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  1. my secret to 15-20 % bodyfat

    1. 7 minute workout app
    2. my fitnesspal app
    3. this youtube clip:
    4.Disicpline your mind to not eat junk foods every week and as jeff says, No Cheat days only cheat meals

    Did this for 2 year and it worked for me

  2. I’m a male 15 and I weigh like 108 I’m a boxer but I have no six pack what’s the time stamp I have to pay attention too height is 5’8

  3. well i barelly have that much fat but the problem i see a four pack but genetically i have six pack i just dont have the muscle

  4. Hi checkout my channel for women fitness motivation ……no equipment workouts and much more awesome content to come ✨✨

  5. Quick question Jeff, what do you think about Anderson squats? Are they safe, benefitial? I would love a video about it. Keep up the great work!

  6. Hlo sir… I had a doubt.. Are these protein shake powders harm us..? I mean.. Do they have any side effects..? Plz.. Reply..

  7. Kinda new to working abs. Thx. You do really gd job. Man I got a lot to learn and long way to go. I feel too much lower bk strain so I'll continue to focus on nutrition and try to find effective ab exercises that wont pain back. Thx again.

  8. Just found it out today, I'm officially below 15%! 14.75%, but that's less than 15% no rounding up here, folks.

  9. My body is so confusinggg😖😂 I've literally seen NOBODY with a similar body. IDK what my body fat is. Idk if I'm overweight. I just don't know :/ never seen shit about my issue… I just do 400 crunches, barbell curls, hammer curls, chin ups, tons of tricep things, neck workouts, for building muscle there.. and push ups… Oh a ton of push ups, military and normal :/ im 5'4 and 148lbs. I for sure don't look fat. My lower body is hugee so that's probably an extra 20lbs😂😂 btw I'm 13yrs old

  10. I'm 71. Dropping body fat is difficult. Body fat is at 36%. I'm healthy and have a past of good excercise, swimming, spearfishing, but on the other hand, I like food, pasta, ice cream and my wife is Cuban, so you can imagine. What do you recommend?

  11. Hi Jeff, in Russia there is a training technique based on your blood test. Could you tell about this, it is interesting to listen to your opinion.

  12. THUMBS UP!
    then watch!

    though he's addressing "guys", i hope this info is applicable to females.

    so, variation and consistency for 15-20% "guys". will have less back discomfort over time (because the baby shark ab challenge is bothering my lower back).


  13. So I am definitely in the 20-30% I run cardio but I only do 20 minutes on the treadmill at a constant 5.5 speed then every minute half I do 30 seconds of 8.0 speed. Is this efficient at all? If not, how can I improve my weight loss efforts because I would love to improve. Thank you.

  14. I'm going to go and Ramble On for so long and not get to the point here I'm going to do it for you eat lots of vegetables and fruit it will restore your elasticity in your skin keeping it tight then do core body workouts using your body weight one of the great workouts to do is lie flat on the floor on your back you lift your legs straight up don't bend your knees hold it for 15 seconds bring them back down and immediately lifting back up do this for about 25 30 reps and you'll start feeling it in your gut tightening and I will warn you do not eat anything for two hours after this or you will regret it, you're welcome, oh I almost forgot do not smoke, it will ruin your body and skin as well

  15. I’m around 15-20 and I’ve started drinking less soda so I can get in better shape I also have a naturaly fast metabolisms

  16. THANK YOU JEFF!!!!!!!!! I appreciate what you're doing. I've been on track since 1/2019 on my own and incorporating more and more of your Youtube information into my routine. I've lost 40lbs and gained a bit of muscle also a lot of strength and energy doing BJJ. Thanks again.

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