How to Get A “V-Taper” Back FAST (DO THIS FOR A WIDE BACK/ LATS!!)

How to Get A “V-Taper” Back FAST (DO THIS FOR A WIDE BACK/ LATS!!)

– What’s goin’ on everybody, it’s your boy Tanner
Wideman of BarbarianBody. Today we’re gonna be covering
the topic of achieving the all coveted V-taper physique. Most importantly by targeting
our lats and increasing the width of them so that
we can have the appearance of an even narrow waistline. As always, let’s just get
straight into this one. – So when it comes to
building up some bigger lats I come from the bigger group
of guys who had the worst developed back, as you’re
able to see right here. Ever since applying the techniques I’m gonna show you right here, this is what’s been able
to yield me the results that you’re seeing with my after picture where I’ve got a much
more pronounced V-taper, and I’ve significantly grown
up the sides of my lats. So step number one, to start
to grow the size of your lats is to first, not prioritize
horizontal pulling which is gonna really focus
on developing the thickness of your back, and instead
focusing on vertical pulling which is going to engage your lats. That’s not to say don’t
do any horizontal pulling, rather put your vertical pulling at the beginning of the workout when you have the most amount of energy and then conclude the
portion of the back workout by putting all the horizontal
pulling at the end. Now one of the biggest mistakes that I found myself having was, even when I was doing vertical pulling, I wasn’t actually getting
any activation from my lats. Rather, what I was doing was
mostly pulling with my arms and this is typically
the way that it looks. Yeah, I might have hypothetically been lifting a lot of weight and I’m pressing myself with the numbers that were on the stack but the only problem was
these efforts were pointless when it came to developing and
growing the width of my lats. Now not just this, but also
turning the lat pull down machine into more of a horizontal pull, if you’re back too far, you’re really not hitting the width of your lats
and you’re more focusing on building up again, the thickness. So on the way to learning
how to properly use my lats, and not using my arms so much, I began using this technique
you’re seeing right here, scapula retraction or scapula abduction. Now you don’t need to start this with heavy amounts of weight, I think I was only doin’
five plates right here and what I’m focusing on doing is keeping my arms completely stationary, there’s a slight bend of my elbow and all I’m doing is
retracting my scapula, holding for one second and this
is what’s going to initiate the movement that is going to
begin to activate your lats. And I just want to show you
guys that you’re able actually do this on a pull up bar as well, it’s a little bit more challenging ’cause you’re going to be doing your body weight with this one, but it’s providing you with
the exact same benefits. Developing the mental
awareness of being in your back and initiating the movement from the back as opposed to your arms. Now that that’s taken care of, here is the very first
two most important things that I always do before
I get into any pull. The first is an extension or
a curve of the thoracic spine, the second is initiating
the movement with my scapula before my arms to pull
the bar towards my chest. Now after we’ve gotten that accomplished you’re gonna notice
here this is what I use to help to develop that
mind muscle connection inside of the back so
that I could actually recruit my lats a lot more while I was doing the pull
downs as opposed to my arms. And what I was doing was actually resetting my scapula on every single rep, so again, this is still
technically the warm up. And I do a full set of 10 repetitions of these directly after
the scap retractions and what I’m focusing on doing is initiating with the scapula, holding and squeezing that as
hard as I can for one second and then following through
by pulling down the bar towards my chest. Now the next best tip that I have for you, this is a great demonstration, I wish I could have seen
something like this years ago. You’ll notice I only have my pinky’s and my ring fingers on here. The ring finger’s actually
only on there so I can actually have the stability of the bar, but the purpose is to demonstrate what I am trying to queue when
I’m pulling through the bar. I’m not just thinking of gripping the bar, rather I’m trying to
pull with all of my force through my pinky’s and
I’m focusing on trying to bring my elbow down
and pull through my elbow and this is what’s going to
help you to maximally recruit your lats every single time
you’re preforming this exercise. The final point I wanna demonstrate here is the use of an overhand grip. You’ll notice that my
thumbs are over the bar and this is just so that
I can help to minimize the role that my biceps will be playing on each and every single repetition and helps me to immensely queue myself even more to continue to
pull through my pinky’s. Now here you’re able to
see the proper execution of the exercise. I initiate with the thoracic extension, I begin by initiating the
scapula retracting it, pulling through my pinky’s,
pulling through my elbows, using an over hand grip, and I’m using a slow and
controlled tempo right here. We’re coming down for about
one to two seconds on each rep, holding for a full second,
consciously contracting my lats as hard as possible and
utilizing the eccentric. Now for maximum results on
this with the proper form that we’ve already executed here. The main tip I always have
for stimulating hypertrophy aka muscular growth, is to
increase time under tension which were doing for
every single repetition at about three to five seconds. But also we can now add
in a higher rep range. Normally guys will perform 10 repetitions, it would be advisable to
utilize the same rep range that I used when I first started this, which was about 15 to 20 repetitions. So, there you guys go, that
concludes today’s video. I really hope you guys learned a lot, and are gonna be able to build
up some nice big wide lats that are gonna give you
that V-taper physique. And if you made it this far in the video, then leave a comment down
in the comment section letting me know exactly what this is. So one, I can see who made
it this far in the video, and two we can throw off
everybody else when they go, why is indoor waterfall commented everywhere in this guys video? If you guys enjoyed the
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  3. hmm why 15-20 reps? if i could do that many isnt it better to just increase the weight to narrow it to a 10 rep range?

  4. Thank you for this video! I followed your example of how to properly warm up and flex the scapula and then the back. Also the grip with ring finger and pinky was an awesome tip! My back got a workout that I never thought was possible. Targeted and proper, thank you!

  5. I'm just surfing through some good workout videos for the target areas that I want to start working on and I found your video very informational and satisfying to my quest of getting back in shape. I am now a new subscriber to your channel

  6. As opposed to guys that have the magic exercise this video goes right to the problem: execution. Very honest. A big like from an old, fat and grumpy PL coach, good job 🙂

  7. Nice video Tanner, I don't know if you have shown this in other videos but is there any way to achieve that physique without the vertical pulling, cable machine? With dumbells only for example. If there is a way, 'then be sure to let me know, down below 👇🏻' Ps, I have watched the video until the end and saw the fountain lol

  8. What I have learned is that scap retraction is mostly putting the focus on the Rhomboids and not the lats?

  9. Yes Thanks, had this today for first time. Knew i was doing something wrong.
    Now i know exactly on what i have to pay attention. Explaining and seeing what is happening in the back is just perfect for newbie to understand better.

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  13. I find it hard to make the mind muscle connection with my back muscles. I am guilty of using my arms in the movement more than my back muscles. Great video and I will try some of these new techniques. Thanks

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