked out 5-6 days a week for months and dieted very hard, and seen virtually no gains at all. A lot of those times I’ve worked out with friends and they made huge gains doing all the same workouts. On the flip side I’m also a hard-loser. If I take a couple months off from the gym and let my diet get out of control I pretty much look exactly the same too. I think I have the most stubborn body in the world.

  15. I'm SO thankful that I'm genetically an endomorph. I can eat higher protein higher fats, I just gotta watch my carb intake and keep that moderate. The great thing about being an endomorph is that my body responds VERY rapidly to the food I eat, so I can pack on size like nothing. I really feel for ectomorphs. I cant imagine being in their shoes. Even if I ate high calorie healthy meals to gain size, i'd be paranoid that if I wasn't stuffing my face every hour, muscle would just melt off my frame. I feel for you guys :/

  16. Hey man, Im 14 and idk if you have time to read this, but, ive been trying to get ripped for a looong time, and thats because i didnt have a correct plan, can you give me some advice on this plan that i have created?

    Fridays-Biceps and Triceps

    when i wake up-two eggs with spinach and potatoes or sandwich or cerreal
    12:15-healthiest lunch at school
    when i come home from school-4:00 lots of chicken
    after my workout which is at 5
    chicken again at 6:00

    i hope this is good and plss support me , thx!

  17. Exerphobia is real. I'm a chinese-american guy myself and my gym has a ton of old asian people that really don't work out effectively. Anyone living around an asian community knows, they stand around flailing their arms, refuse to exert themselves; it's a cultural thing, they believe stretching is exercise and exertion is just going to injure you. I don't want to be lumped in with them, but I also don't want to be lifting heavy with crappy form. I gotta say the biggest help I've had getting over this is A) getting a trainer to just get me in and working regularly and B) being in the gym long enough to have someone come around and fist bump me to acknowledge my effort because yeah, I may not look like much, I'm definitely on the pudgy side but I work hard.

  18. Jessie looks like a cool person. I see this video is three years old, I hope he's ripped and jacked today.

  19. Athlean-X:
    I watched this and knew what you were gonna say for the most part, however I am doing all the workouts right, and im still skinny, and not really gaining weight, im not eating crappy foods idk what to do lol

  20. Having a bad diet combined with bad gut bacteria can definitely stop your gains even if you are getting enough calories and lifting right.

  21. For the ones who feel ashamed, believe me. The big guys in the gym are like 9/10 times really friendly and helpful, i just went for it and stood with all the big boys, and they helped me when i did something wrong. It helps you gaining and it helps your social skills! Don't be afraid to talk to the other guys, everyone was skinny once! 🙂

  22. yh its dumb when i see people do it so fast. And im there lifting 10kg dumbells and everyone is laughing at me but little do they know im doing it correctly

  23. I did pushups right and I only got 8 reps and 1 set only.

    I could do 3 sets of 8 before but man, that 1 right set did me better

  24. i drink 1 cup of ON w milk every morning and every night, i eat mainly rice and chicken, and aim for 2.9k calories a day or more – im still super skinny and my chest concave – i weigh around 135 lbs and i have ever since highschool – ive tried working out once a week at a gym – hitting quality exercises and doing them right – idk what else to do =(

  25. So, right about feeling uncomfortable in the gym being skinny… Need a lot of GOOD CALORIES to GAIN WEIGHT … Liked your straight forwarders / honesty… KEEP IT UP !!! Blessings ,,, WAYNES DOMAIN

  26. Does anyone know if you can get gains while doing intermittent fasting? I know for sure I'm eating less than 1500 calories because I can only eat 2 meals a day but I have been taking 120g of protein with protein shake, but I have been eating healthy also and not eat junk. FYI I weigh 205 lbs Google says I have 33 BMI :,(

  27. Hey Jeff, are bananas good or bad? Only asking as i'm a banana eating freak. Someone told me to swap bananas for avocado's…😕

  28. What if you're skinny fat hardgainer? I'm skinny fat because I look good in my clothes, but have an annoying poke out, and am an hardgainer because I have Down Syndrome, and that made me be born with muscle weakness. What would you recommend for me?

  29. Maybe Jessie is a hardgainer. Maybe he looks not big. But he look really good and fit and will never have problems to get a six pack. Everything has pros and cons.

  30. Anyone who watching this 2019..?
    How the "situation" with Jessy changed dramatically. From the shy, nice to almost creepy guy.

  31. I'm a skinny guy and started working out in the gym about a month ago but I perform my exercises in front of everyone and don't even feel shame even if they're just small weights. I don't know about confidence but just mind your own business and maybe coz I'm fkin confident in myself.

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